Chasing Rainbows (Miniseries) (1988)

Chasing Rainbows
Chasing Rainbows is a classic story of youth, love and ambition in the jazz age when skirts rose, morals fell and bathtubs overflowed with gin. It was the best time of all to be young.

During the final tragic days of WWI, Jake Kincaid (Paul Gross) escapes court martial and wins a medal by saving the life of his commanding officer, Christopher Blaine (Michael Riley), but Jake's companion, Billy Wheeler (David Matheson), is not so lucky. The Montreal Jake and Chris return to is an open city, a haven for rumrunners and the idle rich, a port of call for pimps and princes.

Frustrated in his ambition to escape the mean back streets of Montreal, Jake plunges into the underworld, emerging as the owner of a run-down brothel. With the help of his 'hostesses' and an unexpected visit from the Prince of Wales, Jake transforms his whorehouse into the hottest night-club in town.

Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, Chris has been trying to spit it out ever since. But a dangerous bootlegging scheme and a fast life of gin and jazz almost destroy him as he tries to reconcile his old-fashioned code of honour to the realities of a new age.

United by friendship, Chris and Jake are divided by a woman - Paula Ashley (Julie A. Stewart), Chris's fiancee and the one woman Jake can't have. Witty, fashionable and rich, she seems destined for the life of a lovely, aimless socialite. On a dare, she writes a play on the fads and foibles of the Twenties and encounters a third man who just may give her what she really wants.

Hume Baugh .... Kelly
Claude Bede .... The Minister
Peter Boretski .... Eckleberg
James Bradford .... The Colonel
Lisa Bunting .... Sally
Wanda Cannon .... Dottie
Jean Cavall .... The French farmer
Kim Cayer .... Georgette
Mark Cleverley .... Trevor
Scot Denton .... The Crown Attorney
Gene Dinovi .... The Piano Player
Christopher Earle .... Bruce
Hal Eisen .... Junior
Gillie Fenwick .... Mr. Baumgarten
Jill Frappier .... Mrs. Blaine
John Friesen .... Beavis
France Gauthier .... The Madam next door
Mark Gomes .... William W. Williams
Diane Gordon .... Mrs. Wheeler
Lewis Gordon .... Rex Steffensen
Paul Gross .... Jake Kincaid
Patricia Hamilton .... Miss Kidd
David Hughes .... The Court Clerk
Jack Jessop .... Justice of the Peace
Eric Keenleyside .... Sergeant
Louise Laparé .... Arlette
Sophie Léger .... Gaby
Andrew Lewarne .... The Prince of Wales
Dan MacDonald .... Mr. Wheeler
Alison MacLeod .... Sugar
James Mainprize .... Burton the Butler
David Matheson .... Billy
Malika Mendez .... Betty Ann
Sylvie Morel .... French cafe singer
Thomas Peacocke .... Chunky Blaine
Michael Riley .... Chris Blaine
Wayne Robson .... Sammy
Maida Rogerson .... Mrs. Ashley
Booth Savage .... 'Chicago' Benny Rose
Caroline Scott .... Ballroom singer
Desmond Scott .... The Judge
Joseph Shaw .... Farley
Barry Stevens .... Noel
Julie Stewart .... Paula Ashley
Tony Van Bridge .... Mr. Ashley
Randy Vancourt .... Sergeant
Richard Yearwood .... Shoeshine Pete
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