Champagne Charlie (Miniseries) (1989)

Champagne Charlie
Hugh Grant portrayed 19th century champange king Charles Heidsieck, the globe-trotting playboy founder of the world's most famous champagne-producing company during the mid-1800s in this CTV miniseries. Part 1 of the story followed Heidsieck from the age of 5 and his first few sips of the family nectar, through college, marriage, meeting his mistress and his departure for North America to sell champagne. Part 2 detailed his trials in the U .S., family squabbling and Charlie's eventual triumphs.

Champagne Charlie was a co-production between CTV and French film companies, with funding from Telefilm Canada. It was directed by Allan Eastman. The miniseries was shot in Montreal, South Carolina and several regions in southern France during late 1987 and early 1988.

Originally aired on Jan 15 and 17, 1989.

Hugh Grant .... Charles Heidsieck
Megan Gallagher .... Pauline
Megan Follows .... Louise
Jean-Claude Dauphin .... Ernest
Georges Descrières .... Pierre-Henri
Charles W. Gray .... Moses
Stéphane Audran .... Thérèse
Alexandra Stewart .... Cécile
Jean-Paul Muel .... Clément
Vladek Sheybal .... Le comte Plasky
Pier Paolo Capponi .... M. de Ghuilain
Béatrice Agenin .... Mme de Ghuilain
Catherine Alcover
Susan Almgren
Lionel Astier
Jean-François Bayonne
Hagan Beggs
Djéloul Beghoura
Fabienne Berthaud
Jacques Bouanich
Yvon Charette
Janelle Cochrane .... Plantation Wife
Richard De Burnchurch
Jean-Claude Deret
Brian Dooley
Charles S. Doucet
Denis Forest
Luc Gentil
Vincent Grass
A.J. Henderson
Jan W. Holley
Terry Ingram
Fred Jansen
Peter Jobin
Catherine Lascault
Chas Lawther
Jean-Christophe Lebert
Roy Lind
Cynthia Martino
Laurence Mercier
R.H. Thomson
August Schellenberg
John Vernon

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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