Chairman of the Board (Series) (1981)

Chairman of the Board was a 26-part drama series co-produced by Jim and Caroline Hanley. CITY-TV started airing the shows in prime-time in the spring of 1981, with TVOntario joining in at a later time.

The Board was a fictitious body appointed by the government to decide individual cases which reflected significant social issues. In the spirit of common law, its decisions established binding precedents. The Boardmembers consisted of an entrepreneur (Harvey Sokoloff), a truculent laborite (Ken Pogue), a clergyman (Dave Patrick), an academic (Jackie Burroughs), an artist (Jean Walker) and a civil servant (Cec Linder), all overseen by the chairman (Stephen Young). The setting of the series alternated between the boardroom, a forum for public debate, and an adjoining library.

Stephen Young .... Dr. Jonathan McBride
Harvey Sokoloff .... James Hale
Ken Pogue .... Leo Bowen
Dave Patrick .... Rev. Bruce Hardiman
Jackie Burroughs .... Prof. Hannah Cohen
Jean Walker ....
Cec Linder .... Paul Morel

Original Broadcaster(s): CITY, TVO

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