Celebrity Cooks (Series) (1975-1984)

Celebrity Cooks
Bruno Gerussi was the host for this popular half-hour comedy and cooking show, which featured Canadian and international figures from the world of entertainment demonstrating their favourite recipes. Keith Large and Derek Smith of Initiative Productions produced the first series in Ottawa and Smith produced an additional series in Vancouver. Gary Dunford was the series writer, and Helga Theilmann and Joan Mitchell were cooking consultants in Ottawa and Sue Morton in Vancouver. A further 26 prime time episodes were produced at Global for Global who also aired the entire series in a daytime slot for an additional 3 years. The show also aired on a few CBS owned-and-operated stations in the US for one summer.

Bruno Gerussi .... Host

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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Twelve seasons! For a cooking show with comedy and music!! It was one heck of a fun 30 minutes! I was just a kid,but I can still remember being amazed at seeing some of these serious actors showing a fun human side, or belting out a song with the band. You have to remember as well that back then,you didn't always get international stars on Canadian shows. Come to think of it, you still don't. Somebody should bring it back today. Maybe make it an hour long and run it in prime time! There are few true variety/comedy shows like it any more. A guaranteed hit no matter who hosts it!
Does anyone know if we can watch any of these classics either online, or if there is a DVD?
byClick here to see the profile of this user Bobfromalberta, April 11, 2010
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I remember watching this show when it was broadcast in Canada I enjoyed it so much that I purchased both of the cookbooks that came from the show. Kain's Lasagne (with the addition of onions in the sauce) and Alan Suess' Ceasar Salad have in the past 25+ years become family staples.

Bruno and his guests seemed to have such a good time on the show that I was envious. It would be nice to be able to see these shows again on the Food Channel.

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