Catwalk (Series) (1992-1994)

Six young adults attempt to fulfil their dream of fame and fortune by putting together a pop band. Unfortunately they realize that the road to celebrity is paved with uncertainty. Their relationships - and their music - are put to the test as they strive for love and a record deal.

Lisa Butler .... Sierra Williams
Christopher Lee Clements .... Addie (Atlas) Robinson (1992-1993)
Keram Malicki-Sánchez .... Johnny Camden (1992-1993)
Paul Popowich .... Jesse (Andrew Joseph) Carlson
Kelli Taylor .... Mary Owens
Nicole de Boer .... Maggi Holden (1994)
Alex Appel .... Heidi (1993-1994)
Brenda Bazinet .... Julia Owens (1992-1993)
Donald Burda .... Kramer
Neve Campbell .... Daisy McKenzie (1992-1993)
Johnie Chase .... Joe Owens (1992-1993)
Tracey Cook .... Pamela (1994)
Victor Ertmanis .... Eddie Camden (1992-1993)
David Fraser .... Merlino (1992)
Ron Lea .... Gus Danzig (1994)
Jackie Richardson .... Aunt Ellen (1992-1993)
David Lee Russek .... Frank Calfa (1994)
Polly Shannon .... Nina Moore (1992-1994)
Rob Stefaniuk .... Benny Doulon (1994)
Chandra West .... Wendy (1994)
J.H. Wyman .... Billy K. (William Kramer)

Original Broadcaster(s): YTV

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