Catch Up! (Series) (1978-1979)

A follow-up to the 1977-1978 series After Four, Catch Up! was an afternoon showcase for young Canadian performers, musicians, dancers and filmmakers which starred Christopher Ward and Margot Pinvidic, with the Christoper Ward Band. Featured on some episodes were: Winona Zellenka, a 12-year-old cellist who played a pop tune with the Christopher Ward Band; Doug Nowers, a young country singer; Gordon O'Brien, an 11-year-old classical guitarist; Peter Foldy, an Australian pop star; and Paul Fox and John Gillanders, two young Canadian animated filmmakers. Based on the success of a similar contest on After Four, a national song contest was conducted, with viewers asked to submit lyrics, and the winner's song was set to music by Christopher and his Band members. An added attraction was a photography contest. The CBC aired Catch Up! as part of the For Kids Only program package.

Christopher Ward .... Co-Host
Margaret Pinvidic .... Co-Host
David Wipper .... Band (lead guitar)
John Adames .... Band (drums)
Kit Johnson .... Band (bass guitar)
Peter Goodale .... Band (keyboard)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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