Cariboo Country (Series) (1960; 1964-1966)

Cariboo Country was a drama about the people of the fictitious community of Namko, in British Columbia. The first series in 1960 was produced in the CBC Vancouver's small television studio. The later episodes were broadcast as part of CBC's "The Serial" series and included a larger budget. Largely filmed in the magnificent range country of the Chilcotin Plateau in British Columbia, Cariboo Country aimed at authenticity in the casting as well. Producer Philip Keatley used a number of Indians in prominent roles, along with a strong group of professional actors.

Merv Campone .... Walter Charlie
Lillian Carlson .... Norah Smith
Chief Dan George .... Ol' Antoine
David Hughes .... Smith
Walter Marsh .... Ken Larsen
Ted Stidder .... Arch MacGregor
Rae Brown .... Mrs. Dillonbeigh (1965-1966)
Del Erickson .... Henry James (1960)
Lloyd Cartwright .... Henry James (1965-1966)
Alan Cherrier .... Sherwood Smith (1965-1966)
Robert Clothier .... Herb Jensen (1960)
Greg Davies .... Sherwood Smith (1964)
Monica Dudley .... Mrs. Frenchie (1960)
Bob George .... Bonaparte John (1960)
Joseph Golland .... Frenchie Bernard (1964-1966)
Doug Haskins .... Frenchie Bernard (1960)
Buck Kindt .... Morton Dillonbeigh (1965-1966)
Jean Sandy .... Sarah (1966)
Nancy Sandy .... Phyllistine (1964)
Paul Stanley .... Johnny Qua (1966)
Frank Vyvyan .... Morton Willoughby (1960)
Pat Williams .... Mrs. Larsen (1960-1964)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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