Care Bears, The (Series) (1985-1988)

Care Bears, The
Get ready, there's fun and excitement brewing in the clouds of Care-A-Lot! This charming animated series follows the Care Bears as they tackle the most difficult job of all: growing up. The Care Bears help each other and their friends come to the right decisions about life's little problems based on what their feelings tell them, good and bad. These lovable little bears help us deal with the not-so-fun times and replace them with love, happiness, friendship, trust and fun! Let's fly off together on another Care Bear adventure.

Eva Almos .... Swift Heart Rabbit (voice)
Patricia Black .... Share Bear (voice)
Melleny Brown .... Birthday Bear (voice)
Bob Dermer .... Grumpy Bear (voice)
Luba Goy .... Lotsa Heart Elephant/Gentle Heart Lamb (voice)
Janet-Laine Green .... Wish Bear (voice)
Terri Hawkes .... Shreeky (voice)
Dan Hennessey .... Brave Heart Lion/Loyal Heart Dog/Good Luck Bear (voice)
Jim Henshaw .... Bright Heart Raccoon (voice)
Marla Lukofsky .... Playful Heart Monkey (voice)
Pauline Rennie .... Cozy Heart Penguin/Treat Heart Pig (voice)
Billie Mae Richards .... Tenderheart Bear (voice)
Susan Roman .... Champ Bear (voice)
Terry Sears .... Champ Bear (voice)
Linda Sorenson .... Love-a-Lot Bear (voice)
John Stocker .... Mr. Beastley/Rat King (voice)
Tara Strong .... Caro/Rebecca/Anna/Additional Voices (voice)
Louise Vallance .... Proud Heart Cat (voice)
Laurie Waller-Benson .... Bedtime Bear (voice)
Chris Wiggins .... No Heart (Voice) (voice)
Noam Zylberman .... Additional Voices (voice)
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