Caravan (Series) (1960-1962)

For three summers, the CBC aired Caravan, a weekly bilingual show that used the format of a circus with Guy Mauffette as ringmaster Monsieur Loyal. The hour-long "live" three-ring circus visited towns in Quebec and Ontario (and the Atlantic provinces in the final season), bringing the excitement of the big top to the boys and girls of that town. Included in the program of animal acts, acrobatic and trapeze artists were the famous European clowns, Alex and Sandrino.

Fernand Dore produced the first season, and was succeeded by Maurice Dubois, Pierre Desjardins, and Guy Leduc.

Guy Mauffette .... Monsieur Loyal
Guy L'Ecuyer ... Clown
Giani Scarpi .... Clown

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC, SRC

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