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Oct 6, 1958 - Mike and Jerry are assigned to drive a 10-ton diesel carrying spare nuclear reactor parts to a rapidly cooling stockpile near Buffalo. On the way, the truck is hijacked by enemy agents.

Oct 13, 1958 - "Nitro Haul." Mike and Jerry have a blowout when they are trucking a load of high explosives. Jerry is pinned under the truck when he tries to change the tire himself while Mike is gone for a heavy jack.

Oct 20, 1958 - "Small Cargo." Mike and Jerry find two young stowaways in the bunk compartment of their diesel truck. The children have taken refuge there from their uncle, an escaped convict who plans to use them as a shield.

Oct 27, 1958 - "The Big Ambulance." While driving down a deserted stretch of road with his partner Jerry, Mike suffers an attack of appendicitis. Jerry unhooks the trailer and uses the cab as the Big Ambulance. Jack Mather as Dr. Aaron.

Nov 3, 1958 - "Mark Time." A former trucker on the C & A line blames Mike Malone for his dismissal and plans to get even.

Nov 10, 1958 - "The Necklace." A truck driver buys some costume jewellery which turns out to be worth a fortune.

Nov 17, 1959 - "Shock." A doctor performs an operation at the scene of an accident and regains confidence in himself.

Dec 8, 1958 - "Pills." Jerry and Mike assist the RCMP to track down an unlicensed chemist who is selling deadly stay-awake pills to truckers.

Dec 15, 1958 - "Butch." Mike and Jerry use a test radio in their truck to notify young Butch that they are being threatened by a stowaway, but Butch is not keeping his vigil by the receiver and doesn't hear his dad.

Dec 22, 1958 - "The Little Old Man." Mike and Jerry join in the search for the disease carrier when a small-pox epidemic breaks out in a large city.

Dec 29, 1958 - "Girl Reporter." On one of their trips Mike and Jerry take a girl reporter along to gather material for a trucking story in a national magazine.

Jan 5, 1959 - "The Dog." Mike and Jerry find a stray dog on the road and try to find its rightful owner.

Jan 12, 1959 - "Sauce For The Goose."

Jan 19, 1959 - "Big Buck." Mike and Jerry set out to get an independent trucker who is undercutting their prices.

Jan 26, 1959 - "The Girl At Joe's Place." Jerry deliberately loses a fight in order to-save a romance, By losing the fight he gives his rival a sense of strength and the courage to ask a girl to marry him.

Feb 2, 1959 - "Green-Eyed Monster." Jealousy possesses Mike when he imagines that Jerry is alienating the affections of Ginny and Butch. Rather than hurt Mike, Jerry moves from the house.

Feb 16, 1959 - "Nanette." Mike and Jerry come to the rescue of a French-Canadian girl who is running away from her jealous boy friend.

Feb 23, 1959 - "Moose Hunt." When a trucker is badly beaten, another driver is arrested. Mike and Jerry believe the accused man is innocent and bail him out of jail.

Mar 2, 1959 - Mike and Jerry crash their truck when they try to save the life of another driver.

Mar 9, 1959 - "Lil's Cafe." Mike and Jerry take a hand in a romance when it seems their friend Lil is being tricked into marriage by a confidence man.

Mar 23, 1959 - "Fall Out."

Apr 6, 1959 - "Marooned." When torrential rains and flood waters wash out a bridge, Mike and Jerry take refuge in a roadside cafe along with an eloping couple and a convicted criminal on his way to jail.

Apr 13, 1959 - "Undercover." Jerry does some undercover work for the police, to help discover who is stealing shipments from the trucking company's warehouses. Mike does not know about this and almost loses his life while trying to trail Jerry.

Apr 20, 1959 - "Vendetta." During the war, Mike accidentally wounded one of his own men. This man who has sworn revenge now confronts Mike after 15 years of looking for the man who has caused him a stiff leg.

May 4, 1959 - "The Has-Been." Mike and Jerry becoming entangled in the family problems of an ex-welterweight fighter whose son has lost faith in him.

May 11, 1959 - "Flying Dutchman." Mike and Jerry help to solve a mystery involving a wave of hijacking and a sports car that takes curves at impossible speeds and then disappears.

May 18, 1959 - "Roadeo." Mike and Jerry both try to see to it that the other wins the annual trucking roadeo and almost lose the title to an obnoxious rival."

May 25, 1959 - "Trip To Buffalo." Mike and Jerry hold an auction to help a poor family who were moving to Buffalo when their truck broke down.

Jun 8, 1959 - "Driving School." Mike and Jerry teach a class in safe driving. One of the young students with no licence steals a car, and Mike and Jerry set out to find him.

Jun 15, 1959 - "Eye Witness." Mike is an eyewitness to a murder. When the killers learn that he knows the truth they decide to eliminate him.

Jun 22, 1959 - "Ginny." Mike and Jerry have a real problem when a young girl, Ginny, mistakes Jerry's adult affection for love and begins affecting adult mannerisms and dress.

Jul 6, 1959 - "Racket." Mike and Jerry become involved with a "protection" racket aimed at independent truckers. They discover the identity of the leader of the racket, and Mike is nearly taken for a ride.

Jul 13, 1959 - "Tunnel Eyes." Jerry doesn't want to accept the offer of a four-year engineering scholarship since it would mean breaking up with Mike. When Mike learns of this, he deliberately fails an eye examination so that he will be taken off the road and given a desk job.

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