Canadian Superstars (Series) (1977-1981)

Aka: Canada Superstars; World Superstars

Television networks developed the idea of packaging competitions among athletes to fill time during intermissions of hockey or football games. The Superstars contest purported to determine the greatest all-round athlete. It required participants to choose seven sports in which to compete, excluding their own sport. The choices were swimming, tennis, rowing, bowling, batting (a baseball), gymnastics, weightlifting, soccer, a one hundred metre sprint, a half-mile run, cycling, and an obstacle course. The total prize money was $46,000, and the winner went on to represent Canada in a World Superstars competition.

Canadian Superstars was broadcast between halves during CFL games carried on the CBC, and, after the end of the football season, during the Saturday afternoon show, Sportsweekend.


Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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