Episode Guide - Canada File (Series) (1961)

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Jul 16, 1961 - Eye To Eye: The Negro in Winnipeg (part 1 of 2) Producers are Frank Raster and Ken Black who is also responsible lor the script. Commentators are host Harvey Dawes and Warner Troyer.

Jul 23, 1961 - Eye To Eye: The Negro in Winnipeg (part 2 of 2)

Aug 6, 1961 - Eye To Eye: The Banner Folds. The story of the demise of a Portage la Prairie newspaper written, edited and published by James Pierce Carleton. Warner Troyer interviews James Pierce Carleton.

Aug 13, 1961 - Live And Learn: What is Criticism? (part 1 of 2) With Prof. Michael Hornyansky and Prof. Gordon Wood of Carleton University, Ottawa. In this first program the professors cast their stones at a Philistine - played by Jim Terrell- after he has made the familiar preconceived errors in the criticism of the arts. They then set in fundamental terms some rules of criticism.

Aug 20, 1961 - Live And Learn: Criticism in Action (part 2 of 2) In their second and final program, Professors Michael Hornyansky and Gordon Wood of Carleton University, apply their principles of criticism on three short films. Producer: Betty Zimmerman.

Aug 27, 1961 - Consensus: Vancouver's drug addicition problem.

Sep 3, 1961 - Consensus: Lawless Sea Limits. A program about the third Law Of the Sea Conference, held in Geneva in 1959, at which 88 nations attempted to clarify the confusion of national claims in coastal waters.

Sep 10, 1961 - Let's Face It: French-Canadian Writers In Revolt. Program examines a revolution of ideas currently stirring the French community as reflected by the younger generation of French - Canadian writers. Writers interviewed are: Jacques Godbout, editor of the literary review La Liberte; Jacques Hebert, editor of Les Editions du Jour; author John Filiatrault and poet Michele Lalonde. Jim Beveridge is host to a panel of an older generation of writers who comment upon statements made in the interviews. Panelists are Yves Theriault, novelist, George Dufresne, editor of Cite Libre, and Dr. Michel Brunet, head of the department of history at University of Montreal.

Sep 17, 1961 - Let's Face It: Retarded Children. Investigates problems involved in the care of mentally retarded children. First half is filmed at the Cecil Butter's Memorial Home for Retarded Children in Austin, Quebec.

Sep 24, 1961 - Let's Face It: Is James Street At Bay? Penetrates Montreal's financial community to interview an investment dealer, a broker, a corporation lawyer, a trust company president and the president of the Montreal Stock Exchange.

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