Episode Guide - Canada at War (Series) (1962-1963)

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May 23, 1962 - New Direction. Andy McNaughton resigns; the Italian Campaign; a concert party at Ortona; Royal Canadian Air Force raids on Germany and Norway; preparation for D-Day; paratroopers land in France.

Jun 6, 1962 - Cinderella on the Left. Presented are the following phases of the war: Germany sends V-1 attacks on London; Canadians overrun rocket sites; Canadians fight at Vimy Ridge and Boulogne; the Battle of the Scheldt and the Battle of the Bulge.

Jun 13, 1962 - Crisis on the Hill. Film footage is shown of the conscription crisis; the Italian campaign; Canadians leaving Italy for North West Europe; battles of the Reichwald and Hochwald Forests; crossing the Siegfried Line.

Jun 27, 1962 - The Clouded Dawn. This last episode in the series includes Hiroshima in ruins; Japanese surrender announced; liberation of Hong Kong; the Gouzenko case is heard at Ottawa; the Nuremburg Trials; Kurt Meyer is tried; CBC International Service; flashbacks and the New Face of Canada.

Jul 13, 1963 - Dusk. Britain and France declare war; Canada's First Division sails for England.

Aug 3, 1963 - Year of Siege. The sinking of the Empress of Britain, Germany's occupation of Hungary, Roumania. Bulgaria, Yugoslavia and Greece, Rommel's campaign in North Africa, the invasion of Russia, and Bob Hope entertaining troops at Camp Borden are among the aspects of World War Two recalled on authentic newsreel film.

Aug 10, 1963 - "Days of Infamy." Canadian troops arrive in Hong Kong; the Japanese attack Pear Harbor; Winston Churchill visits Ottawa; the Japanese advance through Asia.

Sep 7, 1963 - New Directions (Dec. '43 to June '44): Mackenzie King in London for the Prime Minister's Conference; the Italian campaign; the advance to Rome; the Cassino bombing; breaking the Hitler Line; preparations for D-Day; Rommel inspects West Wall Defences; paratroopers land in France.

Sep 14, 1963 - The Norman Summer. (June-Sept., 1944). The program shows the D-Day landings; RCAF planes shooting down 26 enemy fighters on June 28; Americans take Cherbourg; British and Canadians capture Caen and Carpiquet; De Gaulle visits Ottawa; attempted assassination of Hitler; the road to Falaise; Rouen freed; Paris liberated; and the Canadian Second Division occupies Dieppe.

Sep 21, 1963 - "Cinderella on the Left" shows the German V-l attack on London; Canadians overrunning rocket sites; fighting in France; and the Battle of the Bulge.

Oct 19, 1963 - The Clouded Dawn. Program covers the period from August 1945-1946. The Japanese surrender announced; V-J Day celebrations; Hiroshima in ruins; liberation of Hong Kong; Gouzenko case in Ottawa; new fashions and war surplus; Nuremburg Trials; Kurt Meyer tried; United Nations; the new face of Canada.

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