Episode Guide - Canada A.M. (Series) (1972-)

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Canada A.M.
Sep 11-15, 1972 - (Debut Week) Schedule included: interviews with Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, NDP leader David Lewis, the Tories' Robert Stanfield and former Prime Minister John Diefenbaker; a progress report on the Canada-Russia hockey games with comments from Alan Eagleson, president of the NHL Players Association; and interviews with the Olympic athletes just returned from Munich. (90 min.)

Oct 26, 1972 - Guest: Former Ontario Justice Minister Allan Lawrence, a Progressive Conservative candidate in the Federal election. Host: Percy Saltzman and Carole Taylor. (90 min.)

Sep 15, 1980 - Richard Chamberlain talks about his role in "Shogun" in the first of a two-part interview.

Sep 16, 1980 - Conclusion of an interview in which Richard Chamberlain talks about his role in "Shogun."

Apr 28, 1986 - Scheduled: The history of Expo 86.

Apr 29, 1986 - Scheduled: A look at West Coast talent.

Apr 30, 1986 - Scheduled: The effect of Expo 86 on Canada's world image.

May 1, 1986 - Scheduled: The Royal visit, and an interview with Expo 86 chairman Jim Pattison.

May 2, 1986 - Scheduled: Opening day at Expo 86.

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