Canada A.M. (Series) (1972-)

Aka: Canada A.M. Weekend; Canada AM

Canada A.M.
When Canada A.M. debuted on CTV on September 11, 1972, it was the private network's most costly, lengthy, and promising attempt to develop creative Canadian content. A potpourri of news and features patterned on NBC's Today (Dave Garroway, Today's original host, was a scheduled guest on the opener), the show came on at 7 a.m. every weekday for 90 minutes. Veteran weatherman-interviewer Percy Saltzman was the original host, backed by Carole Taylor, and a newsreader, Dennis Macintosh.

The show began broadcasting 30 minutes earlier and was expanded to 2 1/2 hours in September, 1983. A one-hour Saturday version, Canada A.M. Weekend, was launched in January, 1993.

Percy Salzman .... Co-host (1972-?)
Carole Taylor .... Co-host (1972)
Norm Perry .... Co-host (1975-1990)
Helen Hutchinson .... Co-host (?-1978)
Gayle Scott .... Co-host (1978-1981)
Pamela Wallin .... Co-host (1981-1985)
Linda McClellan .... Co-host (1986)
Deborah McGregor .... Co-host (1990)
John Roberts .... Co-host (1990-1992)
Seamus O'Regan .... Co-host (2002-)
Beverly Thomson .... Co-host
Thalia Assuras .... News Anchor (1992-1993)
Cameron Bailey .... Film Critic
Leslie Beck .... Diet & Nutrition correspondent
Rod Black
Elaine Callei
Mark Cullen .... Gardening correspondent
Mary Jo Eustace .... Regular (2000-2001)
Patrick Foran .... Consumer reporter (July 2000 - on)
Jeff Hutcheson .... Sports and weather anchor, 'Breakfast with Jeff' segment host (September 1, 1998 - on)
Marci Ien .... News Anchor
Terilyn Joe
Leslie Jones
Lisa LaFlamme
Wally Macht .... newsreader (1977-?)
Eric Mailing
Dan Matheson
Dennis McIntosh .... newsreader (1972-1977)
Keith Morrison
Valerie Pringle
Sandy Rinaldo .... Reporter/Interviewer
Dr. Marla Shapiro .... Health & Medical correspondent
Nancy Wilson

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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