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Campbells, The
Nov 20, 1986 - When a farmer with diseased animals refuses to destroy them, James tries to keep the irate Sims under control

Dec 2, 1986 - Dr. Campbell and Neil find the skeleton of a man who disappeared before they arrived in Upper Canada. After examining the remains, Dr. Campbell has some suspicions about the way he died.

Dec 16, 1986 - In an attempt to impress his neighbour, Neil Campbell enters a boxing match only to discover that his opponent has never lost a match.

Oct 31, 1987 - Neil is smitten with Rebecca's cousin Amanda.

Nov 28, 1987 - After the sudden appearance of a baby on their doorstep, James and the rest of the family meet a runaway slave looking for a place to settle.

Dec 19, 1987 - Emma experiences her first crush when two frontiersmen visit the community.

Dec 26, 1987 - Emma makes friends with a traveling fiddler and discovers he may die unless he changes his exuberant lifestyle.

Sep 29, 1988 - Neil (John Wildman) falls in love with a young woman in his father's care and must decide between marriage or a job with the railroad Christine: Catherine Disher. Dr. Campbell: Malcolm Stoddard. Larry: Jeremy Latchford Ian Forbes: Ron White. Emma: Amber-Lea Weston. John: Eric Richards.

Oct 8, 1988 - Sims runs against James Campbell for a Legislative Assembly seat.

Jan 14, 1989 - Emma joins James as he travels to Scotland to speak at the Medical School.

Mar 11, 1989 - James replaces Sir Reginald Humphries in a fencing exhibition.

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