Campbells, The (Series) (1986-1990)

Aka: Le clan Campbell

Campbells, The
The Campbells was the story of a Scottish doctor who arrived in Upper Canada in the 1830s with his three children to start a new life. It starred British actor Malcolm Stoddard as the father, with John Wildman as his elder son and Amber-Lea Weston and Eric Richards as the two younger children. The Campbells arrived in Canada with little money - only hopes, dreams and faith in themselves. They helped form the foundation of a free, new world.

The Campbells was produced by Settler Film Productions Inc., in association with the CTV Television Network Ltd., Scottish Television and Fremantle International, with the participation of Telefilm Canada. Two dozen countries got The Campbells, including Saudi Arabia and Colombia.

Malcolm Stoddard .... Dr. James Campbell
John Wildman .... Neil Campbell
Amber-Lea Weston .... Emma Campbell
Eric Richards .... John Campbell
Cedric Smith .... Captain Thomas Sims
Wendy Lyon .... Rebecca Sims
Brigit Wilson .... Harriet Sims
Rosemary Dunsmore .... Mary McTavish

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV, SRC

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