Episode Guide - Camera Canada (Series) (1961-1963)

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Feb 15, 1961 - "Quebec Carnival," the first in a series of one-hour documentaries, was filmed at the winter carnival in Quebec City. Rene Caron, French-Canadian nightclub entertainer, will be featured.

Mar 12, 1961 - "High Arctic Hunter." A program exploring tile life of the Eskimo hunter in Canada's far north will be presented. Doug Wilkinson is on-camera narrator.

Apr 24, 1961 - "Traffic in the Sky" will examine ground and flight safely measures practised in Canada in the light of recent aircraft tragedies involving aircraft approach systems in the United States and Europe.

May 30, 1961 - "Canada Council." Filmed sequences from around the world tell of the Canada Council and what it does to foster cultural development in this nation. Dr. A. W. Trueman, director of the Canada Council, is host. Included in the program will be a statement by Dr. Claude Bissell, chairman of the Council and president of the University of Toronto, and a discussion by playwright Len Peterson and poet Anthony Frisch. People following cultural pursuits through the assistance of the Council to be interviewed are: Susan Davies of Edmonton, studying at the Royal Ballet School in London, England; Fleurange Cornier, of Winnipeg, studying French literature in Paris; Marcelle Ferron of Montreal, art student in Paris; Jack Groob, Toronto violinist, in Israel; Vancouver organist Hugh MacLean, doing research on the works of Purcell in Japan, where PurcelTs orginal manuscripts are located; Peter Norris of Montreal, studying piano in London, and the Montreal Bach Choir on its recent tour of Japan. Former recipients of grants, also to be interviewed, are: Father N. M. Sheehan of the Provincial Institute of Medieval Studies, University of Toronto; Dr. W. E. Lambert of Montreal, who received a grant to study children's stereotyped ideas for foreign people, and others.

Jun 16, 1961 - Techniques of modem psychiatry are demonstrated in a documentary "The Measure of Man," discussion on Creativity in the Sciences with three Nobel Prize winners - Dr Linus Pauling of California; Lord Adrian, English biologist; Albert Szent-Gyorgyi of Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

Aug 7, 1961 - "Campus in the Clouds." The Banff School of Fine Arts, where students receive a stimulating combination of education and recreation in a setting conducive to both, will be the subject. (aka "Campus in the Sky")

Aug 21, 1961 - "The Enchanted Village," an hour-long documentary on Upper Canada Village in Crysler Farm Battlefield Park on the shore of Lake St. Lawrence, near Harrisburg, Ont. People in pioneer costume are seen going about the work of the day as it was done in the days of the early settlers. Highlight of the program is an re-enactment of the battle of Crysler's Farm, November 1813, when British troops repulsed Americans on theii way to capture Montreal and seize Canada. Host is Bruce Hutchison and program is produced by Thorn Benson. Budd Knapp is narrator.

Sep 18, 1961 - "The Changing Island," a Camera Canada documentary about changes affecting Newfoundland's economy and how oldtimerg are reacting to them. Host is J. Frank Willis.

Oct 30, 1961 - "Look Back and Listen," marking CBC's 25th anniversary of broadcasting, history of radio and TV in Canada, recordings of famous personalities of the 1930s.

Nov 13, 1961 - "Tocsin." A documentary of the Emergency Measures Organization. The complex operational plan that will be put into action if Canada should suffer a nuclear attack will be illustrated. Blair Fraser, editor of Maclean's magazine, will be narrator of the 60-minute program.

Dec 11, 1961 - "Last Summer." Some sights and sounds of Canada's wildlife in forest, marsh and prairie will be reproduced in an hour-long documentary.

May 27, 1963 - The Wilderness. This hour-long documentary takes a look at the wilderness country of British Columbia, Alberta and the Yukon. It attempts to show why the residents of these areas prefer the excitement, challenge and danger on the edge of civilization to an easier urban life. The program also carries with it the significance that it is a tribute to CBC producer Norm Caton and cameramen Len MacDonald and Charles Riegler. All three were killed in a plane crash in Alberta last February while working on this assignment.

Jun 24, 1963 - A visit to Boys Village, a home for emotionally disturbed boys in Toronto. Written and directed by Ron Kelly, the hour-long documentary highlights the experiences of eight-year-old Jimmy Edwards, who was referred to Boys Village by the Juvenile Court. It traces his earlier behaviour problems, shows the difficulties and experiences he was involved in during his first months at the Village, and the remarkable progress he had made at the end of a year. Appearing in the program are Boys Village social workers Aileen Baird and Keith Shackleton. The film is presented with original music especially composed by Lucio Agostini.

Jul 1, 1963 - "The Opening of the West" is rerun. With the aid of still photographs, J. Frank Willis tells how the Canadian West was developed. Photographs of the 1869 Riel Rebellion are shown. (60 min.)

Jul 7, 1963 - Last Summer. The sights and sounds of the cycle of summer in forest, marsh and prairie—from the coming to life of birds and animals in the spring, through summer to the fall. Filming and recording was done in Rondeau Provincial Park on the shores of Lake Erie and in Western Canada by nature photographers Dick Bird, Kenneth Campbell and Cleveland Grant.

Sep 23, 1963 - "Such Is Life," a 60-minute behind-the-scenes documentary made at Toronto General Hospital. Narrator is Thorn Benson.

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