Calling All Safety Scouts (Series) (1982)

In this series, the characters from "We Live Next Door" demonstrate various aspects of personal safety. Through quizzes, personal demonstrations, songs and games, we learn about the various risks a young person can face and gives advise as to avoid mishaps.

Children who think ahead and think of others can become safety scouts like Henrietta, the main character. Safety scouts prevent accidents, and Henrietta helps children to stay safe at home, in school, and in the neighborhood. In fast-moving 15-minute programs, Henrietta adopts disguises to facilitate her search for people who deserve to receive a safety scout badge. Calling All Safety Scouts alerts children to accident prevention and the risks of everyday life through songs, riddles, quizzes, and limericks. Each program has three major segments: "Guess the Accident"; a soap opera, "Better Safe Than Sorry"; and the Safety Awards Show.

Producer/director: David Moore
Music: Jed Mackay, Eric Robertson
Editor: Paul Spencer

Billie Mae Richards .... Mayor Murph (voice)
Noreen Young.....Puppeteer
Steven Brathwaite.....Puppeteer

Original Broadcaster(s): TVO

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