Episode Guide - Call For Music (Series) (1957-1958)

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Nov 12, 1957 - Musical from Vancouver starring vocalists Pat Morgan and Nora Halliday, Japanese night-club singer Pat Suzuki, violinist Arthur Poison, and orchestra conducted by Ricky Hyslop. Program includes a movement from Lalo's "Symphonic Espagnol" (Arthur Poison), two songs from "South Pacific" (Pat Suzuki), and an aria from Puccini's "La Boheme" (Nora Halliday). CBC Vancouver film.

Dec 10, 1957 - Theme this week — "Youth." Show features vocalist Pat Suzuki, baritone Murray Kenig, and vocalist Pat Morgan, an eight-voice choir, three dancers, Ricky Hyslop's orchestra and a dance number- The March of the Siamese Children.

Dec 24, 1957 - This week — "Childhood Christmas," a fantasy reminding people of how they felt about Christmas when they were children - before Christmas got to be for them a matter of bigger bills and crowded stores. However, the only carol in the strict sense will be a Spanish one called Fum, Fum, Fum which the eight-voice chorus will sing on camera. The rest will be songs from Cinderella, Kismet, Peter Pan and so on. Singers on Call for Music will be Ernie Prentice of Lolly-too-dum fame; Wendy Martin, whom Liberty Magazine described as "a talented beauty" after her appearance on Vancouver produced Club Date; and Don Garrard, well known to cross Canada TV audiences for his frequent appearances on CBC shows. Ricky Hyslop will arrange the music and conduct the orchestra.

Jan 7, 1958 - Call for Music presents music from the gay nineties, starring Pat Morgan and Wendy Martin.

Jan 21, 1958 - Guests this week are baritone Don Gerrard, who will sing the soliloquy from "Carousel;" violinist Arthur Poison, who will play Kroll's "Banjo and Fiddle;" soprano Joyce Perry, who will sing the Jewel Song from Gounod's "Faust;" and vocalist Pat Suzuki, who will sing a medley that includes "Lazy Afternoon," "Boston Beguine," and "The Lady Is a Tramp." The orchestra and chorus are conducted by Ricky Hyslop.

Feb 4, 1958 - Guest this week— folk singer and guitarist Odetta Felious, singers Milla Andrew (in a medley of songs by Jerome Kern and Cole Porter) and Bernard Turgeon (in an operatic selection), and trombonist Dave Robbins. Chorus and orchestra conducted by Ricky Hyslop.

Feb 18, 1958 - Theme this week — "Music of the Americas." Guests: Pat Suzuki, Eleanor Collins, Don Garrard, John Dunbar, Lance Harrison and his Dixieland group. Orchestra and chorus conducted by Ricky Hyslop.

Jan 7, 1959 - Tonight— music of the gay 90's, the roaring 20's, the hungry 30's, and the present day.

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