Butternut Square (Series) (1964-1967)

Butternut Square
This children's show aimed to help its young viewers to become more aware of themselves in relation to the world through a series of real and fantasy adventures. Our guides, Sandy, played by Sandra Cohen, and Mr. Dress-Up. played by Ernie Coombs, met in Butternut Square, a town square. They and their friends led viewers through games, musical numbers, and dances and movements that aimed to teach children through participation. Their friends included the Music Man, played by Donald Himes, the dancer and movement artist, in the 1964-1965 season, and Bob, played by Bob Jeffrey from 1965 to 1967. They also included Judith Lawrence and her puppets Casey, Finnegan, Alexander, Miranda, and Mrs. Trapeze.

Butternut Square was cancelled in February 1967. However, Ernie Coombs revived immediately as Mr. Dressup and was given his own show, where he, Casey, and Finnegan survived and flourished.

Ernie Coombs .... Mr. Dress-Up
Sandy Gabriel .... Sandy (1964)
Donald Himes .... The Music Man (1964-1965)
Bob Jeffrey .... Bob (1965-1967)
Judith Lawrence .... Casey/Finnegan/Alexander/Miranda/Mrs. Trapeze (voice)
Fred Rogers .... Mr. Rogers

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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