Buddies, The (Series) (1967-1968)

Two Canadian astronauts on a lonely refuelling station demonstrated bilingual tolerance-when they weren't hoarding food capsules and oxygen canisters or ejecting each other into airless space. Quebecois Latuque (who wore one) was a sentimental slob who melted when Mama Latuque made her weekly phone call ("Bi Bi...Bi Bi...do you love your mother, Bi Bi...?"). The Anglo, incompetent, rubber-faced Wilbur frequently crashed his bicycle on the way to the launching pad. The Buddies were also featured in episodes set in the Old West. - TV North, Peter Kenter

Aired Sep 9, 1967 - Jun 8, 1968 (Saturday Mornings)

Peter Cullen .... Commander Bi Bi Latuque
Ted Zeigler .... Space Cadet Wilbur

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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