Bright and Early (Series) (1966-1967)

Five years before Canada AM came to be, Bright And Early was a daily live 60-minute topical program for breakfast-time viewing on CTV. It included three newscasts, national weather and sports, information, and a variety of features from across the country. Interesting guests were brought on and interviewed casually by the co-hosts Terri Clark and Pat Murray. Also featured were puppets named Bright and Early.

"This Day: 1866" was a daily three-minute segment which added a Centennial note to the show. Joe Forster presented the news exactly as it happened 100 years ago, dressed in the garb of the day.

Terri Clark .... Co-Host
Pat Murray .... Co-Host
Jim Fleming .... Newscaster
Joe Forster .... Newscaster (This Day: 1866 segment)
Annis Stukus .... Sportscaster
Peter Jennings .... Newscaster
Len Carlson .... Puppeteer (Bright and Early)
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