Breaker High (Series) (1997-1998)

Breaker High
Join the students of Breaker High, a high school on a cruise ship, while they experience fun and adventure, love and heartache, with good times and bad as they explore the high seas and get an education.

Kyle Alisharan .... Alex Pineda
Terri Conn .... Ashley Dupree
Wendi Kenya .... Cassidy Cartwright
Persia White .... Denise Williams
Tyler Labine .... Jimmy Farrell
Scott Vickaryous .... Max Ballard
Ryan Gosling .... Sean Hanlon
Rachel Wilson .... Tamira Goldstein
Anne Openshaw .... Ana Mitchell
Andrew Airlie .... Capt. Ballard
Bernard Cuffling .... Nigel Mumford
Richard Ian Cox .... Tony Gifford
Rob Carpenter .... Parisean wine maker
Katerina Gavala .... Samantha Danes
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