Bordertown (Series) (1989-1993)

Aka: Les deux font la loi

Bordertown is about a U.S. marshal (Richard Comar), who is an ex-gunfighter, and a by-the-book Canadian Mountie (John H. Brennan) who jointly patrol a town on the Canada-U.S. border. The lawmen share an interest in a beautiful French woman named Dr. Marie Dumont (Sophie Barjac).

Richard Comar .... Marshal Jack Craddock
John H. Brennan .... Cpl. Clive Bennet, RCMP
Sophie Barjac .... Dr. Marie Dumont
Fritz Bergold .... Otto Danzinger
Wyatt Orr .... Bruno Danzinger
Beverley Elliott .... Sally Duffield
Duncan Fraser .... Zachary Denny
Freda Perry .... Diane Denny
Gregory Togel .... Willie Haddon
Kymberly Sheppard .... Clara
Bill Pepperall .... Jake Epple
Hagan Beggs .... Liam Gleeson
Domenico Fiore .... Dominic
Paul Batten .... Wendell MacWherter
Buffalo Child
Sarah Sawatsky .... Lucy Walker (1990-1991)
Patrice Valota .... Gabriel Couteau

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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