Bobby Vinton Show, The (Series) (1975-1978)

Bobby Vinton hosted this half-hour variety series, created by executive-producers Chris Beard and Allan Blye. Celebrity guests, a comedy troupe, the Jimmy Dale Orchestra, the girl-group The Peaches, plus spots with talents like Billy Van and Jack Duffy were regular parts of the show.

The series, produced at CFTO's Agincourt studios, had Canadians behind the camera and in supporting roles on camera. The series did well during its first season, drawing in 1.4 million Canadian viewers weekly. It was syndicated to 86 U.S. stations in the first year as well.

Alan Thicke produced several episodes

Bobby Vinton .... Host
Jimmy Dale .... Orchestra Leader
Jack Duffy .... Regular
Arte Johnson .... Regular
Freeman King .... Regular
Billy Van .... Regular

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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