Bob and Margaret (Series) (1998-2001)

Bob and Margaret
Based on the Academy Award-winning short film "Bob's Birthday" created by David Fine and Alison Snowden, this charming, witty animated series focuses on the ordinary lives of a middle class dentist and his foot doctor wife. Together, they tackle such traumas as being burgled, going on a package holiday and deciding whether or not having a child will ruin their lives. They do all this with a gentle restraint and a keen sense of the absurd. Bob and Margaret provides a whole new way to look - and laugh - at life's ordinary occurrences that we all experience.

Peter Baynham .... Various roles (voice)
Steve Brody .... Various roles (voice)
Steve Coogan .... Various roles (voice)
Trevor Cooper .... Various roles (voice)
Jayne Eastwood .... Cookie/Joyce (voice)
Chris Emmett .... Various roles (voice)
Brian George .... Bob Fish (2001-) (voice)
Sarah Hadland .... Various roles (voice)
Andy Hamilton .... Bob Fish (1998-2000) (voice)
Dwayne Hill .... Trevor (voice)
Doon Mackichan .... Various roles (voice)
Ron Pardo .... Various Roles (voice)
Wayne Robson .... Melvin (voice)
Alison Snowden .... Margaret Fish (voice)

Original Broadcaster(s): Global

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