Blazing Dragons (Series) (1996-1998)

Blazing Dragons
Based on the characters originated by Terry Jones of Monty Python fame, this animated series is set in the land of Camelhot and depicts the epic tale of the battle between knights and dragons - from the point of view of the dragons. It finally reveals the true story of King All-Fire and the dragons of the famous Square Table, from Sir Galahot to Sir Burnavere. It details the age of chivalry when gallant, generous and brave dragons battled greedy humans to rescue damsels in distress, save children from oppression and make the world a much more entertaining place to live. All hail, Blazing Dragons!

Richard Binsley .... Minstrel/Sir Blaze (voice)
Suzanne Coy .... Merle the Wizard (voice)
Jim Cummings .... Chancellor/King Allfire (voice)
Jill Frappier .... Mrs. Shambles (voice)
Edward Glen .... Flicker (voice)
Terri Hawkes .... Additional Voices (voice)
Dan Hennessey .... Sir Hotbreath/Evil Knight 3 (voice)
John Koensgen .... Count Geoffrey/Evil Knight 1 (voice)
Stephanie Morgenstern .... Princess Flame (voice)
John Stocker .... Sir Burnevere/Evil Knight 2 (voice)
Steven Sutcliffe .... Queen Griddle (voice)
Aron Tager .... King Allfire (voice)
Rick Waugh .... Cinder/Clinker/Sir Galahot (voice)
Scott Wentworth .... Sir Loungelot (voice)

Original Broadcaster(s): TOON

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