Black Harbour (Series) (1996-1999)

Black Harbour
Katherine and Nick return to her childhood home in Nova Scotia after her mother becomes ill. Nick is a struggling screenwriter while Katherine a partner in a successful Los Angeles eatery. Nick and Katherine decide to stay in Black Harbour with their two daughters and manage to buy a major share of the family boatyard, with the idea of building upscale boats for a rich clientele. But home holds many memories for Katherine, who ran away because she was constantly in conflict with her fellow townspeople. Black Harbour is still home to her first love, Paul, who works at the boatyard, but is also married and a father.

Rebecca Jenkins .... Katherine Hubbard
Alex Carter .... Paul Isler
Joseph Ziegler .... Len Hubbard
Joan Gregson .... Frances Hubbard
Melanie Foley .... Tasha Haskell
Rhonda McLean .... Vicky Isler
Barrett Porter .... Anonda Haskell
Hugh Thompson .... Buddy Brigley
Geraint Wyn Davies .... Nick Haskell
Carol Sinclair .... Brenda Hubbard
Mary Colin Chisholm .... Aggie MacDuff
Barrie Dunn .... Dan Christos

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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