Billy O'Connor Show, The (Series) (1954-1956; 1958-1959)

Aka: Saturday Date with Billy O'Connor

Billy O'Connor Show, The
The Billy O'Connor Show was a post-hockey variety show with Billy O'Connor and his trio, produced by Bob Jarvis and Drew Crossan. On 20 August 1955, Juliette made her first regular appearance on the show. By the end of the second season, she and O'Connor had conflicted and the CBC decided to develop a program around her instead.

Billy O'Connor returned to the CBC with a pre-hockey musical variety show, Saturday Date, in 1958. O'Connor was supported by a quartet, and his repertoire consisted mainly of standards and older tunes.

Billy O'Connor .... Host
Jackie Richardson .... Bass
Vic Centro .... Accordion
Kenny Gill .... Guitar
Doug McLeod .... Drums (1958-1959)
Juliette .... Regular (1955-1956)
Jack Duffy .... Regular (1954-1956)
Bill Isbister .... Regular (1954-1956)
Vanda King .... Regular (1958-1959)
Allan Blye .... Regular (1958-1959)
Don Parrish .... Regular (1958-1959)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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