Big Top Talent (Series) (1980-1983)

Big Top Talent was an often unintentionally hilarious, low-budget children's talent show. "Big Top Talent" featured Oopsy T. Clown, perhaps the creepiest children's show host in history, and Billy Barty as the little mailman. Local children would sing, dance, juggle, etc, to impress Bonkers and their TV audience ... and everybody always won a balloon.

Bob McNea - Oopsy T. Clown

Original Broadcaster(s): CHCH

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byGuy Brousseau, November 3, 2007
To Whoom it may concern!!
I was wondering if i could obtain footage of a show that i participated in. The name of the band was The Brousseau Family, and i believe that it was in 1979, or 1980. It would mean alot to me if i could somehow relive the moment.
Thanks in advance,
Guy Brousseau (Quebec, Canada)
byMichelle Betts, October 12, 2007
A friend of ours was also on BTT many moons ago, we would love to be able to get her footage as a gift! Any place we can order?
byCarlos Correia, July 8, 2006
I was on big top talent many moons ago, I was wondering if there is any where I can find video footage of this show.
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