Big Revue, The (Series) (1952-1953)

Big Revue, The
The Big Revue was a variety television show. It was the first ever production of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's television network when both debuted in 1952. The show was directed by Norman Jewison, written by John Aylesworth and Frank Peppiatt and produced by Don Hudson. It first aired on September 9, 1952.

The series was hosted by actress Toby Robins who would later rise to fame as a panelist on Front Page Challenge. It was on The Big Revue that Don Harron introduced TV audiences to his country bumpkin alter ego, "Charlie Farquharson" (who years later would be immortalized on the American series Hee Haw).

John Aylesworth .... Himself/Various
Joel Aldred
Dave Broadfoot .... Himself/Member from Kicking Horse Pass
Laddie Dennis .... Announcer
Donald Harron .... Co-host/Charlie Farquharson
Budd Knapp .... Host
Alan Lund .... Dancer
Blanche Lund .... Dancer
Jane Mallett
Phyllis Marshall .... Regular
George Murray .... Regular
Frank Peppiatt .... Himself/Various
Toby Robins .... Co-host
Lorraine Thomson .... Chorus Line Member

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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