Big Comfy Couch, The (Series) (1993-1997; 2003)

Big Comfy Couch, The
The Big Comfy Couch is about a little clown named Loonette and her doll Molly with their Big Comfy couch. The couch has everything known to man inside it - be it an umbrella, a hat, or a kitchen sink! Co-stars include Granny Garbanzo, Auntie Macassar (Seasons 1-5), and Major Bedhead, who pops in for visits. And unbeknownst to Loonette, two dustbunnies, Fuzzy and Wuzzy, live under Loonette's couch.

The Big Comfy Couch ran on YTV from 1993-1997. During that stretch, it became a hit on America Public Television. Key to that success was the foresight of John Cherry (former director of Ernest P. Worrell commercials), who has gone on to handle The Big Comfy Couch properties in the United States under what is now called Tadpole Kids.

After five off-years, The Big Comfy Couch returned to production with its sixth series of 13 shows, released in 2003, bringing with it a new character, Uncle Chester.

Alyson Court .... Loonette the Clown
Bob Stutt .... Molly Dolly/Dust Bunny/Snicklefritz (voice)
Fred Stinson .... Major Bedhead/Andy Foley (voice)
Taborah Johnson .... Auntie Macassar (voice)
Robert Mills .... Dust Bunny Wuzzy (voice)
Jani Lauzon .... Jim Foley (voice)
Jackie Harris .... Eileen Foley (voice)
Grindl Kuchuka .... Granny Garbanzo (voice)
Edward Knuckles .... Uncle Chester
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