Beyond Suspicion (TV Movie) (1994)

Beyond Suspicion
A photo journalist (Stepfanie Kramer) gets a tip from an undercover cop about a major raid, but then finds herself in danger after witnessing the cop's murder from a hiding place. However, her view of the killer was restricted. She then gets involved with the cop's partner (Jack Scalia). But all the rest of the cops in the precinct consider him dirty. Ultimately she and her daughter (Lily Shavick) find themselves in jeopardy after the daughter is taken hostage.

Jack Scalia....Det. Vince Morgan
Stepfanie Kramer....Karen Rikehardt
Howard Dell....Capt. Townsend
Francesco Ferrucci....Corso
Roger R. Cross....Curtis
Douglas Arthurs....Det. Jerry Moon
Mark Acheson....Bubba
Lily Shavick....Sara
William B. Davis....Capt. Dick Roth
John Tench....Sal
Andrew Airlie....Josh
Sarah Richardson....Crystal
David McKay....Phipps
Patrick Stevenson....Glover
Rick Pierce....Billy Jack
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