Beyond Reason (Series) (1977-1980)

Beyond Reason was a psychic panel show from Winnipeg. Each week a panel of an astrologer, palmist and clairvoyant were asked to determine the identity of two guests. Clues were the guests' exact date and place of birth, palm print and a personal object.

A separate section of the program, called the "Psychic Cyclopedia," showed short commentaries on subjects of the paranormal.

The series originated as a summer replacement for Front Page Challenge. The CBC revived the show as a weekly prime time production, and later in a weekday slot.

Allen Spraggett .... Co-Host (1977-1979)
Bill Guest .... Co-Host (1977-1979)
Paul Soles .... Host (1979-1980)
Marcel Broekman .... Panelist (palmist)
Geoff Gray-Cobb .... Panelist (astrologer)
Irene Hughes .... Panelist (clairvoyant)
Barbara Justason .... Panelist (astrologer)
Marilyn Rossner .... Panelist (graphologist)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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