Bette Show, The (Series) (1999-2000)

Bette Show, The
The Bette Show focused on Bette MacDonald. Her co-stars (and co-writers) included brother Ed and comic Tim Steeves. The three of them performed numerous skits on-air, taking on different personas with each one. Premiering as a six-episode special in March of 1999, the show returned for another season.

Featured characters include Girl Cop, Beulah Claxton (a lounge singer), Lunch Lady, Gwen Gibbons, Bucky and Wayne, and Marybelle Emia. The show poked fun at everything from the modelling world to other television shows on the air.

Bette MacDonald .... Various roles
Ed Macdonald .... Various
Tim Steeves .... Various

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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