Beetlejuice (Series) (1989-1991)

Lydia loves everything spooky and morbid, causing her parents, friends and classmates to wonder about her. So, to escape from blonde snobs and homework, she calls on her best friend: the Ghost with the Most, Beetlejuice. The rude prankster takes his good-hearted mortal companion on many adventures in his home the Netherworld.

Stephen Ouimette .... Beetlejuice (voice)
Alyson Court .... Lydia Deitz (voice)
Roger Dunn .... Charles Deitz (voice)
Elizabeth Hanna .... Delia Deitz (voice)
Harvey Atkin .... Lipscum (voice)
Len Carlson .... Additional Voices (voice)
Paulina Gillis .... Additional Voices (voice)
Keith Knight .... Additional Voices (voice)
Ron Rubin .... Additional Voices (voice)
Joseph Sherman .... Additional Voices (voice)
Tara Strong .... Claire Brewster/Bertha/Little Miss Warden (voice)

Original Broadcaster(s): Global

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