Beethoven Lives Upstairs (TV Movie) (1992)

Beethoven Lives Upstairs
Young Christoph is convinced his mother has rented out the upstairs room to a madman. That boarder is Ludwig Van Beethoven who is busy composing his Ninth Symphony, one of his greatest works. The boy and the cantankerously eccentric deaf composer eventually meet and Christoph begins to see the softer side of Beethoven as his music begins to win the boy over.

Neil Munro....Ludwig Van Beethoven
Illya Woloshyn....Christoph
Fiona Reid....Mother
Paul Soles....Mr. Schindler
Albert Schultz....Uncle Kurt
Sheila McCarthy....Sophie(Maid)
Luca Ackerman....Street Boy
Ross Conkey....Street Boy
David Foote....Street Boy
J. Hanus Jr.....Prince's Rider
Lubomír Kostelka....Waiter
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