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Beachcombers, The
Partners - 01x01 - Oct 1, 1972 - A millionaire's yacht goes adrift during a storm and beachcomber Nick Adonidas foresees a fortune in salvage. The yacht is found, but aboard her sits Indian teenager Jesse Jim who says he saw her first, and finders keepers. Guests: Tom Snelgrove

Molly's Reach - 01x02 - Oct 8, 1972 - Nick Adonidas wants Jesse Jim to be his partner. Jesse's uncle wants him to come home. Jesse just wants to be allowed to make up his own mind. And caught in the middle is Molly Carmody, proprietor of "Molly's Reach" cafe, Nick's landlady and Jesse's friend. Guests: Dale Wilson, Bob George, and Wes Taylor

Jet Boat - 01x03 - Oct 15, 1972 - The successful beachcomber is the man who gets there first, whether it's picking up logs in a storm .or rescuing a novice sailor in trouble. But what can you co when your chief rival starts using a boat that is jet propelled? Nick Adonidas' rival, Ol' Relic, has done just that, and it is the beginning of what looks like very unfair competition. Guests: Gordon Robertson

Independence Day - 01x04 - Oct 22, 1972 - An anonymous admirer sends Nick a present in honour of Greek Independence Day. When the present turns out to be a bottle of Greece's famous "Ouao", Nick becomes very independent Indeed, and Jesse Jim is first marooned and then deserted to cope with a pair of unhappy pigs they have somehow inherited during their wanderings.

Boomsticks - 01x05 - Nov 5, 1972 - Nick has always loathed the job of building a log boom even though it's the best way for a beachcomber to run his business. Determined to expand the partnership, Jesse Jim and Hugh Carmody persuade Nick to try just once, and Nick and Jesse set off to make their fortune in logs. Hugh is left at home to look after the office. But Hugh has some ideas of his own about building up the business. Guests: Lloyd Berry, Richard Clements, Brent Carver, George Swayer, and John Silbernagel.

The Search - 01x06 - Nov 12, 1972 - Nick wakes up in "Persephone's" cabin to discover that Hugh has disappeared overboard while he's been asleep. Because the boat is drifting he cannot even be sure where it happened. And so the search for Hugh begins, with Nick and Jesse hunting frantically in one direction while a calm and competent Hugh works his way home in another one. Guests: Terry David Mulligan, Dorothy Goldrick, and Bruce Box

Highliners - 01x07 - Nov 19, 1972 - Jesse Jim and Hugh Carmody set out to learn how to fish for salmon from Swede, an old troller man on the verge of retirement who they hope will let them lease his boat. Back at home Nick Adonidas tries his best to find out what's wrong with Swede's wife. They have been married for forty years and she says she is leaving him . Guests: Bill Reiter, Ole Olson and Gay Wisdom

Totem - 01x08 - Nov 26, 1972 - An old abandoned totem pole lies in the undergrowth on one of the islands near Gibsons Landing. But when someone wants to move it and put it up to decorate the front of a new motel, everyone gets into the act. In the course of the action Jesse comes close to becominq a murderer, and Nick succeeds in setting fire to the "Persephone". Guests: Frank Adamson

Clamdigger - 01x09 - Dec 3, 1972 - (aka: The Miraculous Clam Digging Machine) A fantastic character named Antoine de Roquefort arrives in town aboard a floating marvel he says is a mechanical clam digger. And Nick is offered the chance - without cost - to make a fortune, no strings attached. Who could resist the chance? Guests: Al Kozlik, Ole Olson and Graham Crowell

Investigators - 01x10 - Dec 10, 1972 - A rash of stolen pleasure boats leaves the police puzzled, but both Nick and Jesse Jim figure they can solve the mystery. The problem, the stolen boats literally disappear in the middle of open water. Guests: Otto Lowy, Bruce Box, Angela Slater, Frank Maraden, Alexander Tessman, Ian Harrison, Bill Richardson and Terry David Mulligan.

Gravel Pit - 01x11 - Dec 17, 1972 - An abandoned gravel crusher and a row of concrete silos are an irresistible playground for Hugh and Margaret, especially since their grandmother has warned them not to go there. So they make sure no one knows where they are going, and a very dangerous game begins. (Working Title: "Two Shishkebobs") Guests: Frank Adamson and John Smith

Easy Day - 01x12 - Dec 24, 1972 - The beachcombers take over full operation of the cafe for a day when Molly goes to the city. A bus accident deposits thirty elderly ladies at the door, hungry and tired and totally unprepared for a menu that features Greek lemon soup and shishkebabs. Guests: Mildred Franklin, Dale Wilson, Harry Sanders, Doris Buckingham, Chris Green, Dorothy Snider, Barbara Tremain, Alicia Ammn, Wes Taylor, and Dennis Robertson

Potlatch - 01x13 - Dec 31, 1972 - Among the Coast Indians the potlatch is one of the great traditions - a formal giving of gifts in which a man may give away everything he owns. When Jesse Jim decides to throw a potlatch, Molly gets mad, Nick misses a San Francisco holiday, and Jesse has to capture a bear to start the party. Guests: Michael Ball, Chief Dan George, Bob George, Talbot Haaland, and Maria Scheer

Sidewinder - 01x14 - Jan 7, 1973 - The foreman of the local booming ground has an unusual hobby - he likes firing people. He's fired so many recently that there's no one left to work for him, so Nick can't sell his logs. The obvious solution is for the beachcombers to fill the gap. But it's not a job with much of a future, even when Hugh gets the foreman's job. Guests: Robert Underwood and Al Ricard

The Evil Eye - 01x15 - Jan 14, 1973 - When a business venture goes sour, Nick blames the whole- thing on Relic using the evil eye. He warns the kids that the evil eye is catching, but not soon enough. Margaret discovers she already has it, but she can't find the cure. Then Jesse disappears.

Wharf Rats - 01x16 - Jan 21, 1973 - Hugh is in love for the first time. But the girl involved doesn't pay much attention to anyone who doesn't belong to the school's most secret society, the Wharf Rats. Hugh finds that their initiation ceremony is worse than losing the girl, but there is no way of backing out. Guests: Ross Hales, Drew Snider, Peter Elliott, William Shawn, and Bruce Box

Truck Logger - 01x17 - Feb 4, 1973 - Someone is deliberately sabotaging Chuck Howes' logging truck and trying to drive him out of business, and it has to be someone working right beside him. Nick and Jesse volunteer to keep him company on what turns out to be a really dangerous ride down five miles of mountain side. Guests: Michael Fox, William Nunn, Reg Tupper, Ray Wallis, and Winston Reckert

Welcome Island - 01x18 - Feb 11, 1973 - Electric fences, radar installations, and a harbour full of mines are part of the unreal world created by an old man on his private island. When Hugh steps ashore he thinks it's funny for the first thirty seconds, right up to the moment he finds he's staring into a loaded gun. Guests: Roy Brinson, Katie Smith and Bruce Box

Sadie - 01x19 - Feb 18, 1973 - Sadie is a lady in her forties. She is also a trapper and guide, and the best shot in the country. She claims to have a map for a gold mine, and she'll share the gold if our friends will help. But who believes in lost gold mines? Nick does, for one. Guests: Frances Hyland as Sadie

Prairie Sailor - 01x20 - Feb 25, 1973 - As the captain of a luxury cruiser, Axel Dashwood makes a good cattle rancher, which is what he really is. He loses a propellor at sea, leaves his family adrift and goes to Nick for help. The only problem is he doesn't remember where he left the cruiser. Guests: John Pozer, Shirley Barclay, and Ted Stidder as Axel Dashwood

Relic's Revenge - 01x21 - Mar 4, 1973 - Relic has been arrested for log stealing, and no one knows who turned him In. Relic worries about it and Nick worries about it. In fact they worry themselves sick about it, and find themselves.in a makeshift hospital ward set up in Nick's bedroom. And that doesn't make either one of them feel any better. Guests: James Barber, John Ford, Jerry White and Henrik Senghaas

Hole In Three - 01x22 - Mar 11, 1973 - Molly gets a chance for a quiet holiday looking after a nearby boarding kennel, but the quiet is soon disturbed by the combination of two donkeys, a sheep, an abandoned well and Nick's fear of animals. Guests: Phyllis Hylton and Lorrain McAllister

Wolfman - 01x23 - Mar 18, 1973 - The beachcombers stumble onto a unique pair of friends - a wolf with a crippled foot and an old man with a crippled mind. They soon find themselves defending the wolf from a group of bounty hunters and the old man from himself. Guests: Barney O'Sullivan, Terry Kelly, and Anne Cameron

Pool Shark - 01x24 - Mar 25, 1973 - The local pool hall becomes the centre of.attention when Jesse and Hugh set up as pool sharks. Nick sets out to show them the error of their ways, but the problem is that he plays lousy pool, and can't resist betting. Guests: Claudina Melgrave, Ronald Burke, and Lloyd Berry.

Dynamite Jim - 01x25 - Apr 1, 1973 - Dynamite Jim is a legend - the best black powder man who ever blasted a cliff-face without rattling the teacups in the house on top. And it's his last job, to blast a new water channel for the pulp mill. Only Nick and Jesse know that Dynamite Jim is going to make sure it is the last thing he ever does. Guests: Eric House, Allan Lewis, Ron Miller, Ted Crosfield, and Patrick Brien.

Sea Cavalcade - 01x26 - Apr 15, 1973 - Sea Cavalcade is carnival time in the village. Firemen's water fights, log burling, a long distance swimming race and a demolition derby are all parts of this story of the family at Molly's Reach. Guests: Lance Harrison, Dale Wilson, Ty Haller, Margo Pinvidic, and Bob George.

Happy Birthday Molly - 02x01 - Sep 23, 1973 - Hugh and Margaret's efforts to provide their grandmother with a surprise birthday breakfast result in a fire which destroys the interior of the Reach. Their alarmingly haphazard (but eventually successful) redecorating efforts provide the framework of the episode. Guests: Dale Wilson, Gordon Robertson, and John Smith.

Fraser Red - 02x02 - Sep 30, 1973 - A comically ruthless beachcomber from the Fraser River moves in on the Gibsons' territory. In their efforts to run him off, Nick and the kids inadvertently provoke a 'shooting war' between the invader and Ol' Relic and are forced to intervene to restore peace. Guests: Graeme Campbell

Bush Fever - 02x03 - Oct 7, 1973 - A bush crazy logger, menacing an Injured mother and child with a stolen rifle, Involves Nick and Hugh in a breathless chase through the woods. Guests: Shirley Milliner, John Nevette, Janne Mortil and Michael Berry.

Our Champion - 02x04 - Oct 14, 1973 - Which village keeps the new fire engine? That's the question to be solved by a boat race Between Reggie Wainwright, representing the upper-crust snobs from down the road, and Ol' Relic, who is hammered into shape by a relentless Nick. The race itself Is a wild, steeplechasing affair that ends in a photo finish with Relic out of gas, but rowing home to victory. Guests: Neil Dainard as Wainwright; Robert Underwood as Lars; Gordon Robertson, Ivor Haries, Rex Owen, Yvonne Adalian, Frank Adamson, Jennifer Dixon, John White, Glen Bawtinheimer, and John N. Smith.

The Greek Eagle - 02x05 - Oct 21, 1973 - A chance reunion with an old Greek wartime flying buddy forces Nick, on a point of honour, to take up piloting again. Jesse and Molly are his unwilling passengers on a hair-raising trip to the interior. Guests: Gus Tegos and Lillian Carlson

McLoskey's Bones - 02x06 - Oct 28, 1973 - Margaret and her overly imaginative girlfriend, Tizzy, mistakenly persuade themselves that the local garbage man, Mcloskey, is really a mass murderer with corpses buried all over the inlet. Circumstances persuade Nick and Molly to engage in some amateur sleuthing, which eventually discloses that Mcloskey's "graves" are full of moonshine, which he is peddling in cahoots with his double-crossing crony, Relic. Guests: Christine Fabritz

The Sea is Our Friend - 02x07 - Nov 4, 1973 - Nick's legs are trapped beneath a monster log on the beach. As the tide rises, the boys fight to extricate Nick, but when brute force fails, imagination succeeds. They fit up Nick with Oesse's mask and snorkel, and then it is Nick's turn to fight panic as the water rises over him and floats the log free.

Hard Times - 02x08 - Nov 18, 1973 - A logging strike reduces Nick and Hugh to picking rocks for Relic at a dollar an hour. Too late they realize that Relic's using the stones to build his own private reef, and making fat fees from rescuing the boats that go aground on her. The unexpected arrival of the Lt. Governor brings an end to the gravy train, as Relic, Nick and Hugh dynamite the telltale evidence under the very nose of the distinguished gent's incoming yacht. Guests: Sam Payne, Robert Underwood, John Civitaresse, and Clifford Cox.

Battle of the Goddesses - 02x09 - Nov 25, 1973 - Nick's pride is at stake when Ol' Relic inveigles Reggie Wainwright to challenge Persephone to a tug of war -- the losing boat to change her name. Relic and Reggie rig the contest, by secretly adding the jet boat's pulling power to Reggie's boat, but Hugh discovers the trick in time to save Persephone's name. Guests: Neil Dainard

Keep Your Shirt On - 02x10 - Dec 9, 1973 - Sadie's trap-line is confiscated by the game warden. Nick, Molly and the kids try to reshape her for life in town but her bush-bred innocence and her frontiers' woman approach get her in trouble, first at the booming grounds where she tangles with the men, then at the Reach where misguided efforts to make her into a waitress provoke a knockdown, drag-out brawl. In self-defence, the town gangs up on the Game Warden, and Sadie's trap-line is restored fifty miles up the coast. Guests: Frances Hyland, Robert Underwood, Terry Kelly, David Glyn-Jones, Terry Hill, Richard Macedo and Mae Munroe

Relic R.I.P. - 02x11 - Dec 16, 1973 - Relic goes down with the ship - a derelict that sinks on him as he tries to salvage. her. The fateful evidence is found by Nick and Jesse who involve Molly and the kids in a prolonged funeral rites, while down below, the 'corpse' is wildly hammering for attention as the oxygen in his air pocket runs out. Discovered at last, he and the boat are hauled to safety; Relic proves an ungrateful Lazarus. Guests: Blair Luckow

Tizzy - 02x12 - Dec 23, 1973 - A sailing accident strands Margaret and her friend Tizzy on an isolated beach Where Tizzy reveals that she is a diabetic and can go into a coma unless Margaret gets help. After a long exhausting swim to the nearest cottage, Margaret finds it deserted and has to use her wits to make a powerless radio and a gasless motor boat effect a rescue. Guests: Christine Fabritz and Gordon Robertson.

The Trouble With Diamonds - 02x13 - Dec 30, 1973 - A sweet little old lady wrongly suspects Jesse of stealing her diamonds. Eventually realizing her error, she involves Nick and Margaret in a wild goose chase to the Gibsons garbage dump where, in his efforts to retrieve the missing diamonds, Nick winds up with a flower pot firmly wedged on his head - a helpless passenger as Margaret navigates Jesse's runaway car down the mountainous roads on a wild ride home. Guests: Merv Campone, Beatrice Hicks, and Chuch Ashby.

Affairs of the Heart - 02x14 - Jan 6, 1974 - The arrival in Gibsons of a nubile "nature child" of nineteen wreaks havoc in the Reach when, one by one, Hugh, Dessex, and Nick all succumb to her charms. Did scores and new grudges are aired in the boxing ring. Guests: Helen Shaver and Terry Kelly.

The Sasquatch Walks By Night - 02x15 - Jan 13, 1974 - Nick and Hugh spot one of the hairy monsters, and enlist everyone but Jesse, the amused skeptic, to hunt it down with Sadie's help. While Relic sells "Sasquatch Tours" to thrill-seeking tourists, our intrepid hunters litter the bush with pits and snares -and then are all snared, netted and undone when the fearsome beast attacks their camp! They rally and run the monster to a cliff, where it makes a death-defying leap to the sea, and flees - driving Persephone! It is Jesse - in cahoots with Relic on the whole hoax. Guests: Frances Hyland, Tom Byrne, Robb Smythe, and Sean Gorman.

Cliff Hanger - 02x16 - Jan 20, 1974 - Nick and Co. underbid Relic on a delivery job, and Relic gets even by causing them to deliver the wrong cargo - several hundred pounds of fuxn~ance bricks, which they painstakingly carry up several hundred stairs before the shipper discovers their error! Then Relic moves in and undertakes to bring the whole load down by pulley - but his engineering is faulty, and when the bricks go down, Relic flies up. Bricks and Relic end up in the sea, to be rescued by Nick and the kids. Guests: Cec Linder and Bill Reiter.

Here Comes the Groom - 02x17 - Feb 10, 1974 - When a rebellious and misguidedly romantic Molly tries to elope with Mcloskey, she is dragged home by the kids. There Nick, encouraged by the widow McPhee, subjects the runaway lovers to a series of courtship rituals, which dampen everyone's ardor; the harrassed bride bolts from the altar. But since the reception's all paid for, Nick insists they hold it anyway. Guests: Toni Sinclair and Anthony Holland.

Nick's Ferry - 02x18 - Feb 17, 1974 - The long summer ferry line-ups prompt Nick to set up a private service for well-to-do summer residents, sponsored by a formidable lady judge. Snapped cables, seasickness, a sudden storm and a sand bar bring the venture to a hapless conclusion; the barge full of cars is stranded and while Nick delivers his disgruntled customers to shore, the Coast Guard, prompted by Relic, spirits away the cars. Guests: Dawn Greenhalgh, Jack Anthony, Gillian Newmann, Terry David Mulligan, and Marti Maraden.

Kim - 02x19 - Mar 2, 1974 - Kim is a waif from the ports of the middle east, a street_urchin who jumps ship in Vancouver and beguiles Margaret into helping him flee from "the wicked Captain". Living by their wits in the streets of Vancouver, they elude the frantic family for a couple of days; Kim is returned to the "evil Captain", who turns out to be his grandfather. Margaret sees this as a betrayal, and is inconsolable. She is also unaware that Kim has already jumped ship again and is conning his way to Gibsons to catch up with Nick, "his father". Guests: Joseph Balint, and Michael Collins

Runt o' the Litter - 02x20 - Mar 3, 1974 - Relic's father, a ferocious old Welsh coal miner, descends on Gibsons unannounced, and sets out to make a success of his ne'er-do-well son by taking over Molly's Reach and Adonidas and Associates. Ol' Da's unprincipled methods make Relic look like a Boy Scout by comparison. Finally, at Relic's instigation, the old man is bested by Nick in a contest of strength, but the beating Ol' Da takes moves Relic to a rare and generous act of family loyalty. Guests: Sydney Brown as Old Da

Bathtubs - 02x21 - Mar 10, 1974 - Mcloskey starts an epidemic of Bathtub Fever in Gibsons, arranging "secret Partnerships" with half the town, and thereby ensuring healthy profits for himself by selling second-hand tubs from his junkyard. When the ruse is uncovered, Mcloskey bluffs his way out of it by arranging a competition for 'big prize money'. Relic accidentally demolishes all the tubs - no competition, no prize, and he and Mcloskey split the loot. Guest: Claudine Melgrave

Love Story - 02x22 - Mar 17, 1974 - A soul-stirring belief in Love comics triggers Nick to invent a romantic fantasy about a Vancouver belly dancer for Margaret's benefit. To Nick's amazement and confusion, the kids import the belly-dancer to Gibsons and a bewildered Nick is faced with a fantasy come to life. The dancer, who is in on the joke, has a terrified Nick almost at the altar before she relents^making a broken-hearted and suitably tragic exit for Margaret's benefit. Guests: Diana Ricardo, Richard Clements, and Drew Kemp

Two's A Crowd - 02x23 - Apr 7, 1974 - A winter storm strands Nick and Relic on a remote shore, without boats, and they are forced to try their luck as roomates in a broken-down old cabin with predictably dreadful results. Guests: Robert Underwood

Sheet of Flame - 03x01 - Sep 15, 1974 - Mcloskey, the irrespressible Irishman, gets onto a scheme for fiddling the insurance company by insuring a boat he means to sink. He suckers an unwitting Nick into his fraudulent endeavors, and the two of them strive heroically (and criminally) to sink the old scow, despite the insistent intervention of well-meaning friends, who keep "saving" her. Guests: Terry Kelly, Jerry White

Angus Calhoun - 03x02 - Sep 22, 1974 - Gus Calhoun, 9, city-bred, and full of the doubtful wisdom of the streets, makes his debut in, this episode, and promptly clashes head-on with Relic. Nick's cash box goes missing - Angus inadvertently took it, but circumstances point to Relic, who feigns amnesia while stalking the boy to discover the whereabouts of the missing money. An exciting boat chase unravels the mystery. Guest: Claudine Melgrave.

The Swell - 03x03 - Oct 6, 1974 - Jesse is beguiled by the harum-scarum antics of the crew of "The Swell", and decides to sign on, abandoning Molly's Reach and Nick's Salvage for a change of pace aboard this madcap tug-cum-freighter. An incredulous Molly spearheads a series of efforts to bring Jesse to his senses before she and the family realize they must let him go his own way. Guests: Vladimir Valenta, Neil Dainard, and Allan Anderson

Benyon's Ghost - 03x04 - Oct 13, 1974 - While attempting to help a young ladyrestore her abandoned sawmill, Nick, Hugh and Margaret fall victims to the whimsies of a cruelly capricious 'ghost'. Eventually, the young lady's eccentric Uncle Bo, long believed dead, is discovered to be the culprit -- or is he ...? Guests: Marti Maraden and Jack Bowdery

The Practical Joke - 03x05 - Oct 20, 1974 - Out of gas, with a damaged boat and an injured leg, Col. Spranklin fights to save his own life and Margaret's when they are caught in the middle of a war of practical jokes being waged between Nick and Relic.

Cargo of Gold - 03x06 - Oct 27, 1974 - Relic mistakes an elderly beekeeper's cargo of "liquid gold" for the real thing. He battles Persephone for possession of the gold, and finds himself overwhelmed by a swarming hive of honey bees. It's up to Nick and Hugh to rescue the bees from their tree-top perch. Guests: Alan Robertson

Fortunes Of War - 03x07 - Nov 3, 1974 - Gus Calhoun's natural animosity towards Relic accelerates into furious rivalry as the two slug it out in a fierce air-sea battle between their radio-controlled giant model planes, with each determined to be 'king o' the skies'.

Jet-Boat Gemini - 03x08 - Nov 10, 1974 - A ruthless imposter masquerades as Relic, with an identical jet-boat. Relic is blamed for a series of increasingly impudent crimes until Gus and Margaret finger the Imposter, and the two jet-boats clash head-on in a ferocious dog-fight to the death. Guests: Ed McNamara, Barbara Tremain, and John Nevette

Boom Inspector - 03x09 - Nov 17, 1974 - Relic betrays his brother beachcombers by going to work as the Boom Inspector - a position designed to eliminate floating logs and therefore the beachcombers' livelihood, from Howe Sound. He nearly runs them all out of business before Nick out-foxes him. Guests: Bob Underwood, John Nevette, Jon York, Drew Kemp, Dennis Kelli, and Rob Johnson

Winner Lose All - 03x10 - Nov 24, 1974 - Hughie gets a new girl friend, but antagonism between her rich parents and the gang at Molly's Reach involves the young pair in a sailboat race that nearly wrecks their romance. Guests: Valeria Ambrose, Claudine Melgrave, Roger Allford, Gerry Claman, and Alan Oman

Pandora's Box - 03x11 - Dec 1, 1974 - Gus Calhoun and Relic are at it again, this time vying for undersea treasure by fishing with magnets. Their rivalry literally blows up in their faces when what they think is a treasure chest turns out to be an explosive mine.

Identity Crisis - 03x12 - Dec 8, 1974 - Prompted by Gus, Margaret develops the fantasy that she is adopted. Preoccupation with the imminent Beachcombers' Ball prevents Molly and Nick from realizing what she is up to, until she confronts Nick with the accusation that he is her real father. Molly persuades her it is untrue by finally revealing the real story of her parents' death in a boating accident. Guests: Valerie Ambrose, Toni Sinclair, and Jack Anthony

Here Comes Santa Claus - 03x13 - Dec 22, 1974 - The Brotherhood of Unaffiliated Beachcombers sponsors the annual Christmas cruise to carry "Santa" Nick and his sleigh to the kids on the outlying islands. When an accident puts Relic in the Santa Claus suit, events get wildly out of hand. Guests: Franz Russell, Anna May McKellar, Gregg Morley, Annabel Kershaw, Drew Kemp, Jack (John) Rigg as Principal/Santa Claus

Boss Log - 03x14 - Jan 5, 1975 - Is Hughie a man? Or just the 'kid' Nick and Relic believe him to be? His struggle to salvage a monster log decides the issue. Guests: Dennis Robertson

Nick and the Amazons - 03x15 - Jan 12, 1975 - Three renegade schoolgirls in revolt against their school's old-fashioned ways involve Margaret in a madcap scheme to kidnap Nick. It is up to theirgames mistress to teach them that the ends do not justify the means. Guests: Dorothy Davies, Lynne Goldhar, Donna Christie, Linda-Mae Chan-Kent, and Arthur Mayse.

The Shell Game - 03x16 - Jan 19, 1975 - Gibson's has its first bank robbery In fifty years, and the loot ends up right in Nick's lap. Half the town gets into this game of "Money, money, who's got the money" before the robbery is solved. Guests: Terry Kelly, Claudine Melgrave

The Colonel's Princess - 03x17 - Jan 26, 1975 - A government yacht with visiting royalty aboard triggers an adventure for Nick and the kids at Molly's Reach, which threatens to end in heartbreak for Margaret's friend, old Col. Spranklin. Guests: Lili Umigar, Robert Graham and Peter Brockington

The Glory Hole - 03x18 - Feb 16, 1975 - Nick and Mcloskey salt a gold mine to tempt Relic and are caught in a local gold rush when Relic turns up with the genuine article. Guests: Claudine Melgrave, Joseph Galland, Terry Kelly

Shotguns and Lovers - 03x19 - Mar 2, 1975 - Nick goes acourting but it is Hughie who takes the rap when the young lady turns out to have two great big brothers and a father with a shotgun and oldfashioned ideas about marriage. Guests: Bob Vinci; Mary Swinton as Angelina; Rio Cavezza as Mario; Mario Crudo as Franco

Charade - 03x20 - Mar 9, 1975 - Margaret's pen pal has tried to keep her mongoloid brother a secret. The secret explodes in her face and both girls learn something about how dangerous lies can be. Guests: Claudine Melgrave, Marion Randall, Ray Michal, Keith Cutler, and Timmy Kjargaard

The Saturday Night Millionaire - 03x21 - Mar 16, 1975 - Jesse is on his way through Gibson's Landing to a wild weekend in a Vancouver gambling club. But Molly gets wind of his plans and decides to teach him that money does not necessarily buy fun. Guests: Claudine Melgrave, Valerie Ambrose, Terry Waterhouse, Jayna Gould and Martin Nash

Too Many Cooks - 03x22 - Apr 6, 1975 - Nick and the kids are condemned to Ma Calhoun's cooking when Molly goes on a trip, and ends up on Vancouver's skidroad. Guests: Des Smiley, Merv Campone, Jack Anthony, Paddy White, Barney O'Sullian

Deepfreeze - 03x23 - Apr 13, 1975 - A chance exploration of a fish packer creates unexpected danger for Hughie, his girlfriend Francesca, and Margaret when the packer sails with the three kids as reluctant stowaways. Guests: Valerie Ambrose, H.S. Olson, Tom Byrne and Lloyd Berry

A Rover's Dream - 04x01 - Sep 14, 1975 - The Irish Rovers are to give a concert in Gibsons Landing. Jimmy Ferguson falls in love with the beachcombing life - and resigns from the Rovers! With only hours to go, and the whole town turning out for the concert, Nick volunteers to sing in Jimmy's place, with hilarious and surprising results. Guests: The Irish Rovers

Booming Clowns - 04x02 - Sep 21, 1975 - The "clowns" are Mcloskey and slow-witted Ceece Neville, keeping a precarious footing as they leap fromlog to log on their newly acquired booming grounds. Relic seems likely to swindle them and their partner, Jesse Jim, out of the whole operation until Nick lends a hand. The comedy features lots of booming-ground action with the boats and the logs.

Invisible Relic - 04x03 - Sep 28, 1975 - Mcloskey's dead and Relic killed him. At least, that's the theory which prompts the gang at Molly's Reach to send Relic to Coventry and declare him invisible. But Relic soon discovers there are advantages on his side too, and Nick and Margaret must "exorcise" him to put an end to the mischievous goings-on.

The Great Oyster Chase - 04x04 - Oct 5, 1975 - Margaret and Gus go into business selling oysters. Threir first harvest goes into circulation; then, they discover that the oysters are contaminated. A wild game of Oyster, Oyster, Who's Got the Oyster? evolves as the poisonous shellfish pass from Nick to Mcloskey to Molly to Relic, and threaten to end up in the stew pot at the Reach as the "Special of the Day".

Abandoned - 04x05 - Oct 12, 1975 - While Hugh and Jesse are diving, Ol' Relic pinches Persephone, then claims her as salvage on a trumped-up technicality. It's up to Hugh and Jesse to beat the old pirate at his own game.

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire - 04x06 - Nov 2, 1975 - It's Halloween at the Reach and Gus Calhoun's mischievous spirit gets out of hand. He starts yarning hard-luck stories to a child welfare officer. But the lady, Miss Eldritch, displays remarkable powers, and before she's through with Gus, he is either bewitched or bamboozled - into owning up to his lies. Guests: Micki Maunsell, Ray Graham and Rob Graham

Blackmail - 04x07 - Nov 9, 1975 - Gus Calhoun succumbs to temptation and pinches a yachting cap from the sporting goods store. As if his guilty conscience wasn't enough, he's cauaht and blackmailed by Ol' Relic, and learns the hard way crime doesn't pay. Guests: Claudine Melgrave, Frances Perrin, Cecilia Pereira-Smith, David Freedman

The Hexman - 04x08 - Nov 16, 1975 - A wierd swordfisherman from down east and his ghostly companion engage with Nick and Jesse and Jesse's grandad, a shaman, in a battle of magical powers for possession of a prize log. Guests: Gordon Pinsent as the Wizard John Vincent

The Fugitive - 04x09 - Nov 23, 1975 - Margaret topples over a cliff while pursuing a fugitive on the run from the law. She and Nick engage in a deadly battle-of-wills with the man, who is also a mountain climber and the only one who might rescue Margaret from her precarious toe-hold on the precipice above the ocean. Guest: Chuck Shamata as Tony

Man Of The World - 04x10 - Dec 7, 1975 - Hugh's at an age where he needs a pad of his own. His determination to get it causes a game of "Musical Rooms" that turns the Reach upside down, and nearly brings the walls tumbling down when Jesse Jim, moves back in too, with a stereo set even bigger - and louder than Hugh's. Guests: Valerie Ambrose

In The Still of the Night - 04x11 - Dec 21, 1975 - While bringing home the Christmas tree, Nick and the gang from Molly's Reach become innocently embroiled in illicit whiskey-making operations at a logging camp, and end up spending a good part of Christmas Eve in the local jail. Guests: Franz Russell as Volcano Tantalides; Frank Adamson, Roger Norman

Boat in a Bottle (Part 1 of 2) - 04x12 - Jan 30, 1976 - Hughie and family befriend a young Japanese-Canadian who has come to Gibsons Landing to locate his father's old fishboat, confiscated during World War Two when the West Coast Japanese were ignominiously stripped of their belongings and shipped inland as "enemy aliens". They run head-on into entrenched prejudice from a completely unexpected quarter, old Colonel Spranklin, one of the Carmody family's best-beloved friends. Finding the old fishboat and the effort to get it water-borne again form the action of this moving two-part episode. Guests: Jonathon Pallone as Ken Bartlett; Paul Kariya, Dick Clements

Boat in a Bottle (Part 2 of 2) - 04x13 - Mar 7, 1976 - Conclusion of two-part story. Guests: Jonathon Pallone as Ken Bartlett; Paul Kariya, Dick Clements

Bull Kelp - 04x14 - Mar 14, 1976 - While diving for antique glass bottles, Jesse Jim takes a foolish risk and is swept out to sea on a dangerous, fast-moving tide. His frightening struggle for survival and the massive search for him give a fascinating insight into West Coast Search and Rescue procedures.

The Big Tow - 04x15 - Mar 21, 1976 - Hugh and Jesse are featured in the adventuresome story as they battle perverse tides and rocky shores to tow a motley lot of equipment to Jesse's new booming-grounds.

The Bike That Wouldn't Die - 04x16 - Mar 28, 1976 - Nick and Molly have a wonderful surprise for Margaret- a bike! Trouble is, Nick and Molly don't know much about current fashions in bikes, instead of a ten-speed racer, they buy her a great balloon-tired antique that makes her a virtual laughing-stock among her pals. Afraid of hurting Molly's feelings, Margaret tries ways of her own to get rid of the ugly duckling, and, in the process, learns something about conformity - when it's good and when being different isn't so bad. Guests: Walter Marsh and Dale Wilson

Precious Enemy - 04x17 - Apr 4, 1976 - Relic is ailing, and Nick's efforts to play Good Samaritan end up stranding him aboard a driting raft with the feverish, delirious Relic. To save themselves, each is forced to face and conquer his deepest fear. Guests: James Johnston and Virginia Harrison

Treasure Hunt - 04x18 - Apr 11, 1976 - It's Gus Calhoun's birthday. His gift is a fishing rod, but he must follow a trail of clues laid by Hughie. One 'mystery' clue leads Gus and Margaret on an increasingly dangerous and sinister hunt to find a strange and mysterious treasure at the end.

Work to Rule - 04x19 - Apr 18, 1976 - In Molly's absence, Nick and Gus Calhoun turn the Reach into a Greek bistro, and all but put the place out of business when they make the mistake of taking on union-minded Ol' Relic as bus-boy-cum-waiter. Guests: Jonathan Pallone and Ed Milaney

The Crash (Part 1 of 2) - 05x01 - Sep 19, 1976 - A light plane crashes on a remote mountainside with Jesse Jim and one of Nick's oldest upcoast buddies aboard. Nick must choose between sitting tight with two badly injured men, or making the desperate rescue attempt with all odds against him. Guests: Sean Sullivan as Charlie

The Crash (Part 2 of 2) - 05x02 - Sep 26, 1976 - Conclusion of two-part story. Guests: Sean Sullivan as Charlie

Sara - 05x03 - Oct 3, 1976 - Introduces Charlene Aleck as Sara, Jesse's six-year-old sister. She is unceremoniously presented at the Reach by Grandpa Jim and Uncle Louie. Troubles follow swiftly as the family attempts to adjust to the new youngest child, and Sara tries to solve matters on her own, making a pal out of Ol' Relic in the process. Guests: Bob George as Uncle Louie and Clarence Joe as Grandpa Jim

Love Letter - 05x04 - Oct 10, 1976 - Margaret and Nick mistakenly imagine a love affair between Ol' Relic and Sadie, a lady trapper from upcoast whose notion of romance goes no farther than skinnin' her next coyote. Relic nearly gets skinned himself when an indignant Sadie takes after him with her rifle. Guests: Frances Hyland as Sadie; and Michelle Fisk as Clerk; Terry Kelly

A Salmon for Sara - 05x05 - Oct 17, 1976 - It's the Gibsons Annual Salmon Derby and Sara has her heart set on winning the third prize for kids - a cowboy suit. Relic and Mcloskey hatch an elaborate hoax to ensure first prize for themselves - and take the innocent Sara along to witness their fraudulent "catch." Guests: Bill Lawrence, Ian Tracey and Tom Hovdan

The Barge - 05x06 - Oct 24, 1976 - A bargeload of heavy construction machinery goes adrift in a storm. Relic and Margaret are trapped thereon, and Nick's every effort to rescue them threatens to bring tons of equipment showering down on the helpless pair.

Round Up - 05x07 - Oct 31, 1976 - The idyllic existence of thirty-eight goats is threatned when their peaceful island home becomes the site for a new highway. Ecology-minded Margaret enlists Mcloskey's help to save Goat Island, and before they're through the whole town is up in arms and Nick finds himself the unwilling goatherd. Guests: Peter Haworth, Barney O'Sullivan, Dorothy Davies, Alan Anderson, Terry Kelly

Swamped - 05x08 - Nov 7, 1976 - Persephone is swamped by heavy seas that turn the cabin upside down and leave her immobilized. Nick, Jesse and Hugh fight to keep her from being wrecked on the rocks. The exertion proves too much for Nick, who collapses from exposure; it's up to the boys to try to save both Nick and the boat.

The Meanest Man in Town - 05x09 - Nov 14, 1976 - Sara's innocent determination to crack Relic's tough shell is the driving force in this touching comedy about the battle of wits between the little girl and the 'meanest man in town'. And who's the meanest man? Ol' Relic, of course.

Hail to the Chief - 05x10 - Nov 21, 1976 - Self-styled "progressive" elements in Jesse Jim's former home on the Seahost Reserve are making trouble for the wise old chief. The old man, with an assist from Nick, conspires to teach the troublemakers a gentle lesson by nominating Jesse as Acting Chief. The sudden appearance of a cow in the kitchen of Molly's Reach is only the beginning of the troubles that ensue. Guests: Chief Dan George as Chief Moses; Lenny George as Pete; Josephine Charlie; Bob George as Uncle Louie.

The Alchemist - 05x11 - Nov 28, 1976 - Gus Calhoun has his heart set on a chemistry set- one that will make invisible ink. Nick promises to get It for him, and then leads Gus on a merry chase from store to store up the Sunshine Coast. The chase becomes a near-disaster when Nick's determination to find something better nearly breaks Gus's heart. Guests: Walter Marsh as Bott; Roland Hunter.

The Great Shaman of the North - 05x12 - Dec 12, 1976 - Christmas is coming and little Sara is sick. In the mind of the feverish six-year-old Santa Claus becomes confused with the Great Shaman, who comes like a sinister Angel of Death, driving a sled and dog team. Hilarious complications ensue when Nick masquerades as the Shaman, complete with dog sled and team, to prove to the stricken Sara that he's not coming to carry her away.

The Old Man And The Greek - 05x13 - Jan 9, 1977 - Good Samaritans Nick and Jesse attempt to rescue an old curmudgeon who's determined, despite ill health, to sail his decrepit vessel to the South Seas. In the course of nursing the cantankerous old man back to health Nick discovers hers been the old fellow's unwitting nemesis for yearsi In fact, the Old Man mistankenly supposes Nick is the devil--come to thwart his glorious scheme. Guests: Nehemiah Persoff as The Old Man

James Island Lure - 05x14 - Jan 16, 1977 - Relic and Mcloskey are at it again-- this time with an illegal get-rich-quick scheme for dynamiting fish. It's known as "The Games Island Lure". They deliberately involve Nick in their rascally plot, and he's up to his ears in explosives before he catches on. Guests: Joe Austin as Mother McLoskey; Dick Derby

No One's Shepherd - 05x15 - Jan 23, 1977 - Every year hundreds of unwanted dogs and cats are "dumped" in the Gibsons area-- turned loose to forage and eventually starve or be eaten by bigger game. Among them is a splendid German Shepherd which Hugh is determined to save from starvation and the threat of the Conservation Officer's gun. Hughie's single-handed battle to bring the half-wild dog back to civilization provides an exciting and dramatic episode with a startling climax. Guests: Ted Greenhalgh and Terry Kelly

My Valentine - 05x16 - Feb 13, 1977 - The unlikely victim of Margaret's first crush is none other than Jesse Jim, seen in a new heroic light by the starry-eyed girl. Jesse wants none of it, but Nick is determined to ease Margaret out of her infatuation with clever psychology. His methods lead poor Jesse into a bundle of ridiculous situations before the situation is resolved. Guests: Valerie Easton, Ken Sudhues and Rob Graham

The Witness - 05x17 - Feb 27, 1977 - Hughie tries to save a bunch of arrogant Sunday sailors from a nasty accident with their boat, and suddenly finds himself facing possible charges for theft and assault. Hughie's only hope lies in persuading a young Dutch immigrant boy to testify for him--but the boy works for the boat owners and will certainly lose his job if he speaks out. Guests: Paul Rothery, Terry Kelly, Bruce Greenwood, Glen MacDonald and Ron Miller

A Gift Horse - 05x18 - Mar 20, 1977 - To atone for forgetting Margaret's grade-school graduation, Hugh makes a silly promise - he'll buy Margaret a one-hundred dollar gift! It's the beginning of a hundred-dollar misunderstanding that threatens to break Hugh's bank account and Margaret's heart before they straighten it out. Guests: Gordon Robertson

Out Of The Past - 05x19 - Apr 3, 1977 - Hughie has flunked his university entrance exams, and cannot share the festive mood of the Reach when his great-uncle, Sam Carmody, is welcomed back after an absence of many years. The stories of Sam's worldly success, his millions, his business empire, only aggravate an already despondent Hughie, until he learns the strange secret of Sam's success. Guests: Gerard Parkes as Sam Carmody

Hitch-hiker - 05x20 - Apr 10, 1977 - The Sunshine Coast in summer is strewn with young hitchhikers; their example is hard for Sara to resist, despite repeated warnings by the family. When Sara does take a ride from a stranger, their encounter grows into a strange friendship with wildly unforeseen consequences. Guest: Brent Carver.

Raging Crane - 06x01 - Sep 18, 1977 - Nick's promoter cousin takes on the uphill task of turning Ol' Relic into a TV Celebrity with a hair-raising boat stunt that parodies the heart-stopping displays of motorcycle daredevils. Guests: Mina E. Mina as Strapis, Dale Wilson as the sports announcer, Bill Buck as the Director, Ken Krvzanowski as Bruno's look-alike; Scott Rowland and Norman J. Smith

The Last Viking - 06x02 - Sep 25, 1977 - The curse of the Vikings threatens Nick when both police and clergy conspire to prevent him from giving an old Norseman the Viking funeral Nick promised him. A comedy of conflicting values high-lighted by a car chase involving the police, the hearse, and Mcloskey's rattletrap truck. Guests: John Albert Katch as old Jens, Allan Anderson as Padre, Peter Burgis and Don Crook as the Men in Black; Terry Kelly

Angel of Mercy - 06x03 - Oct 2, 1977 - An old girlfriend of Nick's collapses from a heart attack while on an errand of mercy at a deserted logging site. Nick fights to save her life as medical help battles its way to the rescue. Guests: Peter Mannering plays Doc Adamson, Anna Hagan plays Carla Scott, and Dack Apsouris plays Pilot

The Only Greek in Town - 06x04 - Oct 9, 1977 - Relic tricks Nick into an all-out wrestling contest with a gigantic so-called Turk named Abdul. It's Nick's brains against Abdul's brawn in this lighthearted free-for-all. Guests: Terry O'Neill as Yablonski; Terry Kelly

Steelhead - 06x05 - Oct 16, 1977 - Jesse retires to the mountains on a spirit fast to seek his true self. Nick comes along for the ride --a bumpy one on a pair of packhorses -- and gets more than he bargained for when a marauding bear leaves Nick and Jesse to face the danger of real starvation. Guests: G. Palmer Rutledge

The Hunt - 06x06 - Oct 23, 1977 - Hugh is on a supposedly solitary hunting expedition when a bullet zings by his earl The hunter is actually a friend, but so troubled by his determination to prove his manhood that he endangers both their lives. Guests: Paul Rothery as Hans Lederman

Skelton in the Closet - 06x07 - Oct 30, 1977 - Hugh, Margaret and Sara are stranded overnight In a haunted house. A stranger who spies on them from the surrounding bush enters their lives with frightening impact, determined to drive them out before they can discover the old house's strange secret. Guests: Alex Diakun as The Man

Gravy Train - 06x08 - Nov 6, 1977 - Relic jumps aboard the government gravy train when the politicians make an ill-advised bid to bureau-cratize beachcombing. Nick takes on the provincial government in his effort to preserve the independence of his way of life. Guests: Allan Gray as Lancelot Months, Doris Chilcott as Idora Pinn, and Barney O'Sullivan as Henry Wagstaff.

Wolf Song - 06x09 - Nov 13, 1977 - A half-forgotten war canoe is repaired and made to race again for Jesse's little Seahost band and their old Chief. When the tiny band can't muster a full crew, Nick is 'captured' as a slave and set to work with a paddle. Guests: Chief Dan George as Chief Moses Charlie; Willard Sam, Len George and Roy Vickers

The Gibsonosaurus - 06x10 - Nov 20, 1977 - It's a whale--it's a seal--no by George, it's a genuine sea serpent and old is out to record its existence for science. Relic and Mcloskey are also in hot pursuit of the monster--for profit! What nobody knows is that Nick and the gang from the Reach determine to make the Colonel's dream come true by rigging their own sea.

Fire In The Hole - 06x11 - Nov 27, 1977 - Against Nick's better judgment, Jesse dynamites a log to dislodge it. He sets in motion a chain of events which results in Nick and Jesse both getting pinned below logs, with no one but little Sara to try and help when a brush fire begins advancing on the two trapped beachcombers.

Georgia Strait - 06x12 - Dec 11, 1977 - The Georgia Strait - seventeen long, cold miles of churning ocean. It killed Margaret's mother, father, andgrandfather; all her life, it's been waiting for her. Her bid to swim these ferocious waters provides the action in a tense and thrilling drama. Guests: Susan Chapple as Carol Webber

Deadhead - 06x13 - Jan 8, 1978 - A deadhead is a partially submerged log capable of impaling and sinking unsuspecting boats. Nick and Margaret spot such a log, but are unable to flag it. When the deadhead wrecks Ceece Neville's boat, and poor old Ceece is hospitalized, Margaret conducts her own vendetta on the killer log, with Relic providing unexpected complications. Guest: Shirley Barclay

The Patriarch (Part 1 of 2) - 06x14 - Feb 26, 1978 - Nick has not spoken with his father in thirty years. Suddenly, the old man arrives in Gibsons to mend a quarrel that reveals some startling secrets about Nick's war-torn boyhood in Greece, to which the old man now demands that Nick return to resume his disrupted family life. Guests: Ovila Legare (Papa), Aaron Crocket (Young Nick), Mike Vairo and Joe Rouleau (Nick's brothers), Adam Katz (Greek fighter), and Dim Erickson (German fighter)

The Patriarch (Part 2 of 2) - 06x15 - Mar 5, 1978 - Conclusion of two-part story.

Just Married - 06x16 - Mar 12, 1978 - Jesse falls afoul of a jealous bridegroom, and has to run for his life. Disguised in Molly's clothes, he is hurried by Nick and Hughie to the supposed safety of a lonely forest cabin, which turns out to be the honeymoon hideaway where the lonely bride waits for her rampaging groom! Guests: Roy Vine as Gordon Irwin, Alana Shields as Linda Irwin, Allan Anderson as Padre

Mandrake - 06x17 - Mar 19, 1978 - Mandrake the Magician comes to Gibsons to put on a show, complete with his mysterious Egyptian sarcophagus--which makes people disappear forever into the underworld. When Relic scoffs at the magic coffin, Sara wishes him to disappear, and he does It's up to Mandrake to make him materialize. Guests: Leon Mandrake (Mandrake the Magician); Bernard Coulson and Matthew Skynner

Two Masters - 06x18 - Apr 2, 1978 - Hugh and Nick endeavor to evict Relic and his evil-smelling houseboat infavor of a pair of gorgeous girls and their gorgeous boat. Hugh calls it 'upgrading the marina', but Margaret calls it downright immoral, and the fun begins when she enlists her young art class to 'redecorate' the houseboat - with eye-popping results! Guests: Barbara Williams and Maggie Brown play the gorgeous girls

A Matter of Language - 06x19 - Apr 9, 1978 - Margaret is in full rebellion against the uselessness of learning French. A chance meeting with a young sailor provides her with a frightening lesson in the usefulness of a second language when Nick must perform emergency surgery aboard Persephone to try to save the dying sailor's life, and noone understand him to learn what is the matter. Guests: Jean Roy as Paul DuSault; Larry Benedict as Dr. Briggs; Shirley Barclay as Nurse; and Therese Champagne as Mme. DuSault

Aunt Rita - 06x20 - Apr 30, 1978 - An old grudge harbored by an emblttered Indian woman threatens to remove little Sara and destroy the happiness of the family at Molly's Reach. Guests: Amy Marie George as Aunt Rita; Marianne Jones as Barbara John; Johnny Waters as Jimmy; and Robert George Sr as Uncle Louie.

Pax - 06x21 - May 7, 1978 - Nick co-stars with two periscopes atop Canada's only atomic submarine. A zany adventure of war games and UFO's, secret maneouvers and a neurotic computer, in control of atomic weapons aimed straight at Persephone. Guests: Barney O'Sullivan as Skipper and Guy Bannerman as Number One; Terry Kelly and Merv Capone

Return of the Hexman (Part 1 of 2) - 07x01 - Sep 10, 1978 - Gordon Pinsent returns to the Beachcombers in the role of the demonic Newfoundland wizard who tests his powers against Jesse Jim's Great Grandad, the Shaman. This time, the Hexman partners up with Ol' Relic; the consequences for Nick and Jesse are terrifying. Guests: Gordon Pinsent as the Wizard John Vincent; Terry Karkabe

Return of the Hexman (Part 2 of 2) - 07x02 - Sep 17, 1978 - Conclusion of two-part story.

Sir Relic - 07x03 - Sep 24, 1978 - Relic falls heir to estates and titles in his native Wales, but there's a catch; to inherit, he must prove himself worthy of becoming 'Queen's Champion and Knight Master of the Bardic Harp'. So it's onto the jousting field for Relic, encumbered with homemade armour, astride a makeshift horse. His saintly patient tutor Owens and Nick and the Reach family strive to convert the sow's ear into a silk purse fit for a Queen; when they succeed they're in for a surprise no one could foresee. Guests: Anthony Holland as Owens; Campbell Lane as Smitty

Where's Susie? - 07x04 - Oct 1, 1978 - A baby is lost, a hungry cougar is on the prowl, and little Sara seems to offer the only phope of rescue in this gripping outdoor adventure. Guests: Lynn Paley as Susie Brecken; Matthew Walker as George; Kayla Armstrong as Linda; Elizabeth Barclay as Leah; Marion Randall as Jo-Ann; Allan G. Anderson, Paul Casano

Popping the Question - 07x05 - Oct 15, 1978 - Hughie is in love and won't take 'no' for an answer. His girlfriend Ginger is a gifted singer-guitarist with a budding career which she's not eager to abandon In favour of marriage. But Hughie commandeers Nick, Jesse, Molly and most of the villiage to help-him launch a whirlwind courtship designed to sweep Ginger straight to the altar before she can say 'do-re-mi'. Guests: Rosemary Loehrich as Ginger; Linda-Mae Chan-Kent

Constable Sam Jones - 07x06 - Oct 22, 1978 - A shapely addition to the Gibsons constabulary arrives in the form of Constable Samantha Jones. No sooner has she joined the force than she's up to her epaulettes in mystery; somebody steals a two-ton statue from the public square - overnight!. For once Relic escapes suspicion; he's the only one in town who liked the big bronze effigy of a little known Indian fighter who looked exactly like him! The question in everybody's mind is not merely who stole it, but how! Guests: Diane Stapley as Constable Samantha Jones; Eileen Glassford and Willard Sam

The Talking Stick - 07x07 - Oct 29, 1978 - Old Moses Charlie knows more than he tells when he delegates Jesse to search for the rare golden hemlock needles deep in the forest near the legendary Valley of Headless Men. Circumstances conspire mysteriously to send Nick in Jesse's place on an eerie and fascinating adventure. Guests: Chief Dan George plays Chief Moses Charlie, and Marianne Jones is Shee-Na-Shan.

Eye in the Sky - 07x08 - Nov 5, 1978 - Nick and Relic match wits to determine which is the 'King of the Beachcombers'. Relic gets the edge by sending a terrified McLoskey aloft in a hang-glider to be his 'eye In the sky' log spotter. A little boy, his lost dog and some spectacular hang gliding footage highlight this high flying comedy. Guests: Michael Boulton, Drew Durkin, Don Whitmore, Marty Alameda and Duke the dog, trained by Harold McCullough.

Graveyard Shallows - 07x09 - Nov 12, 1978 - A lazy outing becomes a frightening ordeal for Nick and Samantha when Persephone runs aground and capsizes - pinning Samantha beneath the hull. Nick commandeers help from Relic and together they struggle to free Samantha before the rising tide that will float Persephone off drowns her. Guests: Diane Stapley, Brenda Broughton and Bruce Greenwood

Serpents Tooth - 07x10 - Nov 26, 1978 - Nick and the Reach family discover that Relic is in agony from a toothache, but scared to go to the dentist. When they undertake to get him there forcibly, Relic flees in panic and leads them on a wild goose chase that ends in near disaster for himself and his faithful friend, Sara Jim. Guests: David McCulley, Beth Kaplan, Margaret Martin, Doreen Ramus and Helen Romero

The Ship That Wouldn't Die - 07x11 - Dec 3, 1978 - A ship with an evil history sails out of the past. Its new owners tempt Relic and McLoskey with what seems easy money for anight's work. But Sara senses danger, and involves herself and Nick in a nightmarish adventure that involves the ghosts of old-time rum-runners, drug-smuggling, and a hidden bomb which threatens to blow them all to Davey Jones' locker. Guests: Diane Stapley, Terence Kelly, Hagan Beggs and Rudy Szabo

The Last of the Handliners - 07x12 - Dec 17, 1978 - Fishing with handlines was a common practice during the Depression, and Tom Hawkins was the last, and the best, of the the Gibsons handliners. How he's a fugitive from the old-folk's home where his mercenary sister Hetty keeps him virtually a prisoner. Tom enlists the help of Nick and the Reach family to escape his sister's clutches and return to the life he loves on the sea. Guests: Sid Williams as Tom Hawkins and Micki Maunsell as Hetty

Bandits - 07x13 - Dec 24, 1978 - A mystery crime wave strikes Gibsons. The constables are baffled as the cat burglar strikes repeatedly, with no clues save the imprints of 'teeny-tiny fingerprints and great big feet'. Maybe it's a Sasquatch and his accomplice a ruthless midget? Relic advocates vigilante action; Margaret makes a laughing stock of the constables with her articles in the local paper, and the thief tries to hang the rap on poor half-witted Ceece Neville. Guests: Terrence Kelly, Doreen Ramus and Margaret Martin

Maiden Voyage - 07x14 - Dec 31, 1978 - A fluke radio signal launches Nick and Margaret on a comical misadventure as they fight to rescue a sinking houseboat and its addlepated owners. Guided only by the signal, they must find the houseboat before it sinks. Guests: Bernard Cuffling as Byron and Micki Maunsell as Chloe

Jo-Jo - 07x15 - Jan 7, 1979 - Jo-Jo is a gifted but eccentric painter who is terrified by human contact. Police business obliges Samantha to visit his ramshackle hideaway, where Jo-Jo traps her in the flooding hold of his barge. Rescue efforts by Nick and Relic complicate matters further, and all three become the victims of Jo-Jo's innocent but deadly efforts to hold the outside world at bay. Guests: Earl Michael Reid as Jo-Jo; Diane Stapley

Welcome Swimmer - 07x16 - Jan 14, 1979 - Old Moses and his little Seahost band have worked hard to coax the salmon back to their old spawning grounds on the reserve. Now the're here, it looks like even the Fisheries Officer can't save the run from destruction by a road crew intent on completing a bridge across the salmon run. Moses creates a political incident which threatens to put Jesse Jim in jail, in an attempt to grease the slow-moving wheels of bureaucracy. Guests: Chief Dan George as Old Moses; Donald MacKay as Fisheries Officer; Donna White, Willard Sam, Henry Vickers, David Yorston and Bob George

The Premier - 07x17 - Jan 21, 1979 - A certain famous chain-smoking politician from Quebec is reported to be in Gibsons on a fishing holiday. Nick spots trouble in the shape of a suspicious stranger, Trapp. When no one listens to Nick's warnings of impending assassination, Nick snatches the Premier. But wait... what's this... the Premier is actually Relic in disguise, and the 'assassin' is a Special Branch Officer from Ottawa on a mission to guard the real Premier. Guests: Franz Russell as Trapp; Terry Kelly, Goldie Semple, Christian Bernard, Walter Marsh, David Stein and Doreen Ramus

Firewind - 07x18 - Jan 28, 1979 - The firewind is blowing down the coast, wreaking havoc in the tall timber, and there's an arsonist on the loose--but who? Nick, Jesse and Hugh untangle the mystery of the firebug while battling the very blaze he set. Guests: Lorne Kennedy and Al Kozlic

Songwriters - 08x01 - Sep 16, 1979 - Guest star Rene Simard is the focus of attention when Nick and Jesse pursue the vacationing singer up and down the Sunshine coast, determined to sell him a song and become instant celebrities. Guests: Rene Simard, Franz Russell

Nick's Place - 08x02 - Sep 23, 1979 - Nick embarks on a high flying scheme to convert a crumbling slum into Gibsons first after hours coffee house... and discovers that Relic is his landlord. Guests: Terry Kelly, Bruce Wilson, Helen Romero, Drew Durkin and Farideh (a dancer)

Nobody's Boy - 08x03 - Sep 30, 1979 - Relic meets his match in a twelve year old tough named Pat O'Gorman. Young Pat seems destined for the wrong side of the lay until Nick and Molly intervene. Guests: Donald Christian

Boom - 08x04 - Oct 14, 1979 - A stolen boom of logs is the hotly contested prize for which Relic, McLoskey, Nick and Ceece Neville compete. A comedy of misunderstandings with a truly 'explosive' ending. Guests: Jonathon Pallone as Bullhead Brown; Terry Kelly and Don Sharpe

The Singing Death Man - 08x05 - Oct 28, 1979 - A collector engages Relic and McLoskey to rob the Seahost graveyard, but they arouse a guardian spirit, the Singing Death Man, who takes fearful revenge against Relic. Chief Moses offers to intervene with the spirit on Relic's behalf, but first they must find and return the loot - an ancient cross. Guests: Franz Russell as the Collector; Chief Dan George, Debra Mylrea and Alex Diakun

Sunblind - 08x06 - Nov 4, 1979 - Relic accuses Nick of getting soft. Attempting to refute the accusation, Nick ends up adrift on a log and blind. His efforts to find his way back to safety forms the substance of this perilous adventure.

Cargo of Doom - 08x07 - Nov 11, 1979 - Relic and McLoskey con Nick and Jesse into transporting a cargo of volatile dynamite. A sudden storm threatens to blow the Persephone to smithereens, with all hands aboard. Guests: Marshall MacLeod and Sheri Houle

A Fool and His Money - 08x08 - Nov 18, 1979 - Two old prospectors lead Nick, Jesse and Pat O'Gorman a merry chase for several thousand dollars worth of hotly contested highgrade gold ore. Guests: Sean Sullivan and Sid Williams

Up The Creek - 08x09 - Nov 25, 1979 - Both Nick and Relic, are injured in the bush, and there's no one but little Sara to tend their wounds, try to get them out and fend off a marauding bear. Guests: Donna Peerless, Aura Pithart, Tracy Smith and Gibsons' 1st and 2nd Brownie Pack

Participaction - 08x10 - Dec 2, 1979 - To help Molly lose weight, Nick and the rest of the family go on a fitness kick which Relic does his utmost to sabotage - with devastating results to himself. Guests: Jonathon Pallone as Jake; Jackie Crossland, Vince Metcalfe and Jonathon Pallone

Wheeler Dealer - 08x11 - Dec 9, 1979 - A dangerous accident aboard Persephone and a near-fatal fire are among the consequences when Pat O'Gorman sets out to make a fast buck - using money that doesn't belong to him. Guests: Dan Mackay, Mary Monks and Willy Sleath

Manhunt - 08x12 - Dec 16, 1979 - Constable John leads Nick on a calamitous search for a non-existant arsonist. The Constable's dedication to duty is only exceeded by his ruinous ill luck. Guests: Robert Forsythe; Bill Reiter as Logger; Anthony Holland; Bruce McLeod and Aura Pithart

Skyhook - 08x13 - Dec 23, 1979 - Young Pat O'Gorman dreams of becoming a flier. His dreams become nightmares when he finds himself airborne in a Cessna 185 - with Ol' Relic sharing the dual controls. Nick and the Cessna's pilot must try and bring them safely back down. Guests: David Peterson and Des Smiley

The Lovely Miss Peachum - 08x14 - Jan 6, 1980 - Do you believe Relic is in love? Neither do Nick and Molly but they have a tough time uncovering the hidden motives behind his blundering but determined courtship of the spinster schoolmarm, Gladys Peachum. Guests: Lynne Gorman

Mystery at Plunket Island - 08x15 - Jan 13, 1980 - A famous authoress involves Nick in some hair raising hi-jinks as she works out the plot of her next best seller. Guests: Roma Hearn; Nancy Isaak as Melissa; Robert McLellan

The Scent of Juniper - 08x16 - Jan 20, 1980 - Jesse Jim falls in love with a frightened young Indian girl who has retreated from reality after being victimized by a gang of young toughs. Nick and Jesse attempt to help the girl - but almost lose her when she tries to purify her spirit with a seven mile swim through icy waters. Guests: Jewell Thomas, Len Edwards, Irene Aleck, Dennis Joseph and John Diablo

Boatnappers - 08x17 - Jan 27, 1980 - A pair of extortionists meet their match when they 'kidnap' Persephone and the Jet Boat and demand exorbitant ransom money from Nick and Relic. Guests: David Peterson, Santo Cervello, John Curtis, Bruce Dalzell and Greg McDougal

Ace - 08x18 - Feb 3, 1980 - Margaret battles 'the heartbreak of cellulitis' and the charms of her rival Lola Cross to win the heart of a no-account bum named Ace, who thinks he's 1980's answer to Elvis Presley. Guests: Kevin Fox, Susanne Curts and Boris del Mar

Mercy Flight - 08x19 - Feb 10, 1980 - Alone in the bush, Sadie has an accident while trapping, Nick and Molly's well intentioned efforts to fly Sadie out for medical help form the basis for a hair-raising adventure. Guests: Frances Hyland as Sadie

Windsurfer - 08x20 - Feb 17, 1980 - A romantic interest develops between Margaret and her friend, Hans, who is teaching her to windsurf. Guests: Paul Rothery as Hans.

The New Corporal - 09x01 - Oct 5, 1980 - Constable John is passed over for promotion once again and is forced to partner Corporal Norman Brewster who is rapidly establishing himself as the least liked newcomer to Gibsons. He manages to fine, warn or write out a ticket for most of the town before his first week is over. When his enept police dog Henry fails his Dog Corp exams and runs away the new Corporal reveals himself as human after all and finds he does need friends in his new home. Guests: Don Granbery

Cameron's Cache - 09x02 - Oct 12, 1980 - A hospitalized old man confesses an old secret to Constable John about a hidden chest of money. John & Nick recover the old chest, which turns out to contain a vast amount of money. They are forced to take turns guarding the loot and their friendship undergoes a severe strain as John begins to suspect Nick of succumbing to the temptations of this huge pile of cash. In fact, John should be worrying about Relic who is lurking around waiting for his turn to nab the loot and run. Guests: Roy Brinso and Jackie Crossland

Lessons In Love - 09x03 - Oct 19, 1980 - Jesse is romantically inclined towards a pretty girl who gave him a lift and asks Nick for advice on how to court her. Unfortunately, Nick's expertise doesn't seem to be helping Nick in his own pursuit of romance with an attractive widow. Guests: Colleen O'Neil, Bobby Bruce and Don Granberry

Sadie Is A Lady - 09x04 - Nov 2, 1980 - Sadie is determined to stay in her backwoods cabin despite the efiulLi of her sister to bring her back to civilization. The two sisters resolve to settle the matter by competing in a series of logging events. Nick referees the competition and the surprising outcome convinces Sadie that she and her sister aren't so different after all. Guests: Frances Hyland as Sadie; Joy Coghill as Gertie

Meadow Muffins and Millions - 09x05 - Nov 9, 1980 - Nick and Jesse decide to expand their financial horizons and go into the fertilizer business. Nick is convinced that fertilizer is the fuel of the future and that there is a fortune literally lying in the fields . just waiting to be picked up. Jesse is dubious but Relic, as always, is eager for anything that can make some money fast. He sets out to undermine Nick's business venture and grab the profit for himself. Guests: Don Granberry and Peter Stuart

Death Cloud - 09x06 - Nov 23, 1980 - A barge loaded with tanks full of lethal Chlorine gas runs aground on a sand bar near Gibsons. The resultant leak threatens the town and Nick and Jesse risk their lives in a daring attempt to repair the leak. Guests: Don Granberry, Ted Fiedler and Jennifer Hinde

Canada Cooks - 09x07 - Nov 30, 1980 - Madam Benoit has chosen Molly's Reach as one of the restaurants to be featured in her new cooking show. Molly receives coaching, direction and image polishing for her big debut on television but when the cameras roll she's petrified into silence. To save the show Nick cooks the first apple pie of his career while receiving instructions from Molly through a small earphone. Guests: Madame Jehane Benoit, Michael Bianchin, Don Granberry, Kimm Culkin and Drew Snider

Leadfoot - 09x08 - Dec 14, 1980 - Jesse's ancient Model A has been sitting in Ace Repairs for over a month waiting for a part that nobody makes any more. The lack of transportation sends Nick into Vancouver on a car buying expedition and into a mad impetuous affair with an exotic Ferrari. The car causes Nick a good deal of aggravation and Jesse insists that he should drive it. Constable Norman gives Nick a ticket every time he gets the thing into third gear and the car eats gas and money. Nick in the end returns to his senses and gives thought to some more practical means of transportation. Guests: Kevin Fox as Ace; Don Granbery as Bewster; Garrison Chrisjohn; Umberto Menghi

A Christmas Story - 09x09 - Dec 21, 1980 - Nick is having a difficult time drumming up enthusiasm for the holiday season. Everywhere he turns he sees rampant commercialism, sour faces, depression and materialistic greed. Single handedly he battles the forces of gloom and promotes the true spirit of Christmas. Meanwhile Relic is selling Christmas trees at.an outrageous prices, Molly is up to her elbows in dishwashing, Margaret doesn't want to spend Christmas with the family and Sara has made copies of her Christmas list so she gets all she wants. Guests: Don Granberry, Marianne Jones, Sid Williams, Irene Bridegman, Marko Bayrock, Helen Romero, Annette McCaffrey, Holly Finlay and Margaret Jones

Young Men In Action - 09x10 - Dec 28, 1980 - Nick offers to help Constable John when he takes his five-member boy troop of Young Men In Action into the bush for two days so they can win their survival badges. A series of mishaps to John turn the outing into a genuine survival exercise and before they get back, the boys have been forced to face up to the more serious aspects of trust, teamwork and sharing. Guests: Nakimo Cusse Mankuma, William Holburn, Keir Novik, Yashi Spong and Edwin Kwong

Voice of the People - 09x11 - Jan 4, 1981 - Relic, ever spying on Nick, discovers that Nick and Jesse have found some ancient Indian artifacts. Relic goes snooping on the site and the ground gives way, leaving him entombed in an old abandoned longhouse. In the meantime Nick is trying to persuade the band Chief to dig up the artifacts for the band members. The Chief is not to be persuaded and orders the ground covered over. Relic is found buried in the hole, ungrateful and demanding to the end. Guests: Chief Dan George, Len George, Robert George, John Callihoo, Willard Sam

Sailaway - 09x12 - Jan 11, 1981 - A visitor to Gibson's Landing, Harv Haywood, decides to sail around the world single handed and Nick feels obliged to teach Harv the rudiments of sailing before he embarks on his journey. Not a soul in town thinks he'll make it out of the harbour since he's already sunk Ol' Relic's boat three times, destroyed a fancy new restaurant, caused a monumental traffic jam and kept the emergency ward at the hospital hopping. Undaunted, Nick is determined to teach his dangerous pupil to sail. Guests: Heath Lamberts, Don Granberry, Judith Berlin, Georgina Hegedos-Mustonen, Charles P. Schott and Natino Bellantoni

Hot Air Affair - 09x13 - Jan 18, 1981 - Relic wins a ride in a hot air balloon as first prize at the local fair and although somewhat petrified, is too cheap to turn down something free. Confusion at the launch site, the wrong cord pulled and the wrong knot untied combine to produce an unscheduled liftoff with Relic and two ungrateful passengers, Nick and Sara. Guests: Chuck Bump, Terence Waterhouse, Jeanette Lewis, Julie Bump and Nick Harris

The Great Bicycle Race - 09x14 - Jan 25, 1981 - Not the Salmon Derby, nor the annual parade snares Nick into participation. No, it's the great Bicycle Race this time and it was really his fault as he boasted that he rode in the prestigious Tour de France. But to everyone's surprise, Nick keeps up with them. Guests: Michael Thoma, Don Granbery, Norman Hill (bicycle coordinator) and the Elphinstone High School Band

The Tray Tree - 09x15 - Feb 1, 1981 - With all the passion, courage and dedication of her age, Margaret is determined to stop the highways construction crews cutting down a particularly historic tree that is growing in the path of their right-of-way. In her quest for support she appeals to Dr. David Suzuki who is visiting the area in search of a small arbutus tree which he plans to dwarf like the famous Bonsi enthusiasts of Japan. Such an achievement is called a Tray Tree. Although Margaret loses her quest she accept's Suzuki's offer of the arbutus. Guests: David Suzuki, Chief Dan George, Don Granbery, Nicholas Rice and Howard Storey

The Log - 09x16 - Feb 22, 1981 - The inevitable was bound to happen - Nick and Relic both lay claim to a log at the same time. Neither will leave the log and each attach lines. Each is determined to win the log and in the end they both lose. Guests: Edward Hong-Louie

The Soul Snatcher - 09x17 - Mar 1, 1981 - Sara, like any other little girl, loves to dress up, especially when she visits Granny Edwards. In a shed filled with Indian masks, rattles and ceremonial robes she is intrigued by a little cedar box, called a Soul Snatcher. When she returns home, Relic steals the smoked salmon Granny Edwards gave her so she steals his soul with the box. Relic goes to hospital and Sara is helped out of a very difficult situation with the ministrations of an Indian Shaman. Guests: Josephine Charlie, Robert George, Jon Bryden and Jackie Crossland

The Raft - 09x18 - Mar 15, 1981 - Sara hurts her finger while building a raft for herself and Nick takes over the construction. It's a beautiful raft and Sara christens it Barbie. Nick forbids her to sai it alone so Pat O'Gorman invites himself along. The two of them set off and soon run into difficulty, they are blown off course and lost. In the end it is little Sara who proves the most responsible and Pat learns he's not as clever as he thought he was.

Dowser - 09x19 - Mar 29, 1981 - Sara inherits the gift of divining water from her grandmother. Suddenly she is very much in demand. Nick insists she should find water for people without being paid, but Relic talks her into using her gift for more worldly goods. In the end, Sara loses her gift and learns a lesson. Guests: Barbara Tremain and Chief Dan George

Home Sweet Home - 09x20 - Apr 19, 1981 - Nick leaves The Reach when he feels responsible for a fire in Molly's stove. Molly then rents his room to Relic, a decision she wishes she'd never made.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow - 10x01 - Nov 1, 1981 - It could have happened on Halloween. It also could have been a mid-sunnier madness. Who would have beleved a potion so strong, that McLoskey and Relic, even Molly and Constable John, would bum into personalities which reflected their darkest sides. Did Constable John really grow all that hair? Did Molly step from the pages of a book she had been reading? And what of Relic and McLoskey, who together started it all by meddling with forces beyond their control?

The Biggest Zucchini In The World - 10x02 - Nov 15, 1981 - A contest to grow the largest vegetable for the fall fair produces some gigantic squash and enormous fun as the Beachcomber family try to outdo each other with their secret gardening skills. Constable John and Corporal Noman Brewster have their jobs cut out for them as they try and find Nick's stolen vegetable. A wild chase through the streets of Gibson has everyone on the trail of the zucchini snatcher. Guests: Don Granbery, Bernard Moore, Duncan Fraser, Samaya Regan

The Royal Couple - 10x03 - Nov 22, 1981 - Every year, Nick and Veronica are crowned the "royal couple" at Gibson's annual Beachcomber's ball. But Nick loses his heart to a beautiful newcomer and decides to take her to the ball instead. He almost loses more than his heart as the jealous and volatile Veronica decides to take matters into her own hands. With the help of Relic, she decides to teach the "Greek Casanova pig" a royal lesson. Guests: Tish Monaghan, Susan Bracher, Lynne Gorman, Deidre Murphy

Blue Mountain, White Jewels - 10x04 - Nov 29, 1981 - Nick, Jesse and Relic witness a small two-engine plane crash on a nearby mountain. A typical day of beachcombing turns into a struggle for survival when in a race against time to find the survivors, a series of mysterious events almost turns the search into a tragedy. A briefcase full of jewels is the only clue that remains. Guests: Janet Lichty-Cooper

Uncle Theo - 10x05 - Dec 27, 1981 - It's an unusual day in Gibson's to find Constable John and Relic both wanting to get married to the same girl. But then it's not every day that Nick Adonidas', Uncle Theo, comes over from Greece looking for a husband for his youngest daughter. His unorthodox methods and boundless energy causes Molly and Nick some concern. To Constable John's dismay and to everyone's surprize, Uncle Theo settles on Relic as the best prospect and the bridegroom prepares to leave for Greece.

The Candidate - 10x06 - Jan 3, 1982 - When Jack O'Gorman gets really fired up about the local political situation in Gibson's, Nick decides that the town needs a new Mayor. If Jack runs as a candidate in the upcoming election, Nick will be his campaign manager. Relic sees a way to turn a profit and enlists the help of Ceece Neville to make sure that Jack wins, using whatever means available.

Clutch Play - 10x07 - Jan 10, 1982 - The Roberts Creek Girls Baseball Team has once again won the championship. "Pretty good for girls" smirks Corporal Norman Brewster. "Oh yeah?" replies their captain, and the regulars of Molly's Reach find themselves challenged to a baseball game. It looks hopeless as Nick tries to round up enough players to form a team. All is not lost, even after Jack O'Gorman loses his position as team manager, Constable John loses his heart to a player on the opposite team, and Corporal Brewster loses his patience. Guests: Kevin Fox, Sherry Hewstan, Catherine Mead, and Brenda Robins.

Honour Among Thieves - 10x08 - Jan 17, 1982 - Nick and Jesse offer to do some fishing for an old timer to help him save his boat. But their best intentions go awry when they are robbed of their profits by pirates on the epen waters and must return empty-handed. Up and down the coast other fishermen are suffering the same misfortune at the hands of these modern day pirates. Who are they and how do they know when to strike? Guests: Anthony Stamboulieh, Michael Dyson, Graham Crowell and Tom Byrne.

Starry Stranger - 10x09 - Jan 31, 1982 - Everyone's life is affected when a stranger coses to Molly's Reach one dark and stormy night. When the stranger brings out his deck of Tarot cards, everyone is interested in having their future read; but a series of coincidences and strange events start coming true. Nobody is more spooked than Relic, who driven by his greed finds himself in an awkward and dangerous situation. Only Sara can interpret the tarot cards and find him. Guests: Ernie Prentice

The Richest Bowl on the Table - 10x10 - Feb 7, 1982 - Has Dallas fever hit Gibsons? Sure looks like it when Relic begins negotiating $100,000 deals for a plot of land he owns. Never mind that its only 234 square inches somewhere in the Yukon, if a pipeline is going to run through it then he intends to become rich. Guests: Shirley Barclay, George Dawson and David Petersen

Helena - 10x11 - Feb 21, 1982 - Nothing less than a hit on the head would cause Nick to miss a romantic date. When the lady in question phones the Reach the next morning to find out why Nick stood her up, everyone has reason for concern, especially after Constable John and Jesse find Nick's jacket floating in the water...Everyone knows Nick can't swim. Guests: Jessica Marlowe

Posted Out - 10x12 - Feb 28, 1982 - Heartbroken and resigned to his fate, Constable John prepares to leave Gibsons when he hears of his promotion and transfer. But the folks at Molly's Reach wont give up so easily. Led by Nick and with the unexpected help of a mad trapper they tryi.and prove to the force how much Gibsons needs its favorite R.C.M.P. Officer.

Yesterday's Lover - 10x13 - Mar 7, 1982 - Are wedding bells ringing in Gibsons? For Relic. When an old acquaintance cf Relic's arrives in Gibsons, she enlists the help of Nick to make a dream come true; she wants to marry Relic. And Sal has Relic over a barrel. If he refuses she will repossess the one thing most precious to him in all the world—the Jetboat. What choice does he have?

Big Brother - 10x14 - Mar 14, 1982 - Nick decides to join the Big Brothers organization and takes on a Little Brother. After a few false starts and some highly skeptical remarks from his friends, he finally works out a suitable arrangement with young David Murchison. The only problem is that their interests are quite different. Tnings finally come to a head when Nick and his Little Brother are forced to go on a camping trip with Jesse, Constable John, and Pat O'Gorman. They all discover a mutual respect for each others interests and points of view. Guests: Jon-Paul Cross as David Murchison

World's Oldest Runaway - 10x15 - Mar 21, 1982 - Molly discovers that she still has alot to learn about living and enjoying life, and it takes an old lady to show her how. Starring the mother and daughter acting team of Micki Maunsell and Sydney Ralph this story tells of the struggle between mother and daughter to each do what they feel is right. Molly gets caught up in the old lady's fight for freedom and the right to live her final years any way she wants. Guests: Micki Maunsell and Syd Ralph

Rock On - 10x16 - Mar 28, 1982 - Nick, Jesse and Constable John get the surprize of their lives when they hear Ace and his friends rehearsing a rock song that he composed himself. "Kid I'm gonna make you a star", says Nick, and offers to work as his manager. The glamour of the music business soon wears off as reality and hard work set in. Ace really has some talent and it is a difficult decision to know which road to travel. Guests: Kevin Fox, Sid Williams and Randy Kelm

Never Can Say Goodbye - 11x01 - Sep 26, 1982 - It is a shocking start to the new season of the Beachcombers when Nick annonces his decision to leave for Greece. And he doesn't know when he's coming back! To make matters worse, a car crashes into the front of Molly's Reach, demolishing the cafe Now Molly is faced with the difficult decision of whether she should sell the Reach or rebuild.

Courtship - 11x02 - Oct 3, 1982 - Jesse's attempt to help a former school chum's widow is his unconscious way of expressing his love for her. As far as Her father-in-law is concerned, it is interference. But Nick and Molly encourage the relationship which to everyone's delight ends with a proposal of marriage. Guests: Willard Sam, George Clutesi

Marriage - 11x03 - Oct 10, 1982 - In marrying Laurel, Jesse will become an instant, father. He loves Laurel' s son, but Tommy is too young to understand the change about to take place in his life. And everyone else at the Reach is too busy preparing for the wedding to notice his feelings. Tommy nearly stops the wedding before Jesse saves the day. Guests: Willard Sam, George Clutesi

As Young As You Feel - 11x04 - Oct 24, 1982 - In the middle of a howling storm, Molly is left alone on an island to take care of a little baby. Despite a few disasters and a surprise or two, Molly discovers she's not as old as she thought and comes through with flying colours. Guests: Tom Braidwood

The Life And Legend Of Nick Adondidas - 11x05 - Oct 31, 1982 - When a young ambitious author visits Gibson's, she sets her sights on Nick and decides to write the story of his life. The problem arise when fiction exceeds fact and Nick is confronted with an image he cannot live up to. Guests: Laura Bruneau and Doreen

Father Was A Truck Driving Man - 11x06 - Nov 14, 1982 - An affable con-artist comes to Gibson's and Pat half believes he is the father he never_knew. "Never admit anything" is the lesson he teaches Pat, and opens his eyes to another way of life. Guests: Terry Kelly as con man

Hanson's Ark - 11x07 - Dec 5, 1982 - It has been raining for 27 days and nights on the "Sunshine Coast". Tempers are short and even Nick, the eternal optimist, is beginning to lose his cool. When he discovers Sven Hanson building something that resembles an ark, he and the regulars combine their efforts and join in the project. Is this the start of the second flood? Guests: Lois Mclean; Brian Wood as Sven; Phil Reimer

The Bait - 11x08 - Dec 12, 1982 - When a couple of cons case out the Chuckchee and steal Relic's cash, Constable John is called in. The catch is they also steal his brand new police boat, and then all hell breaks loose. Blu^ft ah$ Sims don't know what they're in for when John,fRelief and Nick set the bait to trap them. Guests: Charles Siegel, Norman Grohman and Robert Forsythe

A Family Christmas - 11x09 - Dec 19, 1982 - It looks like a lonely Christmas for Pat O'Gorman:, when his grandfather is rushed to the hospital with pneumonia on Christmas Eve. Faced with the possibility of Jack's death, Pat feels alone and abandoned. Nick has to convince him that it takes more than blood ties to make a family, and that at Molly's Reach Pat is cared fabout and loved.

Nick Takes A Vacation - 11x10 - Jan 23, 1983 - A quiet peaceful camping trip is what Nick planned; time to think, relax and be alone. Inevitably his trip is totally spoiled when Relic decides that Nick must be up to something and sets up his tent next to Nick's. From then on Nick's vacation is a nightmare and he has to resort to some pretty drastic measures to get Relic off his trail .

Salmon Woman - 11x11 - Jan 30, 1983 - The Indian legend of the Salmon Woman seems to be coming true and no one is catching many fish Nobody that is except Relic who is doing a booming business. Nick can't understand what his secret is until Sara has a mysterious encounter with the legendary Salmon Woman and helps solve the secret of the silent watcher. Guests: Margo Kane as Salmon Woman; George Clutesi

Wave Of The Future - 11x12 - Feb 6, 1983 - Pat O'Gorman is bored by school and not doing well But then he discovers two new interests - girls and computers, and things start to pick up for him Before long however, he's in trouble with both, and Constable John is hot on his trail. Guests: Janne Mortil and Brian Paul

Gibson's Challenge Cup - 11x13 - Feb 13, 1983 - It's time again for the annual boat race between the upper class snobs of Hopkins Landing and the hardworking citizens of Gibsons. This year Nick is deyermined to bring home the trophy but he has trouble finding enough crew for the boat when Jesse refuses to participate for reasons of his own. Is Nick's secret weapon enough re win the race? Guests: Vince Metcalfe and Dan Zaleski

How Long Does A Butterfly Live - 11x14 - Feb 20, 1983 - A sad sense of guilt pervades the friends and family of Molly's Reach when a young boy goes missing. His high-spirited manner made him difficult to get along with and caused problems for his Aunt May who was taking care of him. Everyone feels a little responsible as they continue their hopeless search and remember how once they couldn't make time for him. Guests: Jason Michas as Young Boy; Lillian Carlson as Aunt May

You're Halfway Home, Kid - 11x15 - Feb 27, 1983 - A former long distance swimmer (played by Canada's Gold Medalist Elaine Tanner) is determined to prove to herself that she can still measure up to her past acheivernents. She comes to Gibsons to train alone. When Nick takes it upon himself to keep an eye on her, she resents his meddling and the two lock horns. Guests: Elaine Tanner as swimmer

Rock Friday - 11x16 - Mar 6, 1983 - Nick, Jesse and Constable John get the surprise of their lives when they hear Ace and his friend rehearsing a rock song he composed himself Nick offers to work as his manager, but the glamour of the music business slowly wears off as reality and hard work set in. But Ace really has some talent and it is a difficult decision to know which road to travel. Guests: Kevin Fox as Ace

A Boat For Mr. Kokubu - 11x17 - Mar 13, 1983 - When a gentle Japanese old timer arrives in Gibsons the whole family atthe Reach gets involved in his problem. Mr. Kokubo has come to buy back his boat that was confiscated during the war. Acting as agent for the present owner, Relic refuses to sell it at a reasonable price, causing Mr. Kokubo to physically take matters into his hands. A surprize ending brings the events together to the mutual satisfaction of all parties Guests: Carr Suzuki as Mr. Kokubu; Jane Nimi

Getting Into Success - 11x18 - Mar 27, 1983 - Relic refusing a job? Is this a new Relic? Impossible. Yet when Relic comes back from a crash course in Vancouver, his personality has undergone a dramatic change.

Multiple Choice - 12x01 - Oct 9, 1983 - 'You chose a bad time to get hit on the head, step on a nail and get gas in your eyes', quips Relic to a bandaged, bruised and bed-ridden Nick. Nick would be the first to agree as a whirlpool series of events occur outside his bedroom and Constable John ends up almost marrying a snake charming belly dancer.

By Hook Or By Crook - 12x02 - Oct 23, 1983 - Pirates are stealing logs from under the beachcombers' noses and a reward is set up to catch them. Nick, Jesse, Relic and Constable John, under various disguises, all collide and manage, "by hook or by crook," to chase the thieves away.

Hawkeye - 12x03 - Oct 30, 1983 - An overnight campout is in store for Constable John and Tommy when Tommy's "Beaver Leader" is unable to make a trip. Little do John and Tommy realize, but they are about to enter into the mysterious land which holds "The Legend Grizzly Bay". Guests: Dwight Dutkiewicz

Reliable Source - 12x04 - Nov 6, 1983 - The regulars at Molly's Reach start to mind their manners when Relic's old flame Sal takes over the local newspaper. Her "personal" interpretation of the local news makes everybody's life slightly uncomfortable until they decide to give her a taste of her own medicine. Guest: Campbell Lane as Smitty

Prince of Dreams - 12x05 - Nov 13, 1983 - A band of Gypsies come to Gibsons and Jesse becomes entranced with their way of life. When he is invited by the Gypsy's leader to join the group, Jesse is faced with a difficult decision. Should he stay where he is or uproot his family to become part of this colourful band of wandering Gypsies. Guests: Ed McCurdy

Mission At Dawn - 12x06 - Nov 20, 1983 - It is only after Nick and Constable John have purchased a colorful ultralight that John confesses his fear of flying. When Nick tries to hypnotize John out of his fear, Relic inadvertently gets hypnotized, thinks he is a World War I flying ace, and takes off in a plane not realizing he cannot fly.

Napolean of Crime - 12x07 - Dec 4, 1983 - An unusual rash of burglaries causes Constable John to implement a new system for crime prevention. As neighbour spies on neighbour and friends suspect each other, an atmosphere of suspicion hangs over Gibson's leading to the arrest of Relic.

Legacy - 12x08 - Dec 11, 1983 - A conflict of cultures and personalities erupt when George Douglas comes to stay with his daughter, Laurel and family. He is determined to educate Tommy, his grandson, in the ways of his people, and Jesse and Laurel are equally determined to make sure their son receives a "white man's education." Guests: George Clutesi

Without Words - 12x09 - Dec 25, 1983 - The Christmas spirit is alive and well in this touching episode of "The Beachcombers". Sara helps to see that two underprivileged children have a "Merry Christmas" last minute idea turns the Gibsons' Christmas concert into a memorable evening as Luke Lukaszek performs his version of a Christmas story through mime. Guests: Luke Lukaszek

No Home Is An Island - 12x10 - Jan 1, 1984 - Molly has been appointed chairperson of Gibsons' "Operation Facelift". She is enthusiastic about her new assignment until she discovers herself caught in the middle of a scheme, headed by Dick Larcen, to have Relic and his unsightly chuckcheee removed from the marina. Guests: Hagan Beggs, David Petersen, Ed Heeley

The Hermit of Shaman Island - 12x11 - Jan 8, 1984 - Nick and Relic become the victims of a strange and mysterious man when they investigate a call for help on Shaman Island. Although they are ambushed and shot at by arrows, it is their enduring dislike for each other that gets them out of this precarious situation. Guests: Jack Leaf

Maggie - 12x12 - Jan 15, 1984 - When Nick befriends a recently separated woman he finds himself caught in the middle of a marital dispute. With wisdom and understanding, he makes the effort to help the couple mend their differences, leaving himself the victim of a broken heart. Guests: Donna White, Mike Peters

Million Dollar Rescue - 12x13 - Jan 22, 1984 - In an exciting air and sea rescue operation, coast guard hovercrafts and helicopters save crusty old Snapper Mac one more time. It seems that he wants to sail to Hawaii for his health but whenever he starts out he finds himself in trouble and calls for help. Is he really in danger or is he afraid to go? Nick decides to find out with dire consequences. Guests: Tom Peacocke, Marc Strange, Kim Condrashoff

Aces High (Part 1 of 2) - 12x14 - Jan 29, 1984 - What citizen of Gibsons could ever forget Ace, least of all Nick, Molly and Constable John. So when Ace returns wealthy and famous to shower them with presents, memories of how difficult he was quickly fade. Ace has become an international rock star and small town Gibsons will never be the same. Guests: Kevin Fox

Aces High (Part 2 of 2) - 12x15 - Feb 5, 1984 - Conclusion of two-part story. Guests: Kevin Fox, Sid Williams

High Tension - 12x16 - Feb 19, 1984 - In the aftermath of a terrific storm, Nick comes across two badly injured hydro workers. Flying sparks from broken wires and high winds make Nick's rescue attempts a matter of life and death. Guests: Eric Fryer, Ed Heeley, Dick Clements

Rhyme Schemes - 12x17 - Feb 26, 1984 - It takes a thief to catch a thief, muses Nick as he watches Gwen Phillips outmanoeuvre, out-smart and out-profit his cousin Relic. When the cousin's visit turns into an indefinite stay, Relic is determined to get rid of him no matter how thick blood is. Guests: Leon Pownall

A Dog By Any Other Name - 12x18 - Mar 4, 1984 - Frenzy and chaos ensue when Nick agrees to babysit a large Newfoundland dog for Constable John. Daisy soon drives Nick crazy with her spirited hijinks but when she saves his life she becomes Nick's best friend. Guests: Gillian Beumann, Don Mackay

The Nephew - 12x19 - Mar 18, 1984 - Trapped in a cage and swinging from a tree, it doesn't take Nick long to figure out that something "strange" has happened to Jake but it takes them longer to figure out how to escape and get Jake back to Gibsons where his Aunt Sal is planning a surprise birthday party for him. Guests: Jay Brazeau

Burning With Guilt - - Jul 1, 1984 - The peninsula is ravaged by forest fires, although there has been no lightning and campfires have been banned. Arson is suspected and an out-of-work logger is apprehended. Yet, after he is taken into protective custody, new fires continue to break out. Can our friends stop the surprising culprit? Guests: Ian Black as Firefighter; Bobby Bruce as Boy; John Cooper as Harry Bellows; Bobby Holt as Fred; Rob Morton as Firefighter

One More Go Round - 13x01 - Sep 30, 1984 - A very low Nick is facing his 50th birthday and not looking forward to it. He decides to make a journey by horseback up a mountain to visit an old Indian chief. The symbolic struggle up and down the mountain culminates in an expression of joy when Nick discovers that he still has plenty of zest for life in him. Guests: Ernie Phillips, Carolyn Warke, Dorothy Lees-Blakey and Brenda Robins

The Return Of The Medusa - 13x02 - Oct 7, 1984 - A sudden an unexplained rash of boat sinking cause panic in Gibsons. Old Rosh Palmer believes it is Medusa and says he is going to catch her and collect the reward. But what or who is Medusa, and just how dangerous is she? Guests: Ted Stidder.

A Land Called Wan Shan - 13x03 - Oct 14, 1984 - Relic us up to his old tricks once again as he tries to cheat Chinese visitors searching for an ancient Buddha statue. to everyone's surprise, Jesse takes a great personal interest in all this and discovers the statue and its relevance to his native heritage. Guests: Garrick Jang and Harry Wong

The Phantom Fence Buster - 13x04 - Oct 28, 1984 - A strange and recurring phenomena causes John to
feel paranoid as the whole town seems to gang up against him. Only Relic is on his side, which gives even more cause to worry.

24 Hours - 13x05 - Nov 4, 1984 - Distracted by worsening medical symptoms, Relic misses a rendezvous in a remote location and runs into a dangerous situation. Only Nick's critical decision will determine whether Relic will ever see again. Guests: Suzie Payne and Matthew Walker

Dream Hunters - 13x06 - Nov 11, 1984 - When a fortune teller comes to Gibsons, she convinces Relic, Nick and Jesse that her psychic powers can make the three men very rich. After some scepticism, the three are persuaded to believe in the woman's proposed scheme, and they soon find themselves involved in the oldest con game in the world. Guests: Joy Coghill, Lee Taylor, Wes Tritter.

Tongues Of Stone - 13x07 - Nov 25, 1984 - When Old George finds that ancient Petroglyphs, symbols in stone, have been stolen from his people's sacred grounds, the finger of guilt at Relic and a couple of unsavoury strangers. Nick and Constable John set a trap that catches more they bargained for. Guests: Stephen E. Miller, Frank C. Turner, Peter Haworth, George Clutesi

Cut - 13x08 - Dec 2, 1984 - A small film crew comes to Gibsons to film "A Day in the Life of a Beachcomber" using Nick and Jesse as subjects. It soon becomes clear that they are not going to be portrayed in a flattering manner, and when Nick and Jesse realize they cannot get out of their signed agreements, they find themselves in a compromising situation. Guests: Avery Saltzman and R.G. Miller

Mayday Payday - 13x09 - Dec 9, 1984 - Caught between recession and a decline in fish stocks, a desperate father sinks his fishing boat to get money to have his little girl's teeth fixed. Nick wants to trust him, but the evidence begins to accumulate, as father and daughter are split apart by their guilt and unhappiness. Guests: Tom McBeath, Sasha Rockwell, and Dana Still

Eye of the Beholder - 13x10 - Dec 30, 1984 - A painting found in the basement draws an unscrupulous young art dealer to the Reach. Sara's fine eye for art and innate faith in people are put to the test as she discovers that paintings and people are not always what they seem. Guests: Robert Jezek

Keep the Pride - 13x11 - Jan 6, 1985 - Struggling with his Indian identity, young Tommy is bullied by two of his classmates who pick on him because he is different. When they are threatened by a bear, Tommy's heritage saves them from the attack. Guests: Dan Muldoon, Drum Garrett, Beau Heaton, Walter Learning

Man Of Property - 13x12 - Jan 13, 1985 - Constable John buys a piece of property and enlists the aid of his friends to help build a cabin on it. Much to his distress he discovers that Relic might buy the adjoining property and put up condominiums. Poor John realizes that nothing is ever as much fun as he thinks it is going to be.

You Won't Miss It - 13x13 - Jan 27, 1985 - Nick's delightful old aunt arrives from Toronto intending to stay with her only relative, Nick. At first all is happiness and joy until Auntie May starts behaving oddly and Nick finds himself torn between family loyalty and the reality of life in our modern society. Guests: Kay Tremblay as Aunt Mary; Jill Gamley

Some Bees Sting (Part 1 of 2) - 13x14 - Feb 3, 1985 - When the pilot of the float plane they are in goes into severe shock from a bee sting, Nick and Relic are forced to work together to save themselves. Although Nick manages to land the plane, their troubles are only just beginning. The pilot desperately needs a doctor; they are out of reach of radio contact and one of the plane's pontoons has a hole in it. Guests: Guy Bannerman as pilot

Some Bees Sting (Part 2 of 2) - 13x15 - Feb 10, 1985 - In this second part of a two-part drama, Nick and Relic find themselves in a desperate situation when they attempt to fly a float plane with a hole in one of its pontoons. The pilot is in a state of shock from a bee sting and Nick has to 'wing' a spectacular landing in Gibsons, on one pontoon. Guests: Guy Bannerman as pilot

Sunshine Secrets - 13x16 - Feb 24, 1985 - An insider's article about Gibsons, that appears in the 'Vancouver Today' magazine, sets the town buzzing. Hoping to win a $200 bet. Relic takes on the job of ferreting out the Mrs. Tibbs who wrote the article. Surprisingly, the finger of guilt seems to point to Nick. Guests: Rob Dick and Don Allen

Raven - 13x17 - Mar 10, 1985 - Gibsons has been chosen as a proposed site of a nuclear reactor. While some of the residents are anxious. Relic is planning to make a fortune from the venture. Unbeknownst to anyone, the 'spirit of the Raven' is working through Tommy to save the Indian site from destruction. Guests: David Berner, Dorothy Ann Haug, Tom Heaton, Simon Dick, Keith House, Peter Mcnea and John McRae

Stage Fright - 13x18 - Mar 17, 1985 - Relic's cousin Glynn Philips disguises himself as actor Bedford Whitesides in order to redeem himself in the eyes of all. But trouble starts when he launches a Shakespearean Theatre and presents the 'funny bits' of A Midsummer Night's Dream using Nick, Relic and the others as players. Guests: Leon Pownell as Glynn Philips

High As A Kite - 13x19 - Mar 31, 1985 - Gibsons becomes a mini Perto Vallarta as a school fundraiser gets Nick and Jesse involved in an exciting parasailing adventure. In the midst of this comes Venetia Amberly, a slightly scatty painter who sets her sights on Nick. Nick and Jesse's bad luck (and Relic's greed) gets Relic in on the parasailing, and Venetia's shennannigans add spice to an already colorfl week-end. Guests: Dinah Christie as Venetia

Anatomy of an Accident - 14x01 - Sep 29, 1985 - Jesse in a body cast? Laurel wearing a whiplash collar? Relic on crutches? Nick leads them all into court to get to the bottom of a bizarre series of events and chain reactions that lead to some thirty-nine separate lawsuits. The question is .... who was at fault? Guests: Stephen E. Miller, Garwin Sanford, Alex Bruhanski, Joseph Gallagher, and Zinta Williams

For Better Or For Worse - 14x02 - Oct 6, 1985 - An argument over Laurel's auto mechanics course gets out of hand and Jesse moves back into the Reach with Nick. Using the expert advice of Pamela Pears, a visiting author who writes about marriage problems, Nick tries to get his two friends back together. However, a stolen houseboat and fire complicate matters. Guests: Suzanna Hunt as Pamela

Mussel Man - 14x03 - Oct 13, 1985 - Nick concocts a "sting" to help a young couple get even with Relic for a swindle which has left them holding the deed to a decrepid mussel ranch. Nick's pal, the famous restauranteur Umberto Menghi joins the team to make Relic forget unloading such a valuable piece of property. Guests: Umberto Menghi, Crystal Fralick-LeBlanc and Todd Duckworth

Save the Persephone - 14x04 - Oct 20, 1985 - When an insistent bank official arrives to seize the Persephone because of an outstanding loan payment, a desperate Nick, accompanied by Pat O'Gorman takes off in the boat to buy some time. Relic and the banker take up the chase, aided by a relctant Con. John, with the dangeros game of hide and seek through the narrow channels leading to a firey explosion which threatens disaster for all concerned. Guests: Lorne Kennedy as Morton Stanley; Ed Mitchell as Charlie

Mirror, Mirror - 14x05 - Nov 3, 1985 - When Reggie Gatwick shows up in Gibsons, Relic proves to be twice the trouble he usually is. Reggie is Relic's identical look-alike. When the two meet and trade places, they cause pandemonium in each other's environment. Picture Relic at a posh executive cocktail party.... Guests: Michael Bianchin

Halibut Stu - 14x06 - Nov 10, 1985 - Valdy plays an eccentric inventor/musician named Halibut Stu who is on a mission to foil the Russian whaling fleet. Stu is pursed, however, by two unco-ordinated men in dark suits who have other plans for him. Nick and John wind up running interference for their old friend while Relic, as usual, has devised a way to make a profit on the situation. A warm comedy-adventure spiced with some vintage Valdy. Guests: Bob Metcalfe as Short Suit; Ryan Stiles as Tall Suit; Valdy as Halibut Stu

Mountain of Fear - 14x07 - Nov 24, 1985 - Nick and Pat O'Gorman test themselves against the perils of Crown Mountain. What starts out as a carefree outing to pick up a school credit for Pat, turns into a life threatening experience. Pat is trying to prove that he is a man, and Nick is trying to prove that he can repeat the conquests of his youth.

End Of The World (Part 1 of 2) - 14x08 - Dec 1, 1985 - Nick, Constable John and Jesse see a spaceship land and decide to investigate it. Jesse decided discretion is the batter part of valour but Nick and John continue to get involved. Their curiosity leads them to an experience they will never forget and that no one else will believe.

End Of The World (Part 1 of 2) - 14x09 - Dec 8, 1985 - Conclusion of two-part story.

Fool's Errand - 14x10 - Dec 15, 1985 - A woman arrives in Gibsons looking for a boat and operator to hire. She chooses the Persephone and Nick Adonidas, who is reluctant but then agrees when she tells him she is searching for her husband who is missing among the coastal islands. The expedition is complicated by Nick's falling in love, then discovering the woman deceived and tricked him. The Persephone is rammed by a mysterious vessel in the dark and Nick finds himself in the middle of a struggle over logging rights. Guests: Anna Hagen

A Slice of Red Herring - 14x11 - Jan 5, 1986 - What happens when a policeman with a passion for the board game "Clue" finds himself in the middle of a mystery with enough clues and suspects for a dozen games? John solves the mystery of Captain Chutney's disappearance, but not before he chases a few red herrings and finds himself in something of a pickle.

A Fine Line - 14x12 - Jan 12, 1986 - An Indian activist lawyer who successflly sued the Alberta government for a parcel of Indian land, is hired by the Sechelt Band to do them a similar service. Forty-seven percent of the beautiful waterfront property between Langdale and Gibsons is Indian land and the lease is up. Jesse is caught in a moral dilemma. He has friends who live along the waterfront who are going to be evicted. Worse, Molly's Reach is on lease land. Pressured by people he loves and by responsibility to his band, the righting of this wrong is a painful and confusing experience for him. Guests: Margo Kane, Kelvin Bonneau, Buffalo Child, and Dwight McFee

Mystery Tour - 14x13 - Jan 18, 1986 - Relic has a new money-making scheme which involves offering local tours to visitors. When a marginally royal couple appear and express an interest, Relic borrows a small ferry and coerces Sal and Ceece into assisting him. The ferry runs aground and the troupe becomes stranded on an Island, to the delight of the regal English couple. Relic is not delighted and is desperate to escape, but is surprised by the explosive conclusion to this adventure. Guests: Kareen Zebroff as Lady Pamela; Dermot Hennelly as Lord Roger

Better Late Than Never (Part 1 of 2) - 14x14 - Jan 19, 1986 - Sal is envious when Molly's romantic novel, written as a hobby project, becomes a best seller. Nick, Jesse and Larel have to fill in at the Reach while Molly attends to her new career. A big surprise awaits. Peter Jeffries, a wealthy former suitor, reads the book and comes courting aboard his private yacht. He proceeds to pressure Molly into marriage. Life in Gibsons will never be the same again if Molly says "I do". Guests: Brian Downey as Milo; Wally Marsh as Peter; Marlane O'Brien as Pearl; Otto Lowy

Better Late Than Never (Part 2 of 2) - 14x15 - Jan 26, 1986 - Conclusion of two-part story.

Blue Plate Special - 14x16 - Feb 2, 1986 - Relic winds up managing Molly's Reach as the locals try to prevent the sale and bulldozing of their favourite hangout. Little does Nick and Jesse realize that Relic has ulterior motives. After all, with Constable John in the kitchen, what can go wrong?

A Boy and His Dog - 14x17 - Feb 9, 1986 - When Tommy's best friend moves away, he finds a good natured substitute in the form of a stray dog named Harry. But the boy's joy is short lived when a combination of events involving Jesse, Constable John, Nick and Relic result in the necessity for the distraught Tommy to turn Harry over to the SPCA. Guests: Sheelah Megill, Penny Fuller and Aristotle

One Man's Dreams - 14x18 - Feb 16, 1986 - A retired Saskatchewan farmer finds an old diary from the Klondike which speaks of sunken treasure off Gibsons, so he packs up his pick-up with antique diving gear and heads off to recover the gold, despite his wife's protests. With Relic and Pat's help he heads off into water deeper than he's ever seen, and sinks deeper than he expects. The spirits of the long dead prospectors almost grapple him to a watery grave, but with Nick's help, he is rescued. The treasure finally brought to the surface is not what was expected. Guests: Barney O'Sullivan and Betty Phillips

Fireman's Ball - 14x19 - Mar 2, 1986 - While Laurel, Sara and Tommy are left on their own to enter a float in the parade, Constable John's "Hosers" take on the local volunteer fire department in a knock-down, drag-out water soccer match during Gibson's exciting Sea Cavalcade celebrations. The contest turns into a high stakes grudge match when Relic shows up as a substitute for one of the fireman. Guests: Bill Croft as Fire Captain; Christopher Gaze as Sid.

Loud and Proud - 14x20 - Mar 9, 1986 - With Nick's help, Pat O'Gorman builds a homemade raceboat, the "Loud and Proud". In an effort to impress a pretty girl he finds himself in a high stakes race against Relic and his Jetboat. And Relic gives no quarter. Guests: William Samples as Art

Opera Barge - 14x21 - Mar 16, 1986 - A travelling opera company abandons its impressario and his young daughter aboard a gigantic opera barge. Rescued by Nick and Jesse, the discouraged manager is caught between the schemes of Relic to destroy the barge and claim the insrance, and Nick's plans to reschedle the concert tour along the Sunshine Coast. Guests: Walter Kaasa as Arthur Slocum and Christianne Hirt as Amanda Slocum

Pedal Pushers - 15x01 - Sep 28, 1986 - Looking for ways to capitalize on Gibsons' tourist trade, Pat sets up a pedicab business but soon finds himself in competition with his friend Graham Blake. Nick backs Pat; Relic is Graham's silent partner; and a fare-war ensues. Finally, a contest is staged to determine the best "pedal pusher" and Nick and Relic wind up in a neck-in-neck race to the finish line. Guests: Sheila Moore, Jonathon Pallone, Greg Bennett, Laurie O'Byrne.

Twice the Pleasure - 15x02 - Oct 5, 1986 - When Constable John finds twin baby girls in a basket in the back of his police cruiser, he enlists Nick and Jesse's help to find the mother. But also looking for the young woman is her troubled husband. Guests: Twyla-Dawn Vokins, Dale Walters

Over The Hill - 15x03 - Oct 12, 1986 - After suffering a heart attack and recuperating in hospital, Nick tries to return to his normal activities only to find all his friends trying to do too much for him. To prove he has recovered, Nick puts on a show of strength and almost does himself in. Guests: David Glyn-Jones, Donna Peerless

Father's Day - 15x04 - Oct 19, 1986 - A disturbed young woman claiming she is Nick's abandoned daughter arrives in Gibsons looking for her father. Guests: Beatrice Boepple as Carla; Donna Peerless

Poster Boy - 15x05 - Oct 26, 1986 - On top of a rash of break-ins, Constable John is stuck with Corporal Dan Fellows looking over his shoulder. The handsome know-it-all is more interested in getting his picture taken for the RCMP's public relations campaign, and seems to be having his way with Gerri Dayton, the photographer, until the thief steals her cameras. Guests: Cameron Gordon, Frances Flanagan, Caroline Woodside, Pauline Maitland, Lloyd Berry, Ronnie Dunn.

Tricky Moves - 15x06 - Nov 2, 1986 - Jesse, Laurel and Tommy move into the Reach after Molly re-marries and leaves the Gibsons. Jesse generously offers to rent the house-boat to Pat and Jack O'Gorman, but old Jack refuses this charity. The resulting conflict between Jack and Pat threatens to destroy their relationship.

Alekos - 15x07 - Nov 9, 1986 - Alekos, a young Greek man, arrives on Nick's doorstep, hoping for help to find his grandfather. While Alekos is enthusiastic and charming, he and Nick eventually have a difference of opinion and Alekos disappears. After his departure it is learnt the authorities are looking for a Greek ship-jumper. Nick and Sara attempt to save Alekos from deportation while Relic tries to profit from helping the immigration officer find his man. Guests: Xen as Alekos; Kevin McNulty as McNab

Unlikely Allies - 15x08 - Nov 23, 1986 - When Nick attempts to help three tourists with their ailing boat he accidentally discovers they are smuggling drugs. The smugglers steal the Persephone and leave Nick marooned on a small island. Will Relic put aside differences and help Nick escape, retrieve the Persephone and bring the offenders to justice? Guests: Gary Chalk as Phil; Jeff Irvine as Richard; Lucinda Nielsen as Clare

Kiss of the Dragon - 15x09 - Dec 7, 1986 - Nick and Jesse come across "The Dragon," a storm-battered Chinese junk, and rescue the Captain and his crew of three. Constable John and a Canadian Coast Guard officer suspect the motives of the Chinese sailors, but it is Relic who unwittingly uncovers the newcomers' secret quest. Guests: Tong Lung as Danny Chin; Han-Sheng Tsai as Chong Lin; Allanah Ong as Lin; Pat Lee as Ming; Stephen Chang as Wah; Gigi Wong, John Noda.

Trial Balloon - 15x10 - Dec 28, 1986 - Donna-Lee Douglas is a new kid in town and she enlists the aid of the locals to open a teen nightclub. Sal is vehemently opposed, particularly when she discovers the Roberts Creek bikers are planning on making an appearance. Guests: William B. Davis as Dave Douglas; Gordon McIntosh as Biker; Sheila Moore as Mayor Tingsley; Elena Kirschner

Not Just Another Pretty Face - 15x11 - Jan 4, 1987 - The women of Gibsons are being victimized by a purse-snatcher on wheels and Constable John decides to fight fire with fire. Unfortunately, John's bicycle riding acumen is no match for the robber, and John is compelled to try another means of catching the purse-snatcher. Guests: Lisa Yates, Margot Pinvidic

Plain Sailing - 15x12 - Jan 11, 1987 - Sal has organized an exhibition race between the all-woman crew of the Pauline Johnson, and the Kanaka, a new design with an all-male crew. Relic is suspicious of Sal's interest and discovers an intriguing secret and does his best to scuttle the Pauline Johnson under Sal's approving eye. Guests: Merrilyn Gann as Anna; Dale Wilson as Kydaka skipper; Pam Barnsley as Joan

Free Ascent - 15x13 - Jan 25, 1987 - Pat and Graham take up diving and discover a large wreck, which they hope to salvage. While investigating the old ship, Graham becomes trapped in the hull by a piece of shifting equipment. With his oxygen supply depleted, Graham's only hope for survival is the quick and heroic action of his best friend.

Homme Fatale - 15x14 - Feb 8, 1987 - The idea of married life appeals to Con. John and with Nick's encoragement, he places a personal ad in the local newspaper. He is unprepared for the enthusiatic response, which inevitably goes to his head. But John's heart is stolen by a woman who would just as soon have John's head on a platter.

Beyond the Limit - 15x15 - Feb 15, 1987 - Pat and Graham have discovered the illicit joys of alcohol. They leave a party with Sara and Elaine for a spin around Keats Island in a borrowed boat. The inevitable happens; they hit a dead-head, the boat sinks, Sara is unconscious, and no one knows where they are. Guests: Sheryl Anne Wheaton as Elaine; Walter Learning as Jesse's Teacher; Jeff Schultz as Dave; Kristin Eriksen as Shannon; Cam Chaichan as Teen.

By the Pricking of My Thumbs - 15x16 - Feb 22, 1987 - A religios cult has set up camp on an island near Gibsons. Pat O'Gorman disappears from visiting friends in Vancouver, only to re-appear in the clutches of the cult. Pat's mind has apparently been wiped clean. Graham too evinces an unhealthy attraction to the cult, and there is ostensible nothing at all their friends at the Reach can do about it. Guests: Jillian Fargey as Keana; Page Fletcher as Jaff; Douglas Miller as Pol; Roman Podhora as Haffen

Coming Home Again - 15x17-15x18 - Mar 8, 1987 - This hour-long episode commemorating the Fifteenth Anniversary fo THE BEACHCOMBERS was shot almost entirely on location in Greece. Nick and Jesse go to Greece at the behest of Lucas, and old friend of Nick's. Unbeknowst to Nick and Jesse, Relic has surreptitiously been brought over by Lucas' life-long enemy. Even Constable John is in the contry. After Nick is re-united with his first love (who is also Lucas' daughter), it appears that Nick will elect to forget Gibsons and live happily ever after in his homeland.

Hooray for Mollywood - 16x01 - Oct 4, 1987 - Gibsons is transformed into a film set for Molly's latest novel, "Logjams of Passion", as all the regulars take on the persona from the book. Only just in time does Nick bring everybody to their senses before the zealous producer destroys the town--including the Reach, the Persephone, and the Chuckchee. Guests: Charles Siegel as Palooka; Candace O'Connor as Whitney

Disposable People - 16x02 - Oct 11, 1987 - Inspired by a documentary on Mother Teresa, Sara is moved to bring an iracscible "bag lady", Didee, home to live at the Reach. Jesse, Nick, and Laurel are torn between Sara's goodheartedness and their desire to be relieved of Didee's unusual lifestyle. Guests: Janet Wright as Didee

And in This Corner - 16x03 - Oct 18, 1987 - After fifteen years of petty bickering between Nick and Relic, they finally go too far and the community demands an end to it. As a consequence to particularly messy quarrel, Nick and Relic are ordered to do twenty hours of community service - together. They are forced to accept this reality after painting themselves into opposite corners of the community hall. Guests: Judith Berlin as Ms. Nudge; Don McKay as Judge; Sharon Bakker and Jim Middleton

Sign of the Times - 16x04 - Oct 25, 1987 - Jesse has had it! He feels that after 15 years he deserves more respect from Nick than jst being treated as a 'hired hand'. Nick is baffled, particularly when Jesse disssolves the partnership. Can Nick make amends before Jesse joins forces with Relic? Guests: Jon Bryden as Jessup

A Long Way Home - 16x05 - Nov 1, 1987 - Nick and John help the old complainer, Duffy Bingham, locate his son Lorrie whom he has not seen in twenty years. The eventual reunion is strained because Lorrie is still clinging to the 60's ideals. Although Mo, Lorrie's long-suffering wife, is not taken by her cantankerous father-in-law, a tentative bond is created and Lorrie starts to show signs of growing up. Maybe. Guests: Imbert Orchard as Duffy; David Longworth as Lorrie; Elie Halcrow as Mo; Lillian Carlson as Mrs. Brody

Sunday Drive - 16x06 - Nov 8, 1987 - Relic, Nick, Jesse, and John go off to view some property that Relic is trying to sell John. Althogh no one is seriously hurt when the brakes to the police cruiser fail on a treacheros logging road, Relic suffers a slight concussion that has him believing he is six years old, that he is back in Whales, and the Nick is his father.

Stars of Wonder - 16x07 - Dec 20, 1987 - A young couple, fleeing the madness of the Christmas season, is forced to have their baby in the isolated cabin of Doug McCoy. Because the child is premature, it becomes apparent that only a miracle can help the young woman and child. And a miracle does happen....in the unlikely guise of Relic. Guests: Sandy Tucker as Jessica Turner; Luther 'Corky' Williams as Doug McCoy; Peter Yunker as Joel Turner

Freezer Full of Beef - 16x08 - Dec 27, 1987 - Jesse wins a contest for which the first prize is a freezer full of beef. He discovers, however, that the beef in question is still very much alive. As Jesse and his friends try to figure a painless way to slaughter the animal, Sara schemes to save the cow. Guests: Ian Black as Lawson McLeod

Silcone Smith and the Wall of Death - 16x09 - Jan 3, 1988 - A young runaway computer hacker makes some interesting discoveries by which Relic profits. The hacker, although young, is not as jejune as Relic thinks; our young hacker also has a profit motive. Guests: Jason Michas as Silicon Smith

Options - 16x10 - Jan 10, 1988 - Jack O'Gorman is thrown into a prickly situation with Pat when he inherits a warehouse full of memorabilia and junk from an old friend. Jack wishes to keep the place as it is --as a reminder of the past--but Pat wants his grandfather to sell and put the money toward the boat of Pat's dreams. Guests: Roger Allford; Daphne Goldrick as Mrs. Crispin

Picking Up the Pieces - 16x11 - Jan 24, 1988 - Jenny Haldstrom, a local water skiing champion, suffers a devastating accident that may well leave her permanently paralyzed. The citizens of Gibsons rally round, but the misplaced guilt of Pat and Graham threaten to destroy their relatrionship with each other, and with Jenny. Guests: P.J. Brookson as Jenny Halstrom; Allan Lysell as Dr. Martin; Irene Miscisco as Mrs. Halstrom; Amanda Reid as Therapist

A Light Touch - 16x12 - Jan 31, 1988 - Wade Sheffield, a charming musician, sails into Gibsons and into Sara's life. There is something about him, though, that Nick dislikes. When the local bank is robbed, Nick's bad feelings intensify. however, convincing John (and expecially Sara) proves to be another matter entirely. Guests: David Ley as Wade Sheffiled; Tony Bardach

Miserable Sinner - 16x13 - Feb 1, 1988 - When Relic unkowingly absconds with John's "to do" list, he sets up an unforeseen chain of events which culminates in John's apparent disintergration as an officer of the law. Feeling he has nothing left to lose, John sears to track down and finally do away with the hapless Relic. Guests: Ken Camroux as Inspector; Nicola Cavendish as Const. Cleo Gorcey; Don Wallace as Pharmacist; Moira Walley as Dr. Anne Shirley; Bill Murdoch as Sgt Briggs; Djanjo Dunn as Delivery Boy; Ken Camroux as Inspector O'Conner

Local Heroes - 16x14 - Feb 1, 1988 - Nick becomes a hero after rescuing a famous sailor. Guests: Jeff Collins as Storekeeper; David Hauka as Reporter; Bernadette Leonard as Reporter; Tom Oliver as Reporter; Doug Tuck; Colin Vint as Doctor

Elephant Diary - 16x15 - Feb 1, 1988 - Galvanized by a radical animal rights organization, Sara is inadvertently caught up in a plot to kidnap a circus elephant. Thanks to the keen eyes and quick thinking of Pat and Graham, both Sara and the elephant are rescued. Guests: Jolanta Pyra as Yolanda; Pamela Dangelmaier as Helen; Cory Dagg as Gregg; Peter Chapek as Jarvis; Oscar B. Ramos as Morosco; Murray Brisker as Store Owner

The Midnight Star (Part 1 of 2) - 16x16 - Mar 6, 1988 - A two-part story in which the Greek woman of Nick's dreams, Melina, re-appears to enlist the aid of Nick (and the rest of the regulars) in solving an intriguing mystery. Guests: Georgia "Yula" Gavala as Melina; Anthony Stamboulieh; Howard Storey; Michael Naxos; Kenneth Gordon; Bill Murdoch; Micki Maunsell as Madam Alicia

The Midnight Star (Part 2 of 2) - 16x17 - Mar 13, 1988 - Conclusion of two-part story.

Redemption - 16x18 - Mar 20, 1988 - Pat feels he is without friends when he hears about and tracks down a sunken boat. No one seems to have time to help Pat raise the boat for salvage and he must reach deep down within himself to find the necessary resources to do the job on his own; thus coming to grips with his own developing adulthood. Guests: Robin Mossley as Gus; Freda Perry as Teacher; Ric Reid as Anders Peterson; Liduin Currell as Cara Peterson

A House Divided - 16x19 - Mar 27, 1988 - When Laurel is offered a job as Band Manager on her old Reserve, unforeseen tensions erupt. If she accepts the job, it would mean leaving Gibsons, and quite possibly Jesse. Guests: Suzanne Ouellette as Mary; Tracey McCorrister as Liza; Betty Purdue as Erma; Amy Marie George as Chief.

Ariel - 16x20 - Apr 3, 1988 - When a beautiful, mysterious, older woman comes to Gibsons and begins to sell her strange artifacts and concoctions, many of the regulars conclude that she is a witch. But Nick is completely enamoured with the woman and rejects any criticism of her--until Pat and Graham find a voodoo doll which is obviously meant to be Nick. Guests: Meredith Bain Woodward as Ariel

Channel Swimmer - 16x21 - Apr 17, 1988 - An overprotective yet demanding father brings his daughter to Gibsons to train her as a marathon swimmer. Both father and daughter must re-evaluate their relationship when Sara, Pat, and Graham demonstrate their burgeoning independence, and in light of a near-tragedy when the daughter must swim to save her father's life. Guests: Kehli O'Byrne as Jordon Cooper; Richard Sargent as Derek Cooper

Changing Course - 16x22 - May 1, 1988 - Sara must deal with Jesse's stubborn refusal to see her as an adult when he objects to her leaving Gibsons to attend the Emily Carr College of Art and Design. Guests: Allan Zinyk; P. Lynn Johnson; Paul Stanley as Floyd

Stolen Moments - 16x23 - May 15, 1988 - The regulars are concerned about the rather odd situation of newcomers Cliff and his son, Brandon. The general concern escalates when Cliff's ex-wife appears, claiming Brandon has been kidnapped from her by Cliff. Brandon's sudden disappearance at the same time as a barge loaded with extremely hazardous cargo, pushes the regulars to take action. Guests: Anthony Bekenn as Mr. Forchuck; Robert Collins as Cliff; Donna Cox as Donna; Rob Johnson as Bellows; Liam Ramsey as Brandon

The Fixer - 17x01-17x02 - Oct 2, 1988 - A Toronto divorcee is looking for a new life. She takes over the Reach cafe and becomes part of the beachcombers family, along with her eleven-year-old son Sam. Constable John gets a promotion and his own police boat, Nick decides to stay in Gibsons and Jesse, Laurel and Tommy move into their own house.

Terms of Embattlement - 17x03 - Oct 9, 1988 - Things are still looking bleak for Nick - Peresephone is up for auction; and Dana is changing the salvage office into a gift shop. Will Nick be able to straighten things out before it's too late? Guests: Scott Bellis as Spencer Boredon; Susan Chapple as Lola Wortz; Rob Morton as Sgt. Binns

Dinner for Two - 17x04 - Oct 16, 1988 - After one too many runins with Dana, Relic is banned from the cafe forever. At Nick's insistence, Dana relents and agrees to allow Relic back in, but only on one condition.

The Wrong Stuff - 17x05 - Oct 23, 1988 - A challenge is made, honour is at stake and John and Jesse find themselves racing through the wilderness in a battle between state-of-the-art technology and natural instinct. Guests: Ian Tracey

Lone Wolf - 17x06 - Oct 30, 1988 - A lucrative log spill turns nasty, and Relic finds himself pinned under a log, injured, with the tide rolling in. Weak and suffering from a case of flu, Relic realizes he has only himself to rely on for survival. Guests: Don Wallace, John Burnside and Norma Vernon

Computer Error - 17x07 - Nov 6, 1988 - This episode re-introduces Jordan 'Silicon' Smith, a young computer hacker Relic befriended. Once again, Relic enlists Jordan's computer wizardry in locating logs. With Relic continually one step ahead of him, it begins to look like a long, dry summer for Nick, until he decides to fight fire with fire. Guests: Cristi Lowis and Jason Michas

Night Flyers - 17x08 - Dec 4, 1988 - Sam and Tommy get involved in a boy's club, but when the demands of the gang get too outrageous, Sam manages to turn the tables. Guests: Sunny Besen Thrasher as Patrick; Greg Togel as Joe; Jarrett Martineau as Don

The Gift - 17x09 - Dec 18, 1988 - In this tribute to George Clutesi, the sudden death of George Douglas has Jesse, Laurel and the regulars feeling the loss. However, Tommy has the most difficulty coming to terms with his grandfather's death. Guests: Alwyn Morris as himself; Joe David as Shaman; Mark Gazin

Gibsons Landing Party - 17x10 - Dec 25, 1988 - Gibsons is buzzing with activity as the regulars prepare for the First Annual Founding Day Celebrations. Relic seizes the opportunity to show the world what he really thinks of Gibsons when, to the dismay of all, he is unexpectedly made Mayor of the day. Guests: Sherry Bie as Jane Carmichael; Deryl Hayes as Earl

Kelly and Kate - 17x11 - Jan 1, 1989 - Kelly, a 9-year-old boy, runs away from yet another foster home in search of his missing father. Mary Ross, his social worker, despairs of ever finding a secure placement for him, particularly as Kelly will not be separated from the mischievous Kate, his pet otter. Kelly and Kate wind up in Nick's temporary custody. Kate runs afoul of Nick, and Kelly runs afoul of Relic before Mary finally finds a solution to the problem. Guests: Keven Naphtali as Kelly; Ruth Nichol as Mary Ross; Peter Jaenicke as Max; Shirley Barclay as Susie; Barbara Russell as Jenny; Debbie Coe as Animal Trainer; Marianne Hemery

The Corporal and the Doctor - 17x12 - Jan 15, 1989 - After John is temporarily blinded, he and Dr. Ann Shirley find themselves growing closer in spite of their best intentions. Guests: Bill Murdoch as Sgt Binns; Marek Czuma as Dr. Dennis Wanless; Stephen Dimopoulos as Brogardis; Adrien Dorval as Crook; Janet Hodgkinson as Breakfast Nurse; Gerry Rousseau as Crook; Moira Walley as Dr. Ann Shirley; Sid Filko as Mr Peterson; Alex Taylor as Constable .

Mystery of Blubber Bay - 17x13 - Jan 22, 1989 - Someone is dumping toxic waste into the waters and evidence points to Nick and Pat. With the help of John, Nick must clear his name and solve the mysterious fish deaths. Guests: Gillian Barber as Donna Lansing; Don S. David as Howard Usher; Willis Horst as Longshoreman; Gordon Lowery as Man in Car

Potter's Treasure - 17x14 - Feb 5, 1989 - Dana's upcoming birthday prompts Sam to seek for a not-yet-found treasure left behind by early Gibsons settlers. The treasure is found, but it is not what anyone expected. Guests: Don Wallace as Pharmacist

16 Elephants (Part 1 of 2) - 17x15 - Feb 12, 1989 - A two-part episode featuring Sam's relationship with a young Asian boat person (May Lin), who is on the run from exploitive relatives. Guests: Dinah Gaston as May Lin; Harvey Chao as Chu; Tong Lung as Randall Yip; Wong Schuck as Wu; Ian Belcher as Bodyguard; Laara Ong as Lilly

16 Elephants (Part 2 of 2) - 17x16 - Feb 19, 1989 - Conclusion of two-part story.

Biker - 17x17 - Feb 26, 1989 - Sal is adamant that something be done about the Devil's Disciples, a group of bikers who have apparantly invaded Gibsons. Using the power of print, Sal convinces the townsfolk to close their shop doors to the Disciples. When the bikers find they are effectively cut out of the community, things begin to turn ugly. Guests: Kelly Jay as Freddie; Venus Terzo as Emma DeSauto; Angela Gann as Rosie; Charles Andre as Eddie; Jim Dunn, Ray Mountain and Roger Moras.

Not for Sale - 17x18 - Mar 5, 1989 - Sara discovers an eccentric artist in Vancouver and brings him back to Gibsons where he rediscovers his creativity. Guests: R. Nelson Brown as Mark Carter; Shane Tyler as Policeman

Club Laundromat - 17x19 - May 7, 1989 - Pat comes to Vancouver in order to diversify his interests and play the entrepreuneur. Despite the best efforts of his friends, his investments go awry. Guests: Bruce Harwood as Xavier; Sheelah Megill as Customer; Matthew Walker as Charlie Murphy

The Syndicate - 17x20 - Jun 13, 1989 - Nick, John, Jack O'Gorman and even Relic form a syndicate and invest in a racehorse. Jesse is disappointed that his family responsibilities prevent his involvment. Guests: James Stevens as Spooner; David Mylrea as Tim Stead; Doug Reid as Race Track Announcer

Jenny (Part 1 of 2) - 17x21 - Jun 21, 1989 - This two-part episode re-introduces Jenny, the recent paraplegic, as in her role of investgative reporter, who strives to get to the bottom of a potential environmental disaster caused by greedy developers. Guests: Peter Blackwood as Joe Malik; P.J. Brookson as Jenny; Irene Miscisco as Mrs. Hatstrom

Jenny (Part 2 of 2) - 17x22 - Jun 28, 1989 - Conclusion of two-part story.

Small-Craft Warning - 18x01 - Sep 13, 1989 - Dana is leery about allowing Sam to go off on a little fishing excursion with Tommy. Her alarm increases when a small craft warning is announced. Guests: Don Petrie; Ted Stidder; Sharon Wahl as Receptionist

Outlaw - 18x02 - Sep 27, 1989 - With the marina sold and the Persephone and Jetboat seized, Nick and the regulars decide the only way to reclaim their boats is to steal them back. Imagine everyone's surprise when Relic is revealed as the new owner of the marina. Guests: Terry David Mulligan as Giles Hope; Bill Murdoch as Sgt. Binns; Howard Storey as Buzz; Dan Mildenberger as Guard; Lee Hanlon as Guard.

Security Systems - 18x03 - Oct 4, 1989 - After several break-ins at the Reach, Constable Fernley moves in temporarily with Dana and Sam. Complications arise when Fernley finds himself falling in love with Dana. Guests: Paul Jarrett as Sparks; Des Smiley as Hamish; Frank Totino as Ray Hawkins.

Sticks and Stones - 18x04 - Oct 11, 1989 - Feeling get hurt when Dana, Laurel, Tommy and Sam get stranded on an island.

Hot Stuff - 18x05 - Nov 1, 1989 - Relic must save Sam, held hostage by smugglers. Guests: Gerry Bean as Phil; Ken Buhay as Ornithologist; Paul McLean as Roly; Blackie as Pilot

Old Wounds - 18x06 - Nov 8, 1989 - In this episode, people in Gibsons wonder what Nick is hiding when they discover that he owns a pistol, makes telephone calls to Moscow speaking Russian, and is planning a trip to Yugoslavia. Things seem even fishier when John and Fernley can find no record of a Nick Adonidas. Guests: Bill Murdoch as Binns

Outward Bound - 18x07 - Nov 15, 1989 - Everyone seems happy about Pat's decision to move to Vancouver... everyone, that is, but Pat, who's suddenly having second thoughts. But pride and the belief everyone can't wait to see him leave prevent Pat from revealing his apprehension and fears. Guests: Caitlin Hicks as Candi Dinsdale; Wes Tritter as Maury Bankson; David Marr as Seymour.

The Sechelt Queen - 18x08 - Nov 22, 1989 - Dana and Relic find themselves pursued on the water by rifle-toting drug smugglers when what appeared to be a simple delivery job goes very wrong. Guests: Paul Norman as Hudson; Peter Stebbings as Cassidy

Second Growth - 18x09 - Nov 29, 1989 - Graham organizes logging protests on Putnam Island, he finds himself battling not only the logging company but his father as well. Guests: Lorena Gale as Reporter; Sean McCann as Jim Briggs; Deni Alisik as Logger; Doug Moffatt as Surveyor; Fran Wells as Secretary.

Old Times - 18x10 - Dec 6, 1989 - Relic's uncharacteristic, 'caring' behaviour of late has the regulars wondering whether they have misjudged him all these years. Guests: Lindsay Bourne as Mr. Mockford; Sid Williams as Uncle Amos; Richard Neuman as Wally; Doug Williamson as Teenaged Boy; Kellei Bulmer as Teenaged Girl

Skeletor and the Weirdlyworks - 18x11 - Dec 13, 1989 - Skeletor, Sam's newly-acquired dog, is already on everyone's nerves as Sam finds himself endlessly defending the lively little mutt. When Skeletor is seriously injured, Sam alone must decide the little dog's fate. Guests: Madison Graie as Librarian; James Kidnie as Dr. Crane; Amelia Kirk and Jacob Rupp; Ozzie as Skeletor.

A Bearish Market - 18x12 - Dec 20, 1989 - Graham's unintentional involvement in John's undercover smuggling operation takes a complicated turn when it's discovered Ted Blake is somehow connected with the smugglers. Guests: Craig Bruhnanski as Dirk; Andrea Mann as Naomi; Bill Murdoch as Sgt. Binns; Jan Rubes as Brigg; Bernard Blumer as Old Man; Marko Pyysalo as Counter Guy.

Mutiny - 19x01 - Oct 3, 1990 - A regular fishing trip for Tommy, Nick and Jesse turns into a nightmare when Nick is kidnapped by crooks intent on escaping to American waters. Guests: Evan Adams as Bob; Franklin Johnson as Travis; Robert Sidley as Welk

Robokid - 19x02 - Oct 10, 1990 - Sam is embarrassed by his visiting cousin, who has Down's syndrome. Guests: Neil Elliot as Cricket Consultant; Christopher Gaze as Ashley; Spencer Rochfort as Jordey; Bill Thomson as Billy; Matthew Briard as Teenager; Ed Harrington as Umpire.

Constance - 19x03 - Oct 17, 1990 - Jack's determination to visit an old flame has the regulars duly concerned--Constance Bourne has been dead for ten years! And events become even more bizarre when Pat finds an invitation to Jack from Constance herself. Guests: Henry Beckman as Blackie Bowman; Shea Hampton as Constance

Ghost Story - 19x04 - Oct 24, 1990 - Dana's positive she saw...something...in the Reach. The Ghost of Captain Stubbs, explains Jack. But when Dana learns the regulars have fooled her with a childish ghost story, she decides it's time for the Captain himself to make an appearance.

The Methuselah Tree - 19x05 - Oct 31, 1990 - Tommy and Jack occupy a treefort in an ancient 200 ft. tall temperate rainforest tree in order to save it from destructions by Ted Blake and his silent partner, Relic

Broken Hearts - 19x06 - Nov 7, 1990 - Sam gets some interesting and totally useless advice from Nick, John, Pat and Graham, when he finds himself smitten with the daughter of his mother's friend. Meanwhile, Dana and Sam are going through parent/adolecscent blues. Although Sam's heart gets broken, it is mended with a searing first kiss.

Futures - 19x07 - Nov 14, 1990 - Both Ted Blake and Corporal John find themselves experiencing mid-life crises of sorts: Ted's trying to relive a carefree youth while John is having difficulty deciding his future with Dr. Ann. Guests: Earl Klein as Dr. Murtchison; Kate Robbins as Nurse; Moira Walley as Dr. Ann

Last Things - 19x08 - Nov 21, 1990 - Relic makes some uncharacteristically friendly overtures to Nick. Later, Nick and John take Relic, against his will, to a doctor because Nick has found out Relic thinks he has Lou Gehrig's disease. Relic is furious when he learns he only has an inner ear infection which will quickly heal.

Dearly Beloved - 19x09 - Nov 28, 1990 - John and Anne are too busy with their respective careers to organize their wedding so they hire Dana to take it on. Although under pressure by the lack of a bagpiper, a failed wedding rehearsal and memories of her own failed marriage, Dana pulls together the picture perfect wedding.

Oh, Promise Me - 19x10 - Dec 5, 1990 - John gets up his courage to propose to Ann, only to be interrupted by an earthquake. Meanwhile, Relic along with Ted Blake and Ted's partner, Green, ebcome trapped in an old machine shop. John, Nick Ann and the townsfolk come to the rescue. In the middle of the disaster, John proposes to Ann, Ann accepts, and Nick is chosen as the best man.

Sunset - 19x11-19x12 - Dec 12, 1990 - In this the last epsiode, Nick finds himself in the middle of a blackmailing scheme involving Les Boog, a man who owns the only log salvaging brokerage company in the area. Boats blow up, the marine catches fire, and circumstances point to Nick as the guilty party. As Nick chases the criminals down, his life is endangered. Relic and John come to the rescue. Nick comes to realize that beachcombing as a means of making an honourable living has become an impossibility. As the sun sets, and Nick grapples with his decision to retire, he finds comfort and friendship in his Gibsons' extended family.

TV Movies: 2002/2004

Welcome Back to Molly's Reach (Documentary) (Nov 15, 2002) Chronicles the history of one of the most popular programs in the history of Canadian television. BEACHCOMBERS was a milestone in Canada. It was a western show that captured the ratings from the east, and the hearts of all Canadians alike. The series' nineteen year run saw many firsts, including the first native actor on a television series based in a white town. In 1990, after three-hundred and seventy-nine episodes, the show wrapped, but its legacy lives on through the many actors and behind-the-scenes personnel who were given their start on the show.

The New Beachcombers (2002) - Years after the original series, John Constable and his family returns to Gibsons to find the old Molly's Reach diner condemned. While he's willing to let the past lie, others have other ideas. Among them is Scott Rivers, a young protégé of Nick who returns to object to the demolition, citing Nick's old tenant contract for his salvage business office inside. There's also the old con man, Dave MacGonigal who interferes with his daughter's own desire to liquidate her share of the property rights of the building for his own scheming. Unknown to them, the estranged daughter of Relic, Cat, has her own nefarious plans for the property and is not about about to let a bunch of sentimentalists get in her way. The rivalries of an older generation are renewed as Scott attempts to restart the salvage business while his friends attempt to save the beloved diner.

Jackson Davies....Sgt. John Constable
Dave Thomas....Dave MacGonigal
Graham Greene....Colin Reid
Cameron Bancroft....Scott Rivers
Deanna Milligan....Donna MacGonigal
Kendall Cross....Katt Reynard
Duncan Fraser....George Rivers
Susan Hogan....Dr. Ann Shirley Constable
Matthew Walker....Smitty
Françoise Yip....Constable Kelly Mah
Dan Joffre....Barney
Leslie Jones....Maud Wrecht
Corrine Koslo....Cora Wrecht
Stephanie Wyder....Stephanie Constable
Pat John....Jesse Jim

A Beachcombers Christmas (2004) - In the town of Gibson's, Dave MacGonigal suggests an old timer celebrity charity hockey game where the gangs plays against the Pro-Stars and auction. Unfortunately, Dave discovers too late he has been cheated by two amateur con artists with fake auction items and nobody players. However, Dave retaliates a wager with the con artists with his secret weapon being the goalie position he plays. In reality, he is being impersonated by Manon Rheaume, the first female NHL player who happens to be living in the area and agrees to be his ringer. Whether it will be enough is another matter. Meanwhile, during this risky venture, Dave's daughter is tempted with a job opportunity with an old flame that would mean leaving Gibson's and her father for good.

Dave Thomas....Dave MacGonigal
Graham Greene....Colin Reid
Jackson Davies....SSgt. John Constable
Cameron Bancroft....Scott Rivers
Deanna Milligan....Donna MacGonigal
Gabriel Hogan....Peter Englewood
Françoise Yip....Constable Kelly Mah
William MacDonald....Earl Decker
Michael Eklund....Mickey Buchanan
Mikhael Speidel....Bernard
Randy Heath....Himself
Susan Hogan....Dr. Ann Shirley Constable
B.J. MacDonald....Himself
Dave Tiger Williams....Himself
Dan Joffre....Barney

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