Beachcombers, The (Series) (1972-1990)

Aka: Sur la Côte du Pacifique

Beachcombers, The
If there ever was a show that continues to live on in the hearts and minds of people almost four decades after it was first broadcast, it is The Beachcombers. Gibsons, British Columbia was the setting for the series' 19 year run beginning October 1, 1972 and ending December 12, 1990.

Nick Adonidas was a law abiding and hardworking Greek bachelor. He made an honest living with his thirty foot diesel powered tugboat, The Persephone. Whether looking for logs or helping fellow sailors in distress, Nick was always willing to lend a hand to his neighbour.

Jesse Jim was Nick's partner in the salvage business. He fixed engines better than most and did things Nick didn't do well like swim. The salvage business can be a dangerous thing, and the two men always had each other's backs.

Stafford "Relic" Phillips was a beachcomber as well but he chose to make his living in less than stellar ways. He was everyone's pain the side and almost always a step ahead of Nick and the Persephone. His sleek jetboat provided edge-of-chair excitement in a will he or won't he fashion as he hopped over waves at full tilt, frustrating his competitors. He dressed in rags and lived in a floating shack but was rich beyond imagination. He still ran a tab at Molly's Reach and would lend a hand to his neighbour too... for a price.

Molly Carmody owned the popular diner, Molly's Reach. She did double duty running the business and raising her two grandchildren, Hugh and Margaret after their parents were killed in a boating accident. Sara, Jesse's sister, joined the family at the Reach in 1976.

The show had other memorable characters as well. Fan favourite, McLoskey, was Relic's regular partner in get-rich-quick schemes and dim-witted Cec Neville never got a break. Law enforcement on the show never drew their guns but Constable John did get wet a few times! Tough kid Pat O'Gorman and his grandfather Jack arrived in 1979. Characters grew, married and moved on and Molly's Reach was sold to Toronto born single mother Dana Battle in 1988.

Today, Molly's Reach is a functioning restaurant which draws thousands of visitors a year back to the tables where Nick and Relic sat for 19 years. The documentary "Welcome Back to Molly's Reach" aired in 2002 and two made-for-TV movies aired in 2002 and 2004 - "The New Beachcombers" and "A Beachcombers Christmas."

Bruno Gerussi .... Nick Adonidas
Robert Clothier .... Stafford T. "Relic" Phillips
Pat John .... Jesse Jim
Joe Austin .... Jack O'Gorman
Rae Brown .... Molly Carmody (1972-1985)
Bob Park .... Hugh Carmody (1972-1982)
Frank Wade .... Colonel Spranklin (1972-1978)
Nancy Chapple .... Margaret Carmody (1972-1973)
Reg Romero .... McLoskey (1973-1981)
Ivor Harries .... Smitty (1973-1976)
Jackson Davies .... Constable John Constable (1974-1990)
Joseph Golland .... Ceece Neville (1974-1987)
Stefan Winfield .... Angus "Gus" Calhoun (1974-1977)
Juliet Randall .... Margaret Carmody (1973-1981)
Charlene Aleck .... Sara Jim (1976-1990)
Dione Luther .... Pat O'Gorman (1979-1990)
Marianne Jones .... Laurel (1982-1990)
Cory Douglas .... Tommy (1982-1990)
Shirley Broderick .... Sal (1982-1989)
David Battle .... Smitty (1982-1989)
Cameron Bancroft .... Graham Blake (1986-1990)
Janet-Laine Green .... Dana Battle (1988-1990)
Beau Heaton .... Sam Battle (1988-1990)
Kevin Conway .... Constable Elliot Fernley (1989)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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This is one of my favourite shows of all-time.
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