Beachcombers, The (Series) (1972-1990)

Aka: Sur la Côte du Pacifique

Beachcombers, The
If there ever was a show that continues to live on in the hearts and minds of people almost four decades after it was first broadcast, it is The Beachcombers. Gibsons, British Columbia was the setting for the series' 19 year run beginning October 1, 1972 and ending December 12, 1990.

Nick Adonidas was a law abiding and hardworking Greek bachelor. He made an honest living with his thirty foot diesel powered tugboat, The Persephone. Whether looking for logs or helping fellow sailors in distress, Nick was always willing to lend a hand to his neighbour.

Jesse Jim was Nick's partner in the salvage business. He fixed engines better than most and did things Nick didn't do well like swim. The salvage business can be a dangerous thing, and the two men always had each other's backs.

Stafford "Relic" Phillips was a beachcomber as well but he chose to make his living in less than stellar ways. He was everyone's pain the side and almost always a step ahead of Nick and the Persephone. His sleek jetboat provided edge-of-chair excitement in a will he or won't he fashion as he hopped over waves at full tilt, frustrating his competitors. He dressed in rags and lived in a floating shack but was rich beyond imagination. He still ran a tab at Molly's Reach and would lend a hand to his neighbour too... for a price.

Molly Carmody owned the popular diner, Molly's Reach. She did double duty running the business and raising her two grandchildren, Hugh and Margaret after their parents were killed in a boating accident. Sara, Jesse's sister, joined the family at the Reach in 1976.

The show had other memorable characters as well. Fan favourite, McLoskey, was Relic's regular partner in get-rich-quick schemes and dim-witted Cec Neville never got a break. Law enforcement on the show never drew their guns but Constable John did get wet a few times! Tough kid Pat O'Gorman and his grandfather Jack arrived in 1979. Characters grew, married and moved on and Molly's Reach was sold to Toronto born single mother Dana Battle in 1988.

Today, Molly's Reach is a functioning restaurant which draws thousands of visitors a year back to the tables where Nick and Relic sat for 19 years. The documentary "Welcome Back to Molly's Reach" aired in 2002 and two made-for-TV movies aired in 2002 and 2004 - "The New Beachcombers" and "A Beachcombers Christmas."

Bruno Gerussi .... Nick Adonidas
Robert Clothier .... Stafford T. "Relic" Phillips
Pat John .... Jesse Jim
Joe Austin .... Jack O'Gorman
Rae Brown .... Molly Carmody (1972-1985)
Bob Park .... Hugh Carmody (1972-1982)
Frank Wade .... Colonel Spranklin (1972-1978)
Nancy Chapple .... Margaret Carmody (1972-1973)
Reg Romero .... McLoskey (1973-1981)
Ivor Harries .... Smitty (1973-1976)
Jackson Davies .... Constable John Constable (1974-1990)
Joseph Golland .... Ceece Neville (1974-1987)
Stefan Winfield .... Angus "Gus" Calhoun (1974-1977)
Juliet Randall .... Margaret Carmody (1973-1981)
Charlene Aleck .... Sara Jim (1976-1990)
Dione Luther .... Pat O'Gorman (1979-1990)
Marianne Jones .... Laurel (1982-1990)
Cory Douglas .... Tommy (1982-1990)
Shirley Broderick .... Sal (1982-1989)
David Battle .... Smitty (1982-1989)
Cameron Bancroft .... Graham Blake (1986-1990)
Janet-Laine Green .... Dana Battle (1988-1990)
Beau Heaton .... Sam Battle (1988-1990)
Kevin Conway .... Constable Elliot Fernley (1989)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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I loved watching the Beachcombers! My Uncle Bobby also looked alot like Relic.
byClick here to see the profile of this user uriah, December 31, 2009
Except for Bruno Gerussi lookng like Dave SUSUKI, I remember one the "actresses' who looks so much like the girl working on a Corner Gas Tell me it's just my "magination."
byClick here to see the profile of this user woodguy42, December 5, 2009
1 of 1 people found this comment helpful
Wake up already CBC!! What makes you think that a series as successful as the Beachcombers after running for 18 years wouldnt sell DVDs? I would gladly buy any and all seasons released. What a joy it would be to relive those younger impressionable years of watching what has become one of the greatest icons of Canadian TV! Pure common sense should say it all, releasing this series to DVD would undoubtedly be an intelligent money making move.
I was born in North York, Ontario in 1974. At that time my mother and father were already addicted to The Beachcombers. Naturaly, I soon came to love this program as much as they. Much to my delight, and as a direct result of watching that wonderful show, we moved to British Columbia in 1983. My father could no longer stand it! He needed to be where the Beachcombers were - and that was that. We ended up living on Vancouver Island, but first we spent several amazing days in Gibsons. It was a real thrill for me, which I shall remember for the rest of my life. We gazed at and touched Molly's Reach, toured the docks, touched Relic's little cabin, and even got to see and talk to the actual owners of the Persephone - Nick's boat. We talked to the locals, and they told us all about the filming of the show, the actors, and more. We ate fish & chips and had a great time! It was one of the most memberable times of my young life. I haven't been back since, even though it's only a hop, skip and a jump from where I live. Actually I'm kind of afraid to return. It's probably been ruined by so-called "progress." It broke my heart when many of the stars passed away: Nick, Relic, Molly... But they'll live forever if only the CBC can find the heart to release the complete series on DVD. I would pay nearly anything for that. That's my story, I hope you found it interesting.
byClick here to see the profile of this user OWD, November 3, 2008
Well I would say that the CBC not releasing the Beachcombers on DVD is probably because of the same reason why they can't run the business and make a profit.

There are loads and loads of Canadian's that would buy it and in turn it would make money for the CBC but like I said, they seem to be more about losing money rather than making it.

Come on CBC, release the first 2 seasons of the Beachcombers already.
The Swiss family Robinson's was only on for 1 season and that's been out for a while now.

A 1 season show and it's out before the Beachcombers?

The Beachcombers was an awesome, fun show and there are loads of people waiting to revisit their childhood and buy the DVD's.

Someone is seriously asleep at the CBC.
byClick here to see the profile of this user zooter, August 21, 2008
1 of 1 people found this comment helpful
When I was very young kid.. I loved to watch tv with the family and cousins at the farm every sundays before go to Edmonton where I resided at the Deaf residental school. I merely not know what they talked about but the most acting among the people with RELIC make me laugh. Till the Closed Caption at my home for one night I awed to read what was it all about.. It was cool to watch... I caught up reading while the program played. It is the most memories that i never forget. Impossible to forget. That program made the family and relative become close together in a crowd in the Trailer.

PLEASE BRING THE BEACHCOMBER BACK!!!!!!! It make me feel ease from the stressed world. That movie makes me ease of stress and relax.


My favourite on the Beachcombers was Molly's granddaughter Margaret. I remember an episode where she thought Nick might be her father. Being at such a young age I could relate with Margaret's feelings of loneliness at being an orphan and felt the joy of her reaching her teenage years at the same period I reached mine.
byrichard Giggal, June 21, 2007
Let's remember the Beachcombers by getting the CBC to sell CDs of the original series. Yes..... all episodes. How hard can it be? I'll buy them. Any one else?
byRandy Willoughby, May 29, 2007
The Beachcombers was a show the whole family enjoyed. I watched the series faithfully in my youth. I believe the series could make quite a comeback if it ran again. I don't mean the 30 or so episodes that TVLAND runs , I am talking about the old episodes from the 70s that show lots of great west coast footage. I was raised on the west coast during the 70s and then moved to the Rockies near Golden BC . My memories of that area are from the same era the series ran. When you travel anywhere on the coast now , you can hardly recognize it compared to "back then" . I think the old series would be a Hit for the younger families who could see what that area looked like when we were kids, because when they were filmed the beachcombers, they loved to show off our beautiful Provence.
byjotashbinky, May 16, 2007
As we only had farmers cable, the beachcombers was one of my weekly favorites on Sunday night. Why do I still get the hockey night in Canada theme mixed up with the theme for the Beachcombers to this day, eh? Really a classic Canadian show.
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