Barris Beat, The (Series) (1956-1957)

A new TV variety program called The Barris Beat replaced Cross-Canada Hit Parade early in July 1956, for the summer months. The show was named after its master of ceremonies Alex Barris, Toronto newspaper columnist.

A number or Canadian entertainers, including Dave Broadfoot, Doug Romaine, Jack Duffy and Sammy Sales, appeared on the show. But the program's main regular performers were singers Betty Jean Ferguson and Roy Roberts and an orchestra conducted by Bill Isbister.

Originally intended as a summer replacement only, it won a reprieve for the autumn season. Every other Saturday night it alternated with Wayne and Shuster.

Alex Barris .... Host
Roy Roberts .... Regular
Jack Duffy .... Regular
Sammy Sales .... Regular
Dave Broadfoot .... Regular
Doug Romaine .... Regular
Betty Jean Ferguson .... Regular (summer season)
Gloria Lambert .... Regular (autumn season)
Larry D. Mann .... Regular (autumn season)
Bruce Marsh .... Announcer (autumn season)
Sally Dory .... Regular (autumn season)
Lorraine Thomson .... Regular (autumn season)
Andy Body .... Regular (autumn season)
Sheila Billing .... Billboard girl (autumn season)
Babs Christie .... Billboard girl (autumn season)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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