Barney Boomer (Series) (1967-1968)

A light comedy series produced for young people by the CBC's Schools and Youth Department. A young man, Barney Boomer, had built a houseboat on which he planned to sail the Great Lakes. He anchors in Sixteen Harbour, at a town called Cedarville, where he intends to visit his uncle, Captain Boomer, who lives in a lighthouse. His plans for a short stay disappear when a new-found friend, Florence Kozy, the owner of the town variety store, convinces him to remain in Cedarville and tries to set him up in business. Barney's nemesis is Councillor Edgar Q. Russell, a bluff municipal politician who would really rather that Barney remove his houseboat from the harbour at the Cedarville Yacht Club. The series was shot both in studio and on location in Oakville, Ontario.

Starting January 1968, the series was reformatted into Upside Town.

Episodes of were twenty minutes in length, and were followed by Swingaround, a quiz show for schoolchildren.

The series was written by Ron Krantz, directed by Flemming Nielson, and produced by Stu Gilchrist and, later, Herb Roland.

John Clayton .... Barney Boomer
Claire Drainie .... Ma Parkin
Lynne Gorman .... Florence Kozy
Belinda Montgomery .... Susan
Gerard Parkes .... Sam Oliver
Claude Rae .... Mr. Andrews
Franz Russell .... Councillor Edgar Q. Russell
Rex Sevenoaks .... Capt. Boomer
Trudy Young .... Trudy

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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byClick here to see the profile of this user jim, December 5, 2008
does anyone remeber the name of the restaurants they used in the series?I was in junior sailing ata the time they were filming ..

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