Episode Guide - Bandwagon (Series) (1972-1975)

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Oct 26, 1972 - Singer Herb Marshall joins Bob Francis, Thursday's Child and the Guido Basso orchestra. Highlights: "Feelin' Alright" (Herb), "I Believe in Music" (Bob, Herb), "I've Gotta Be Me" (Bob, Orchestra), "Kissing My Love" (Thursday's Child), "Summer of '42" (Orchestra).

Jan 4, 1973 - Special guest is musician Buddy Greco.

Jan 11, 1973 - Wally Koster is guest with host Bob Francis and Guido Basso and his big band.

Feb 1, 1973 - Featuring special guest Bobbi Sherron, international singing star and cabaret artist.

Feb 8, 1973 - Gloria Loring is tonight's special guest.

Feb 15, 1973 - Bob Francis stars as host, with Guido Basso and his band and special guest Ginette Reno.

Feb 22, 1973 - Guest on tonight's show will be pianist Oscar Peterson

Mar 1, 1973 - Tonight's guest is Sharon Lee Williams.

Mar 8, 1973 - Tonight's guest is Doug Crosley.

Mar 15, 1973 - Guest tonight is Bobby G. Griffith.

Mar 22, 1973 - Singer Vanda King is tonight's guest.

Mar 29, 1973 - Tonight's guest is Tommy Banks.

May 17, 1973 - Academy Award winning lyricist Sammy Cahn joins Bob Francis and the Bandwagon gang

May 24, 1973 - Guest is Mary Lou Collins

May 31, 1973 - Special guest is Matt Munro. He sings Born Free and Walk Away. Providing music for the show is Guido Basso and his big band, with host Bob Francis.

Jun 7, 1973 - Special guest is Tommy Banks

Jun 14, 1973 - Betty Robertson is guest.

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