Episode Guide - Backstretch (Miniseries) (1983-1984)

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Season One (4 Episodes)

Dec 1, 1983 - Charlie Aylesworth has spent his life running a small town track. But his happy life is threatened — the track is on shaky financial ground.

Dec 8, 1983 - Since her husband's sudden death, Marge has been trying to keep the track going, but there are huge problems. Attendance is low and the operation is in debt.

Dec 15, 1983 - Marge is angry when she discovers Ronnie has been in a fight. She forgives him when she realizes that he fought to protect her from a plot to ruin the track.

Dec 22, 1983 - Delbert Purvis is recovering from his accident, but his approach allows Stones an attempt at revenue A decisive race is coming up — if Bright Morning should win it will save Marge's track She finally discovers the truth about her husband`s death and now realizes that Ronnie deserves the horse he has come to love.

Season Two (8 Episodes)

Oct 14, 1984 - Teenagers who need some quick cash while their parents are on a holiday decide to sell one of the horses.

Oct 21, 1984 - Ronnie's pride and joy, the horse 'Bright Morning,' is behaving oddly. Then it is discovered that she is pregnant. No one around the track seems to know how this could have happened — except Ronnie's brother, Teddy.

Oct 28, 1984 - Ronnie's part-time job and new love interest land him in trouble.

Nov 4, 1984 - A sickness is spreading among the horses and the owners are hesitant about running the spring race, which could put Marge out of business.

Nov 11, 1984 - Marge's hope for a trip to Toronto with Ray is dashed when he buys a horse and Mennonite rig.

Nov 18, 1984 - "There's A New Driver At The Track." Cathy is a pretty young woman who causes problems for nearly everyone. Ronnie's girlfriend Kelly is upset that he is spending too much time with Cathy and Marge isn't pleased about the looks between the new girl and Ray Foley

Nov 25, 1984 - Bobby Cotton agrees to give Ronnie lessons in driving strategy, but Bobby's interest in Kelly sparks hostility; everyone is shocked when an accident happens.

Dec 16, 1984 - A case of vandalism at a nearby senior citizens home spells trouble for Marge and the race track; and Ronnie becomes enraged when he learns that Stargazer has been entered as a raffle prize.

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