Backstretch (Miniseries) (1983-1984)

The lively, colorful and always dramatic world of small-town harness racing came to life in a CBC series called Backstretch. Set in and around the harness racing track in a rural Ontario town, the series charted the ups and downs in the lives of a vivid collection of characters who were affected by the excitement, drama and disappointment of the racing world. Marge Aylesworth was a widow who struggled to keep her beloved track going. She was assisted by Ray Foley, a very good friend and a driver trainer at the track. Another track regular was Delbert whose wild ways had been somewhat dampened by his wife Elva. Marge's concern for a young man, Ronnie, who seemed to be headed in the wrong direction, had paid off. Ronnie was now devoted to harness driving and his girlfriend Kelly. Other actors who appearred on a regular basis were Murray Westgate, Robert King, Charles Joliffe, and Simon Reynolds.

Backstretch aired as a 4-part miniseries in 1983 and returned with 8 more episodes in 1984.

Frank Adamson .... Charlie Aylesworth
Florence Patterson .... Marge Aylesworth
Sneezy Waters .... Delbert Purvis
Diana Belshaw .... Elva Purvis
Martha Burns .... Kelly
Robert King .... Jack Stoness
Peter MacNeill .... Ray Foley
Peter Millard .... Tom Hutchinson
Danny Pawlick .... Ronnie
Charles Joliffe .... Clarence
Cherrie Camp .... Lindsay
Allan Royal .... Bobby Cotton
Murray Westgate
Simon Reynolds

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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