Episode Guide - Background (Series) (1959-1962)

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Oct 4, 1959 - This week on Background, Alistair Cooke, the North American correspondent of the Manchester Guardian, will give his impressions of Nikita Khrushchev's visit to the United States.

Oct 31, 1959 - Prime Minister Nehru of India will be interviewed by Michael Maclear.

Nov 8, 1959 - There will be a discussion on refugees and why some are not accepted by many countries.

Nov 22, 1959 - Background will have host Rick Hart interviewing English author-scientist C.P. Snow and mathematician-writer Dr. Jacob Bronowski. The interview will centre around the educational, political and economic implications of the scientific revolution of our time.

Dec 13, 1959 - Rick Hart will compare a relatively unpublicized Russian satellite nation in Europe with other Communist countries which have been less willing to submit to domination.

Dec 27, 1959 - Background has scheduled a filmed conversation between writer Aldous Huxley and his brother, biologist and writer, Sir Julian Huxley, and Alistair Cooke. Theme of the discussion will be The Future — what man can look forward to in the remaining 40 years of the 20th century.

Jan 10, 1960 - The "fatal flaw" in the character of the German people will be discussed by German philosopher, theologian and writer Rheinholdt Niebuhr. Mr. Niebuhr, who now lives in New York city, will trace German history to show the forces which have created this "flaw."

Jan 31, 1960 - Rick Hart will interview Rt. Hon. Reginald Maulding, British president of the board of trade. At 42, Mr. Maulding is one of Prime Minister Macmillan's youngest cabinet ministers.

Feb 7, 1960 - Alistair Cooke, North American correspondent for the Manchester Guardian, will report from New York

Mar 6, 1960 - Host Rick Hart with a feature on how much of the sea each nation should own or control.

Mar 13, 1960 - The feature will be on Indonesia. Louis Fisher, American political journalist, who recently wrote the book The Story of Indonesia, will be interviewed by Rick Hart.

Mar 20, 1960 - Alistair Cooke, the Manchester Guardian's North American correspondent, will report on the present American political scene.

Mar 27, 1960 - British economist Colin Clarke will be interviewed by the Canadian economist Robert MacKenzie. Their subject will be East-West rivalry in trade and economic growth.

Apr 10, 1960 - Birth control will be discussed

Jun 5, 1960 - Guest will be Walt Whitman Rostow, professor of economic history at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Jun 26, 1960 - Host Rick Hart presents the final Background show of the season. His guest will be Allistair Cooke, North American correspondent of the Manchester Guardian. He will report on current affairs in the United States.

Nov 13, 1960 - Michael Maclear, chief writer and correspondent for CBC-TVs Background, has set up a temporary headquarters in Panama to enable him to report the prevailing political and social trends of Latin America. Anti-Americanism in Latin America reached a head with the stoning of U.S. Vice-President Nixon during his tour of 1953. Since then, occasional outbursts have served as a reminder that this was no isolated incident. On Nov. 3, 1959, the 57th anniversary of Panama's independence, rioting broke out when Panamanians attempted to hoist their flag in place of the Stars and Stripes in the American canal zone. Maclear's examination will assess the depth of anti-Americanism and the value of American aid. He will attempt to measure the extent of Fidel Castro's influence in the Latin-American area, and the effect of social conditions as shown in the attitude of the Latin people.

Nov 27, 1960 - A comparison of China and Russia.

Jan 19, 1961 - Arnold Beechman, of the Christian Science Monitor and Philip Deane, foreign correspondent for the Toronto Globe and Mail, will discuss the Canadians who are persistently anti-American in outlook.

Apr 2, 1961 - The program will take a look at the British penal code, and particularly the murders for which Timothy Evans and John Christie were hanged in 1950 and 1953.

Apr 30, 1961 - The second part of The Realm of Fantasy - continuing a discussion on whether or not there was a miscarriage of justice in Britain's famous Evans - Christie murder trials.

May 7, 1961 - Tom Mboya recalls his life in Africa.

May 28, 1961 - A report on South Africa.

Jun 4, 1961 - "The New Europe" illustrates the new movement toward unity in Europe brought about by the Common Market. Malcolm Muggeridge is featured.

Jun 11, 1961 - The preelection campaign in West Germany.

Jun 18, 1961 - The status of monarchy in Europe, by Malcolm Muggeridge.

Jun 25, 1961 - Television industry examined with Newton Minow, U.S. FCC chairman and U.S. producer David Susskind commenting.

Nov 28, 1961 - A documentary study of Latin America with Brazil as the focal point, including an interview with Janio Quadros, ex-president of Brazil, now in exile in England.

Dec 13, 1961 - The Critical Years, Part Two: a study of the United States presidency.

Jun 19, 1962 - A look behind the headlines. Host is Rick Hart. From Toronto.

May 21, 1962 - The Critical Years. Report From The Wasteland. Surveys and research show that North Americans spend more time looking at television than in any other activity except sleeping. Children average more time with the TV set than with their teachers. Television is the greatest merchandiser in society (48 per cent of the advertising dollar) and undoubtedly the most powerful medium of mass communication ever devised. TV network heads, agencies, producers, writers and others associated with TV are interviewed, and a panel in New York argue the issues raised and discuss remedies.

Jun 27, 1962 - The Critical Years: In Search of Paradise. A report on the Welfare State as developed by Sweden and as reflected in the lives of us all. Host is Alistair Cooke. Producer-director, Allan King.

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