Background (Series) (1959-1962)

Background tried to outline a topic in the news and discuss the events leading to the current situation. Most programs concerned immediate issues. Some involved more advance planning, such as segments on international business mergers, atomic fallout, and political situations in Poland, Bulgaria, and Portugal. The host and narrator for the series was Rick Hart.

In the 1960 season Hart was replaced with a number of commentators, who included Alistair Cooke, Malcolm Muggeridge, Philip Deane, Arnold Beichman, Robert McKenzie, Robert Fulford, and Michael Maclear, and in January 1961, Background moved into prime time. Cooke had appeared frequently on the previous season of Background, and offered reports on the U.S. scene for Canadian viewers. Maclear was the show's writer and chief correspondent.

For the 1961-1962 season, Background included a subseries of documentaries, produced by Douglas Leiterman, called The Critical Years.

Rick Hart
Alistair Cooke
Malcolm Muggeridge
Philip Deane
Arnold Beichman
Robert McKenzie
Robert Fulford
Michael Maclear

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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