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From the Winnipeg Free Press - Oct 8, 1960

Cooke Returns

Background will return to the CBC-TV network Sunday, Oct. 9, with a different format.

Instead of having a regular host, Background will have correspondents who will be posted to various points in the world when necessary.

"They should not be confused with news correspondents," said producer Cliff Solway. "Their duties will be to supply material in the form of personal essays, and news analyses. However, our main output will be in-depth documentary films. The correspondents will be called upon to write and set up these films and add their commentaries."

Michael Maclear has been appointed writer and chief correspondent for the program. He was formerly with CBC-TV News as a roving correspondent.

Another of Background's regular correspondents will be Alistair Cooke, North American correspondent for the Guardian of Manchester, He will report from New York, on the American scene, for the first program, Oct. 9.

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