Babar (Series) (1989-1994)

Based on the famous books by Laurent de Brunhoff, this is the animated story of Babar, a young elephant who undergoes many challenges and adventures. But Babar always finds the strength to rise above difficulty and search out every cloud's silver lining. Babar is crowned king of the elephants, plans and builds Celesteville, and becomes a father himself. And he learns the greatest lesson of all: despite life's challenges, great things are possible if one never gets discouraged. Long live happiness!

Gordon Pinsent .... King Babar (voice)
Christian Alers .... Babar (voice: French version)
Georges Atlas .... Rataxès (voice: French version)
Lily Baron .... The Old Woman (voice: french version)
Roger Carel .... Basile (voice: French version)
Jacques Ciron .... Pompadour (voice: French version)
Jacques Ferrière .... Zéphyr (voice: French version)
Evelyne Grandjean .... Céleste/Flore (voice: french version)
Dawn Greenhalgh .... Queen Celeste (voice)
Elizabeth Hanna .... The Old Lady (voice)
Gérard Hernandez .... Cornélius (voice: French version)
Corrine Koslo .... Lady Rataxes (voice)
Gilles Laurent .... Arthur (french voice)
Brigitte Lecordier .... Arthur/Alexandre (voice: french version)
Gavin Magrath .... Young Babar (voice) (as Gavin McGrath)
Marc Moro .... Rataxès (french voice)
Stephen Ouimette .... Pompadour (voice)
Valérie Siclay .... Young Céleste/Pom (voice: french version)
Allen Stewart-Coates .... Lord Rataxes (voice)
John Stocker .... Basil (voice)
Tara Strong .... Young Celeste (voice)
Chris Wiggins .... Cornelius (voice)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC, Global

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